Elite Yankees prospect Mason Williams arrested on DUI charges

Mason-Williams-Tampa-Yankees-mugshotYankees outfield prospect Mason Williams was arrested in Tampa on DUI charges early Thursday morning, according to Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times. Williams was reportedly driving 10-13 mph over the speed limit and showing “clues of impairment” when he was pulled over. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with a misdemeanor DUI.

Williams was ranked as the No. 3 prospect in the Yankees farm system by Bronx Baseball Daily and was named the No. 32 overall prospect in MLB by Baseball America. He just turned 21 in August and hit .298/.346/.474 in 91 games last season before shoulder surgery. So far he’s hitting .271/.400/.371 in 18 games at High-A Tampa this year.

There is no excuse for this. Go out and drink, that’s fine. But he’s a young man with a steady and good paying job. There is no reason he can’t afford a taxi when he goes out and drinks. This shows a lack of judgement away from the field and it will no doubt lead many to question his commitment on the field.

Not only could he have hurt himself, but he doesn’t have to look outside the organization for evidence that this could lead to death. So he joins Jim Leyritz, Joba Chamberlain, and Michael Pineda as the other jerks who recently put their safety, the safety of others, and their careers (oh right, MLB doesn’t care about DUI’s) on the line because he’s too cheap to call a cab or too stupid to make alternative plans ahead of time.

Williams has to hope that this doesn’t hurt his chances with the Yankees. Sure, Williams has talent, but there are quite a few good outfield prospects in this organization right now. Something like this could be the difference in the Yankees trading Slade Heathcott, Tyler Austin, or Ramon Flores in a deal, just as a for instance, or Williams because if everything else is equal the Yankees are going to take the player with better judgement.

Hopefully he can use this to his advantage though. It was only slightly less than a year ago when Pineda got his DUI. To me, especially after he showed up to Spring Training out of shape, that was a bad warning sign that the kid was wasting away his career. However, by all accounts Pineda has gone in the opposite direction since then and seems more dedicated than ever.

The bottom line is that this very well could be a turning point in Williams’ career. This could be the first sign of a lazy and not too bright minor leaguer or it could be a wake up call to him. Hopefully it’s the latter. Only time will tell. Until then, at least he didn’t kill himself or anybody else.

• Curtis Granderson took another step toward a return as he has begun taking full swings in the batting cage and could be taking full on batting practice on the field soon. He seems like he’ll be the first from the group of injured to return to the field.

• Speaking of the injured, Derek Jeter held a press conference yesterday where he pretty much just announced that he intends to play again this season. Yeah, just like he told us 20 times that he would be ready for Opening Day. He’s got a serious injury and it will heal when it heals.

• Ben Francisco sucks, but don’t expect Thomas Neal to replace him soon as the minor league outfielder is on the DL with a groin injury.

• During Michael Pineda’s simulated game on Monday he was throwing in the low-90’s. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it’s his first game situation in over a year and the Yankees liked what they saw.

• Jose Valverde said on Wednesday that the Yankees offered him a contract during the offseason, but Brian Cashman denied that, “false, false, false.”

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13 Responses to Elite Yankees prospect Mason Williams arrested on DUI charges

  1. John Barrow says:

    Did you even read the report about this? He passed two breathalyzer tests and was well below the legal limit. A real reporter would gather all the facts a present them rather than reoprt what is beneficial to youir opinion. BTW, I am a neighbor of his in Winter Garden, Fl and this young man has never had any trouble with the law.

  2. autmorsautlibertas says:

    The limit is .08 in Florida. .062 and .067 are not enough for misdemeanor charges.

    • They are not enough for felony charges. That is enough for a misdemeanor charge based on the fact that he was indeed charged with a misdemeanor DUI.

      • autmorsautlibertas says:

        No, .08 is the limit for misdemeanor charges. He passed the breathalizer, but failed the field sobriety test. They arrested him based on the failed sobriety test, not his BAC which was within legal limits. Any attorney worth his retainer should be able to get him out of this.

  3. Mike Sommer says:

    Hoping Mustelier heals soon and takes Francisco's spot.

  4. John Barrow says:

    Your wrong, Its a misdemeanor for a BAC above .08 for the first offense, repeated offenses will become felony charges. The limts for a DUI are levels above .08, you should have reported all the facts in your article. He will never be convicted.

    • Fred says:

      Its a misdemeanor in Florida. You literally just get a ticket and a warning. Its about as notable as parking illegally. He's almost certainly going to plead "wet reckless" which basically means, the state acknowledges that you screwed up, don't do it again or we'll care next time

      Source: Just graduated from UF, and I know a bunch of idiots lol.

  5. Despite the fact that Williams later passed blood-alcohol tests, he was charged with a second-degree misdemeanor DUI for failing a field sobriety test, according to the Tampa police. This is a serious charge that can bring with it an up to 12 month probation and/or six months in jail.

    • notafelony says:

      he passed both breathalyzer tests… the one at the time of being pulled over and again when they got him to the station. just another overzealous cop making himself an arrest that will never stick in court. only a fool would report on this without supplying all the information and checking their facts before convicting him of a crime that was, well, not a crime.

      if he were under age it would be a completely different story, but he isn't.

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