Yankees off to slow start, but it’s not time to panic

robinson-canoBefore the season started the two things that we expected to be good from the Yankees were Robinson Cano and the pitching staff. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case the first week of the season and they have gotten off to a slow 2-4 start.

That doesn’t mean that it’s time to panic or give up on the team because that’s just baseball. It’s a long 162-game season. Just look at last year’s team that got swept the first series of the season and were still toward the bottom of the division even in late May. They, of course, rebounded and had the American League’s best record. This team will rebound too, although it probably won’t be with the best record ultimately, but things will not be this bad for 162 games.

Just look at what happened this week, CC Sabathia had his typical bad Opening Day start. Hiroki Kuroda took a comebacker off his fingers, and Phil Hughes was rushed back from an injury. Cano might not have hit, but Vernon Wells, Francisco Cervelli, and Eduardo Nunez did. That is not a typical week.

Things will get better though. We’ve already seen CC’s command much improved, although his velocity was still down and is still something to watch. Cano is healthy and will start hitting again. Kuroda’s finger will get better and he’ll pitch better too. Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes will struggle with consistency, but will have more good starts than bad. I still expect this team to finish in the 84-88 win territory.

• The Tigers were just the latest team to honor Mariano Rivera. Get ready because the most respected man in baseball is going to be getting a lot of that throughout the season.

• Kuroda is starting against the Indians today, but he has already cautioned that he’s not at 100 percent.

• Eduardo Nunez sat out his second game in a row after getting hit by a pitch in the biceps Friday. He’ll try to throw and hit again today, but he probably won’t be back until Tuesday at the earliest.

• Joba Chamberlain shaved his mustache. Ball players are superstitious, but he’s only played in two games. I guess a 21.60 ERA will spoke you no matter how many games you’ve played.

• The Yankee Stadium parking lot has defaulted on its debt to the city. Gouge people for $35-$48 a game, and more during the playoffs, and people are just going to take the train. We’ve seen this coming for a long time.

• The Yankees now head to Cleveland and it’ll be the first time we see Nick Swisher since he left and Travis Hafner is also returning to the only other team he’s ever known.

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  1. olie says:

    You are right Rob. It is way to early to jump off the bandwagon. And I wouldn't give up on Joba just yet!

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