Betting on a wild card team to win the MLB Championship

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The MLB playoffs can get very complicated and picking the teams in each MLB division even before the regular season gets underway on the first Sunday in April is a difficult task to say the least. But to go on and predict a wild card team that will not only get a wild card but that will go on to win the World Series is a very speculative bet, and you would need to find some very attractive odds to make it worthwhile. However we can hazard some guesses that might help a little.

American League wild cards might well be Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians, but the National League wild cards are even more difficult to call. The Braves is a distinct possibility, especially as they make very few errors (the least of any NL team last season). The St. Louis Cardinals could be good in the postseason playoffs too, though the team could do with some new blood. The Arizona Diamondbacks are another possibility as are the Milwaukee Brewers; then of course there are the Giants… Really betting on a wild card championship winner at this stage is a bit of a casino game, but picking a name out of the proverbial hat, why not go for the St Louis Cardinals which is currently priced at 22/1 to win the World Series.

Somewhat less speculative is that favourite baseball themed online slots game called Hot Shot. Whilst choosing potential wild card winners is immensely complicated, Hot Shot is very simple and is not weighed down by bulky bonus features. It is a rapid fire slot game with a generous jackpot payout of 1000 coins. This is a classic slot game with five reels and nine pay lines, and may well take you back to the olden days when you put in a coin and pulled a handle. It’s somewhat retro style is exemplified by the fast food symbols of fries and ketchup, of burgers in buns and coffee and cans of coke. Winning combinations occur frequently in this entertaining game.

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