Yankees drop Opening Day to Red Sox 8-2

cc-sabathiaCC Sabathia was typical Opening Day CC which is to say that he was bad, the Yankees lineup could only muster two runs on six hits with nobody coming up with a multi-hit game, and the best pitcher out of the bullpen was Shawn Kelley as the they lost to the Red Sox 8-2.

Try not to overreact. Like I said, CC is always bad on Opening Day. His velocity was down, which is a concern, but coming off elbow surgery it is reasonable to suspect it’ll pick up with time. He’s always been a guy that relies more on command, which was absent today, than velocity anyway.

The lineup was bad too, but considering they started Ben Francisco, Vernon Wells and Jayson Nix that was to be expected. They’ll need good pitching to win and on days where they don’t get it, they’ll need timely hits to win games. Considering they didn’t get much of either today it’s not surprising they lost.

There are 161 more games though. It’s going to be a long season. Unfortunately it didn’t start out better, but they started out started out slow even in 1998.

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5 Responses to Yankees drop Opening Day to Red Sox 8-2

  1. Mike Baker says:

    So is tis what we should expect from this line up until there big players come back?hahahaha

  2. Yeah. I think we'll see Nix at 3rd and Youk at 1st with Francisco as the DH against lefties. Youk, Overbay, and Hafner against righties. Boesch will get in there occasionally as well against lefties.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    Every game they lose like this, one of the trio of mental midgets (Hal, Hank, Randy Levine) should be tied to stake behind home plate and pelted with rotten tomatoes until they wet their pants. This team has no margin for error. Until Granderson, Jeter and Teixeira get back it's gonna be ugly. My money is on Jeter coming back first. Guy has his foot held onto his leg with a plate and 2 screws and he still wants to play.

  4. Keena says:

    As usual, let the Red Sox own the place.

  5. Corethree says:

    Don't mean nothin.

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