Mark Teixeira out 8-10 weeks with wrist injury…thoughts


The Yankees got some devastating news this afternoon as they found out that Mark Teixeira will miss at least 8-10 weeks due to a strained ECU tendon in his wrist, according to Dan Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal.

Teixeira hurt the wrist while taking BP in preparation for the WBC, although this is hardly a WBC injury. He will rest at least four weeks and then, if he’s ready to, will need another 4-6 weeks for rehab. That could mean a May 15 return without any setbacks.

This puts a lot of strain on the Yankees as they’ve already been without third baseman Alex Rodriguez for half the season and Curtis Granderson for at least the first month. On top of that they don’t really have a backup option for Teixeira as the Yankees $189 million budget meant that they couldn’t even make offers to their former backups Nick Swisher and Eric Chavez.

Bronx Baseball Daily will take a closer look at whom might replace Teixeira, but let’s just say that the list isn’t very inspiring. The only other first baseman they have in camp with a chance would be Dan Johnson, he of the┬ácareer line of .237/.338/.412. Juan Rivera has some experience at first, but Brian Cashman has already ruled that out during an appearance on WFAN today.

They could also move Kevin Youkilis from first to third and look for a third baseman, but there aren’t a lot of promising options there.

Options at third could include Ronnier Mustelier and Corban Joseph, although both of their defense at the hot corner has been bad. Jayson Nix is also an option, but he can’t hit righties so he’s not the ultimate solution. Beyond that the Yankees could choose to move Eduardo Nunez over to third, but again, defense is a big issue. David Adams might even be an option, but he hasn’t been cleared to play with a back injury bothering him so far this spring.

Long story short, there aren’t many strong internal candidates. The problem with going out and trading for somebody is that there isn’t much available right now. With the expanded playoffs most teams aren’t looking to trade right now. Even if the Yankees found a team willing to deal with them there is the problem that Teixeira and A-Rod will eventually come back. Anybody that they acquire now will have to fit into the fold once those two return as well. So we probably shouldn’t be expecting a big deal to be on the way.

If I had to guess right now, this would be what I expect to be the Yankees Opening Day lineup: Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki, Robinson Cano, Kevin Youkilis, Travis Hafner, Dan Johnson, Matt Diaz, Brett Gardner, and Chris Stewart. You can swap out Johnson with Nix or Stewart with Francisco Cervelli, but either way that is not a pretty lineup.

Unfortunately that won’t just be the Opening Day lineup, but the lineup for April and probably half of May. Hopefully they don’t bury themselves in such a big hole that they can’t climb out of it after that.

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11 Responses to Mark Teixeira out 8-10 weeks with wrist injury…thoughts

  1. Michael R. says:

    There are certainly many more questions than answers. This season will be a test of faith for those of us in Yankeeland.

  2. Keena says:

    Sure glad we booted Swisher out of town. lol 5th place, here we come!

  3. John says:

    Dumb thought how about Nunez at SS(god help us)
    Jeter to 3rd. Jeter is NOT a SS anymore. Theyre screwed. Unless they can get a Cuddyer type.
    Hey arent the yankees supposed to get Ty Wiggington every year anyway?
    Just bad

    • Normally I would say there is no way that Jeter is moving from shortstop just based on his pride alone. However in this situation, with Jeter rehabbing an injury, I'm going to say that there's no way he moves to third because he's already dealing with enough just trying to get back on the field. Learning a new position at this point is out of the question.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    Add to this a number of questionable below the radar moves over the last year or so: cutting Brandon Laird, selling Steve Pearce, cutting Chris Dickerson, cutting Jack Cust. Now these guys are no more than marginal players, but they look alot better at LF, 3B, 1B and 4th OF than what we've got now. I wonder what Cashman was thinking. It's not like these moves saved the club any real money.

  5. jfs says:

    Is there any reason Nunez can't play first? He's a bad defender but he can catch a throw and if its just a month all he needs to do is keep the grounders in front of him and run it to first. Guy has a decent bat, if the yanks are gonna be cheap and not get anyone decent, why not offer nunez a shot?

  6. Michael R. says:

    The reasons Nunez can't play 1B are the same reasons why he can't play 3B, or LF, or any other position other than SS. He is either a moron who can't learn another position, or he is a terrible athlete who happens to be at the highest, most competitive level of baseball in the world. Personally I don't subscribe to either reason, but I do believe he can't play another position because the Yanks management says he can't. Apparently Yankee coaches are terrible teachers and incapable of making switches which involve teaching and coaching. It seems to me that's what the front office thinks anyway.

  7. The reason why Nunez can't play 1st, or 3rd, or LF, is because Nunez is a .700 OPS guy. That works as a shortstop and it doesn't work at 1st, 3rd, or in left. Considering how much Nunez has struggled at every position he's attempted, the Yankees feel like it's best to force him to focus on just one position. And since there is no chance that a .700 OPS type guy is going last at 1st, 3rd, or left long term there is no reason to move him there even temporarily. If he could actually play defense or hit, he can't do either, it might be a consideration.

    • jfs says:

      Sure it doesn't work at 1b for a full season but we are only talking about a month. And its not like the alternatives are so much better, in their last full seasons' its not like dan johnson or juan rivera's OPS is around the same (johnson was 768 in 2007, the last time he played over 100 games, and rivera hit 661 last year and 701 the year before that).

      I honestly see no reason he can't focus on first for a little bit and play there for a month. No one is expecting great defense from him, but if he is in a place where all he has to do is keep the ball in front of him and run/underhand toss it to first he may be better off.

      Most of the focus on him at short seems to be predicated on this idea that he is the starting shortstop of the future for the yankees. He isn't. He has a decent bat but is 25 and still can't play that position. He's a backup shortstop on his best day and everyone who watches him knows it. Give him a shot at first for a few weeks and we wont have to worry about him messing up the throw. Sure, we need to worry he won't catch the ball but he has that same issue at short. If you think Dan Johnson is so much better v. righties then platoon him, but the idea that he is or will be an adequate starting shortstop is pure nonsense.

      • Why do you even want him at 1st? He certainly is not going to be better than their other options there defensively and he probably isn't going to be better offensively either. Nunez is a .700 OPS hitter on a good day.

  8. Michael R. says:

    Don't get me wrong, percentages are fantastic indicators, but sometimes one just has to take a leap of faith and experiment. It's high time the Yanks do that with Nunez. They need his offense, and especially so with Grandy and Tex out with injuries for awhile.

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