Derek Jeter has inflammation in his ankle, and other notes

New York Yankees Derek Jeter passes Cal Ripken, Jr., on all-time hit list with double against Chicago White Sox in MLB game in New York

The Yankees sent Derek Jeter for X-rays yesterday after he was scratched from the lineup with a stiff ankle. X-Rays were negative, but a MRI found mild inflammation and the Yankees are considering him day-to-day, according to Chad Jennings of the Journal News.

This is good news and bad news. Good news that it’s not worse, but inflammation at this point should be considered a setback after Jeter has been saying he’s fine all spring and on track to start the regular season on time.

If this is the only setback he suffers they should be fine though. There are still a couple of weeks before the season starts and that should be enough time to get him ready if he only misses a day or two. Part of me expects the Yankees to be cautious though so perhaps Eduardo Nunez will be the starting shortstop for the first week or two.

The bigger problem is that if Jeter lost a step he could go from one of the worst every day starters defensively in the MLB to a downright liability. His problem has always been his lack of range, which was bad last year, and if he slows down even a little bit he could be on Nunez’s level or worse. Considering the Yankees other option at short is Nunez himself it could get ugly out there this season.

Like I wrote yesterday, perhaps this will force the Yankees to take a look at Ronny Cedeno or Ryan Theriot as possible depth moves. If they do make a move for either one it should be a sign that the Yankees are worried about The Captain.

• A Bronx judge indicated yesterday that StubHub would be in violation of New York’s scalping laws if they put a store within 1,500 feet of Yankee Stadium.

• Rockies catcher Ramon Hernandez is on the trade block, but the Yankees have not called to inquire about him. Hernandez hit just .217/.247/.353 last season due to injuries, but he has a .264/.327/.417 line during his career.

• Boone Logan was scheduled to throw a simulated game yesterday, but pitched in the real game instead and said his elbow was fine.

• Clay Rapada is not quite game ready yet, though he is playing long toss without pain. Opening Day is in jeopardy for him.

• The Dominican Republic won the World Baseball Classic last night and Robinson Cano was named the MVP after he hit .469 with four doubles and a pair of homers in eight games.

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11 Responses to Derek Jeter has inflammation in his ankle, and other notes

  1. Michael R. says:

    A 39 year old SS with a bum ankle, who didn't have much range when healthy. Can anyone say position change!!!

    • brian says:

      I like having the leader and my team's most instinctive on the field player in the middle of the field though…

      Which means the only other option, for now, is center field.. and I think that ship sailed 7 years ago

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Which position? Jeter hasn't played any position other than SS since what, junior high? And it isn't that easy for a 38 (39 in June, and coming off a broken ankle) to find another position.

  2. brian says:

    Really, I understand the concern, I'm concerned too.. but the guy finished 7th in the MVP voting last season and his presence clearly changes the fabric of the entire team…

    every time people try to bury Jeter and the Yankees they come off looking like fools… EVERY TIME… eventually they're going to be right but I don't think it's gonna be 2013

  3. Jeter placed 7th in the MVP voting because of misconceptions and the fact that the majority of the voters don't care about defense (How else could Cabrera have beaten Trout last year?). However the concern I have raised has nothing to do with his bat. He may still hit .300, but considering he was one of the worst defensive players in the game last year, which was almost entirely due to lack of range, a lingering ankle injury could make go from one of the two or three worst to the absolute worst.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    Jeter needed to be moved out of SS 5 years ago. For this season I think we need to live with him as everyday DH with Nunez and Nix at SS. For 2014 slide him over to 3B, where he has to be less of a liability, and make A-Fraud the everyday DH.
    As for finishing 7th in the MVP vote, don't be absurd. He's also won multiple gold gloves, still doesn't make him a good fielder. The way I read the MVP it makes sense Cabrera won. Trout had a great year and his team did squat. Cabrera had a great year and his team goes nowhere without him. He was clearly more valuable to the Tigers as he was the difference between making the playoffs and playing golf with MIke Trout. Not to mention his willingness to move to 3B so the club could sign his Easter Island statue fielding partner in Fielder.

  5. brian says:

    do some research fools…. under no circumstances has jeter been overrated in MVP voting throughout his career…
    if anything.. you could argue he should have won in 2006.. and finished a lot higher than 6th in 1999….

    under no circumstances should jeter move off ss as long as the yankees keep winning every year… he's got 2 more years at the position.. from there we'll see what the prospects are at a run to 4,000 hits and what not

    • Mike Sommer says:

      The problem is history. As Buster Olney pointed out, only ONE MLB SS… EVER… in his 39 or + season, as the team's regular SS, played on a team that wound up with a winning record. Luis Aparicio, 1973 Red Sox. Aparicio's last season.

    • Nobody was saying anything about Jeter's MVP situation in any year besides 2012.

      As far as 2 more years at the position…I hope not. He was one of the worst defensive players in all of baseball at any position last year. One broken ankle and lingering injury later and he could be record setting bad. We're not living in 1999. You are talking about a guy who will turn 39 soon.

  6. Tony says:

    Jeter has never hurt the Yankees at SS, and has made all the plays when the pressure was on. By the way who is better going to his right, jumping and throwing across the body to first? We were blessed to have him this long and hope theres many more, he is one of the best players and teamates you could ask for and has ever been. I don't hear any fat ladys singing.

  7. Michael R. says:

    1B is the easiest position to learn and adapt to. Jeter would have 0 problems at that position. He's such a great athlete at 45 he could play there. There 's a reason why aging players seem to always move to 1B in the twilight of their carreer. The list of players who have made that move for a few years is longer than my arm.

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