Yankees sign Brennan Boesch, release Matt Diaz, and other notes

Brennan+BoeschThe Yankees have signed outfielder Brennan Boesch, who was released by the Tigers last week, to a one-year deal $1.5 million, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. It’s actually a split contract which means he will make $1.5 million if he is in the majors and only $500K if he’s in the minors.

Boesch made a name for himself in 2011 when he hit .283/.341/.458 in 115 games with the Tigers, but he had a very disappointing campaign in 2012 when he hit just .240/.286/.372 in 132 games. He even hit poorly from both sides of the plate last year too so unless he rebounds he won’t be too useful in a platoon situation.

Boesch won’t be making up for his poor bad on the bases or in the field as he is not fast by any means and is a bad outfielder who posted a negative-12 UZR last season and is negative-22 during his career.

Since it was a major league deal the Yankees had to make room for him on the roster which they did by placing Michael Pineda on the 60-Day DL.

Meanwhile, the Yankees have released outfielder Matt Diaz.

Diaz used to crush left handed pitching, but he has been injured and inconsistent for the past few years and the Yankees must think he’s still injured. Spring stats aren’t worth much, but Diaz showed almost no pop whatsoever as he hit just .200/.250/.200 this spring — a sign that he might still have lingering injury effects.

Now Juan Rivera and Thomas Neal are battling for another outfield spot though the Yankees could carry both of them with Rivera’s ability to play first base.

• Ronnier Mustelier has bruised both of his knees. It’s nothing serious, but he’ll miss a few days.

• Slade Heathcott has patellar tendinitis in his knee and will miss some time, no word on how long. He has been cut from the big league camp too.

• The Yankees scouted Bobby Abreu in winter ball, but they must not have liked what they saw as they never made him a contract offer.

• Outfielder Tyler Austin and reliever Mark Montgomery were named the 2012 Kevin Lawn Award winners for the best players in the Yankees minor league system last year.

•  Baseball Prospectus released their list of the Yankees top 10 prospects and put Gary Sanchez at the top. If you were wondering, Austin and Montgomery were Nos. 5 and 9 respectively.

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6 Responses to Yankees sign Brennan Boesch, release Matt Diaz, and other notes

  1. John says:

    Can Boesch play 1st base?

  2. Hank Lukas says:

    to bad the Yankees lost Swisher, so much for loyality.

    • ldubinsky says:


      the Yankees didn't develop and nurture Swisher, they traded for him…..received far greater value from him than the salary paid to him, and didn't offer him more than a one-year deal.
      I surely can understand being unhappy that he no longer plays for the team, but birching about him leaving when the yankees made it clear that they didn't wnat him to stay but for one more season simply is crappy of you.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    Hard to know what the appeal is of an OF who can't field or run, and is coming off a very bad year with the bat. Sounds like a younger version of Ibanez. Cashman is just trying everything, which is good of course. But why not just go with some kids and see what happens? Boesch is not going to turn into an allstar, but one of the kids might become an everyday player. Give Mustelier a shot at 3B.
    Speaking of Swisher, I still wish they had re-signed him and traded Teixeira. The Dodgers wanted him before they got Gonzalez, being in the pennant race cost us the chance to unload this meatball.

    • olie says:

      The Yankees can only hope that Boesch is a younger version of Ibanez. A young Ibanez had a good career playing in Seattle and later Philly before coming to the Yanks. And you may be the only person in America that would have kept Swisher and traded Texeira!

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