Help is on the way for the Yankees as Teixeira is cleared to swing a bat

New York Yankees Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira took a big step in his return to the field yesterday when he swung a bat for the first time since he tore the tendon sheath in his wrist during Spring Training. He actually took swings on Tuesday in a pool underwater, but yesterday was the first day that he was cleared to take dry swings.

“I swung very light [Tuesday] and it’ll just be slow-moving,” Teixeira told George King of the NY Post. “Hopefully, it just feels good every day and we’ll see where I am in a week or so on the next road trip.”

Teixeira had insisted for a while that he would be ready to go by May 1. That isn’t going to happen, but without any setbacks he certainly will be back sometime in mid-May. Spring Training is six weeks long, but that’s mostly for the sake of pitchers. Realistically four weeks should be reasonable with three a long shot, but a possibility.

That’s from the time that Teixeira really starts ramping up his workouts which probably won’t be for a week from now at least as they are sure to take things very slowly, at least initially. He’s expected to hit off a tee next, then batting practice indoors before finally getting outside for real batting practice on the field for a few days. All the while, he’ll be closely monitored for wrist soreness.

That means at the earliest we could see Teixeira back on the field on May 16 with May 23 being more likely and May 30 not out of the question. Hopefully the Yankees take it slowly with him though because a setback could still potentially mean season ending surgery. He has been working out the rest of his body, running and taking one handed swings, so once that wrist is strong things should move quickly after that.

Meanwhile, Lyle Overbay has done a decent job as a stopgap for the Yankees hitting .279/.295/.395. That’s still a far cry from what Teixeira has done even as he regresses each year. So while they have done well in Teix’s absence the sooner they can get him back the better, obviously.

• At this point it seems likely that Teixeira will beat both Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson back to the team. Although Granderson shouldn’t be too far behind and because his injury was a clean broken bone in his forearm, there is a much smaller risk of a setback.

• It’s still hard to tell when Jeet will be back. He is slowly building up his workouts though. He has now done three days in a row and yesterday took five rounds of BP, took some light infield practice, and played long toss. He’s also running, but still hasn’t run at 100 percent effort (King).

Andy Pettitte threw a short bullpen session and said that his back will be good enough to pitch on Friday (King).

• Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been the second most active GM in baseball when it comes to making waiver claims.

• Yankee Stadium will host not one but two hockey games next winter with the Rangers and Devils playing on Jan. 26 and the Rangers and Islanders playing on Jan. 29. Awesome.

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  1. Michael R. says:

    A power hitter with a severe wrist injury and they're thinking he's going to return and not re-injure it. I really don't believe he'll get by without surgery.

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