Rangers are scouting Joba Chamberlain, and other rumors & notes


The Texas Rangers, are short on bullpen depth at the moment, have been scouting Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain, according to George King of the NY Post.

The Rangers actually match up well with the Yankees as they have depth at the corner infield positions right now, but it seems hard to imagine a deal happening between the two. For one thing, the Yankees rarely ever deal this early in the season and they rarely deal with direct competitors too.

It’s hard to see them doing both at once and until David Aardsma proves himself as a capable setup man the Yankees don’t actually have a ton of depth in their bullpen. That could change and perhaps a deal will be possible closer to July though.

Or perhaps the Rangers are merely scouting Joba this season with the hopes of making a play for him this offseason when he’s a free agent. Joba recently expressed a desire to go back to starting which pretty much means this will be his final year in Pinstripes as both Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi have made it obvious that the Yankees have given up on that.

I might be in favor of a trading Joba at the deadline since he is just a middle reliever and they are not worth a whole lot. If another arm or two emerges, like Aardsma or even Shawn Kelley or Mark Montgomery, then Joba becomes expendable. But, like I said, I can’t see a deal anytime soon and the Rangers might just be trying to figure out if they are going to go strong after free agent Joba during the offseason.

 Brennan Boesch and David Cooper were cut by the Tigers and Blue Jays respectively and the Yankees will look into both, but it doesn’t sound like they’ll be picking up either. Boesch is coming off a pathetic season though and Cooper is dealing with injuries that will likely make him useless until 2014.

• Carlos Lee‘s agent contacted the Yankees about a potential opening, but it sounds like the Yankees passed.

 The Yankees are down to 51 players in camp after a round of cuts: Adam Warren, Corban Joseph, and Zoilo Almonte. These guys all had an outside chance to make the team out of Spring Training, but no more.

 Dellin Betances was already cut, but apparently he’s working on new mechanics this spring. Hopefully it works out because he’s on the verge of being irrelevant after being one of the top prospects in the organization.

Robinson Cano and Team Italy made a small scene at the World Baseball Classic when Cano got upset after he got spiked three times.

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12 Responses to Rangers are scouting Joba Chamberlain, and other rumors & notes

  1. Clay says:

    Seems like the Yankee brass don't believe Joba is anything more than a middle reliever. I've got a hunch there is much more potential in him and another team will give him a chance this year or when he hits FA. I want Joba to flourish and kick butt with the Yankees but if not given the opportunity for a more significant role, move on.

    • ldubinsky says:

      they don't believe that he's a starter, Clay……but that doesn't mean that they don't think of him as more than a middle reliever. until shown otherwise, Rivera and Robertson have won the closer and set-up jobs by being excellent, but there's no reason to think that Joba couldn't do more if they need more from him.

      however, if the Rangers want to get Joba and are willing to make a deal involving Profar……….

  2. It certainly does feel like they don't believe in him. They really didn't give him much of a chance to succeed as a starter and pulled the plug on him before they did with Phil Hughes or Ivan Nova. At this point it's hard to see them even naming him the successor to Mariano and short of that I just don't see him with the team next year.

    • ldubinsky says:

      why in heck would the Yankees name Joba to succeed Mariano at this point and why wouldn't they want to have both Robertson and Chamberlain next year?

      • Why would Joba re-sign with the Yankees unless he's a starter, which he won't ever be in Pinstripes, or the closer? And as of right now D-Rob is most certainly ahead of him to replace Mo. Unless that changes, why would Joba re-sign to be a middle reliever? The Yankees might be interested in that, but there is no reason, no reason at all, for Joba to be. He can go find better work, and probably more money, elsewhere.

        • ldubinsky says:

          and that's as of right now

          they actually play the games for six or seven months and things might change so that Chamberlain re-establishes that he's willing to throw fastballs over the plate at 3-2 and able to beat hitters doing that.

          if he can and does, the Yankees won't have a problem finding money to pay him.

  3. Michael Baker says:

    how about joba for gentry that sound like a good trade for both teams…rangers need bullpen help and Yankees need a right handed outfielder whos in there 20's who can walk without breaking something

  4. olie says:

    Trading Joba would be a hugh mistake this year. The only way the Yanks will compete is with "Great Pitching" and Joba has a "Great Arm"

    • Michael Baker says:

      the word great is never used when talked about Joba hahaha

    • Why would it be a huge mistake? The Yankees have needs all over their lineup, potentially could have depth in the bullpen, and middle relievers aren't worth all that much. Like I said, I don't see anything happening now, but say Aardsma and/or Montgomery have big seasons, that could change by July.

      • olie says:

        I agree that later in the year all bets are off and it may be wise to trade him but as of now it would be a huge mistake. Aardsma is coming off a bad injury, Montgomery with great stats in minors is unproven at major league level. If Robertson gets hurt again like last year so much for the bullpen depth. I believe the old saying That you can't have enough pitching and he is a above average middle reliever if that's where they use him.

  5. Michael R. says:

    With the offense so suspect now is not the time to trade a decent pitcher who can relieve or start. Pitching may be the only element they have to keep them in the hunt.

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