Yankees considering pulling Derrek Lee out of retirement, and other notes


With Mark Teixeira out for at least 8-10 weeks and with Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson already on the DL, the Yankees offense is in trouble. Apparently Brian Cashman thinks it’s bad enough that he has contacted first baseman Derrek Lee to see if he has any interest in coming out of retirement, according to David Waldstein of the NY Times.

There is no deal pending between the Yankees and Lee, but it sounds like there could be something there as Waldstein’s source said that the deal could be revisited. Lee is still only 37-years-old, but he has not played baseball since 2011 when he split the season between the Orioles and Pirates and hit .267/.325/.446.

The biggest problem with this possibility, to me, is that it seems unlikely that Lee has been keeping himself in game shape. Now we’re still a little under a month out from the season, but I have to seriously question if he can get ready in time and contribute as much as say Ronnier Mustelier could right out of the gate. This isn’t like Andy Pettitte‘s situation where he came out of retirement and was working out for weeks already by the time he agreed to the contract.

A lot could be riding on the severity of Teixeira’s injury. If he could be out for longer than the 8-10 weeks then the Yankees are saying publicly then it could make sense to sign Lee since a couple of slow weeks to start April wouldn’t be that big a deal if he is needed till July.

Lee always was a solid first baseman with a solid .281/.365/.495 career line. If the Yankees need a first baseman, especially for the long term, it might not be such a bad idea to bring him out of retirement.

• CC Sabathia threw a 50-pitch simulated game yesterday and is set to make his spring debut on Friday.

• Derek Jeter will be back out there as the DH again today and will finally play shortstop on Wednesday.

• Speaking of Jeet, his struggles in Spring Training of 1996 almost led to Mariano Rivera being traded for Felix Fermin.

• Nick Cafardo thinks that John Mayberry of the Phillies would be a good fit for the Yankees as somebody who could fill in at first base and eventually play in the outfield when Mark Teixeira returns.

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4 Responses to Yankees considering pulling Derrek Lee out of retirement, and other notes

  1. John says:

    I like the Mayberry jr idea. Why not?

  2. John Mayberry would be a great fit in that he hits lefties very well. So he could fill in for Teixeira/Granderson in April and then be the perfect platoon outfielder for an all left handed outfield once they come back.

    I'm sure Cashman has looked into it. It really depends on what the Phillies are looking to get for him.

  3. Michael R. says:

    The Yanks are essentially admitting they don't have a 3B or !B candidate in the minors who can play ball well enough to contribute. Or maybe they're too gutless to give them a chance. Either way it's just SAD.

  4. Joesph says:

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