Jeter done with the Grape Fruit League, and other rumors & notes

Derek Jeter

No big news today so we’ll start with Derek Jeter. Yesterday I mentioned that he could start the season on the DL and that looks even more likely today.

Jeter is done playing in Grape Fruit League games and if he does play again before the season starts it’ll be with one of the minor league squads. The reason the Yankees are doing it this way is that if he can’t get ready in time for the season they can back date his time on the DL. That way he’ll only be forced to sit out four games rather than the typical 15.

For what it’s worth, Jeter is expected to begin baseball activities today. That doesn’t mean he’ll play in a game though and Joe Girardi said that he wants Jeter to play a full nine innings before he would activate him for a regular season game.

All of this probably is good news that they are talking about him missing a maximum of four games if he indeed can’t start on time. As I’ve said all along though, the problem is that this is a sign the soon to be 39-year-old could be dealing with a lingering ankle problem all season. It’ll probably go through cycles where he has good months and bad months followed by cortisone shots and then the cycle starts over again.

So get ready because even if Jeter can stay off the DL for most of the year I would say it’s safe to assume that Eduardo Nunez, or somebody (Ronny Cedeno?), will have to play more games at shortstop than anybody besides Jeter since Tony Fernandez. Jeter, of course, will pick up a lot of at bats as the DH though.

• Brian Cashman is still very active in trade talks with one exec telling Ken Rosenthal that he is, “asking around about everybody.” They are still actively seeking first and third base help.

• Teams have called the Yankees to ask about dealing for David Phelps, but Cashman says, “I’m not looking to move him. I’m looking to move the bad stuff, stuff that can’t be moved.” Might explain why there have been no trades.

 Phil Hughes is still a question mark as to whether or not he will start the season on time, but Girardi thinks that he’ll miss a maximum of one start if he misses any at all.

• Clay Rapada (shoulder) is likely to start the season on the DL. That could open the door for either Shawn Kelley or Vidal Nuno to start the season in the Bronx.

• Alex Rodriguez hasn’t begun any baseball activities yet, but has begun working out in a pool. A-Rod will be in the Bronx for Opening Day.

• Josh Norris did a great Q&A with Gil Patterson, the Yankees new minor league pitching guru. The two talked mechanics, Dellin Betances, Jose Ramirez, Rafael DePaula, and Jose Campos.

• Speaking of Campos, he’s pain-free and the Yankees still haven’t decided if he’ll start in Low-A or High-A.

• Mark Montgomery is expected to start the season in Triple-A and Shaeffer Hall is likely to pitch out of the bullpen this year.

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  1. Mike Baker says:

    as great as i think jeter is i dont see him repeating the year he had last season and i think Nunez can still get better so i feel if Nunez can show he can play shortstop he can be as dynamic as Jeter and i also think the Yankees would be better of with Nunez playing shortstop at this point. I know that sounds stupid bc its Jeter and i love him but thats how i feel.

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