Morning Bits: Wang, Vazquez, Logan, Ichiro, Granderson, Heathcott, cuts, and Contreras

Boone Logan

After a couple of weekend wins, the Yankees are now 3-7 in the Grape Fruit League.

• Yankees are scouting Chien-Ming Wang during the WBC.

• The Yankees had “major interest” in Javier Vazquez before knee surgery ended his comeback.

• Boone Logan has a sore left elbow. A MRI showed no damage.

• Ichiro Suzuki was in a minor car crash. He’s fine though.

• The Yankees have called off the Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner swap in the outfield.

• Slade Heathcott will wear a brace on his wrist following an outfield collision. The MRI was clean.

• Yankees made their first round of Spring Training cuts. No surprises.

• Nardi Contreras, formerly the minor league pitching coordinator, is now the senior pitching instructor.

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7 Responses to Morning Bits: Wang, Vazquez, Logan, Ichiro, Granderson, Heathcott, cuts, and Contreras

  1. Keena says:

    Wow. Wang and Vasquez.. How the mighty have fallen.

  2. John says:

    Vazquez again. How many times does Cashman need to see that movie?
    He is living the definition of insanity. The result wont change.
    Why not get Carl Pavano & Scott Proctor while youre collecting injured Bums.
    As for Wang, if he is healthy why not? Could help/cant hurt type move.
    Maybe with Wang,Pineda&Phelps they can trade Hughes before he leaves as a free agent

  3. Keena says:

    It's funny, when I saw the name Contreras in the article title, I just assumed they were interested in former Yankee Jose Contreras too. It surely wouldn't have surprised me at this point.

  4. Keena says:

    I really think this scraping the bottom of the barrel mentality started a couple years back when he got lucky on Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon. Now they just assume everyone five years past their prime is going to work out. Wang I could possibly see in a bullpen role like Mendoza used to be for us but just the fact that they'd even consider Vasquez again is mind blowing.

  5. Mike Sommer says:


  6. Michael R. says:

    The Yanks baffle me. Gardener belongs in center and Granderson (when he returns) belongs in LF. I will never be convinced that he can't step in when he returns and play an adequate LF. He's an outfielder for crying out loud. And this facination the Yanks have with former, over-the-hill players, who weren't that good in the first place, just mystifies me. So I'm baffled & mystified & and mad too, that they won't give their kids a chance to prove themselves.

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