Yankees Robinson Cano has weak ties to PED-clinic with notes

robinson-canoMajor League Baseball is apparently investigating Robinson Cano for potential ties to Biogenesis, the anti-aging clinic suspected of providing PEDs to players, although any links to Cano and the clinic seem very weak at best, according to T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish of ESPN.

Where other players had their names on Biogenesis documents, Cano did not. Instead he has become attached to this entire mess because MLB found the name of Sonia Cruz, the spokeswoman for Cano’s charity foundation, in documents. Her name was on receipts for $300, which is much less than the cost of PEDs, and former Biogenesis employees said was for a weight-loss supplements the company sold.

When we’re talking about a scandal where the evidence damning players like Alex Rodriguez is not great, the evidence to drag Cano into this mess is, at least so far, almost non-existent. It appears that MLB is investigating Cano because Cruz’s name got involved and his best friend, Melky Cabrera, and teammate, A-Rod, are already involved.

Cano obviously denied any connection to the lab before yesterday’s game. Curiously Cruz also denied purchasing anything from them although she did admit to seeking them out initially to discuss their weight-loss regimen, but she says she backed out when she found out pills were involved.

Either way, the connection is weak and until something else comes out, if anything else comes out, we shouldn’t worry about Cano getting suspended or anything. Now that Biogenesis is going around and selling documents it makes the entire thing seem like a company that went out of business is doing whatever it can to make some money and doesn’t mind dragging a few players through the mud to do it.

• Kevin Youkilis was a late scratch last night due to back tightness and it sounds like he’ll miss a couple more games. Youk, who dealt with back problems on and off last season, left mid-game on Saturday and did not play Sunday either. No word on when he’ll be back, but my guess is that it’ll be after the Yankees get off the turf in Tampa. This is certainly an injury to keep an eye on though.

• Michael Pineda threw a simulated inning yesterday. He faced six batters and Joe Girardi was very happy with the way he threw.

“He threw strikes he threw some really good strikes,” said Girardi. “I was happy with what I saw. I know it’s a long ways away, but for the first time in a simulated game, it was pretty good … His command was much better (than last spring). The ball was coming out of his hand. He wasn’t forcing it today.”

• Minor league right handed reliever Nick Goody is out for the rest of the season after he had elbow surgery. Goody ranked at No. 39 on our preseason top 50 prospects list. He was a good looking prospect who was expected to rise fast through the organization. Now he’ll have to wait a year before pitching again.

• Some good news on the minor league injury front: Ronnier Mustelier is finally rehabbing after suffering a nasty bruise toward the end of Spring Training. Hopefully once he’s back in a week the Yankees consider calling him up in place of Ben Francisco.

• The Flushing Mets have signed former Yankee D.J. Mitchell after the Mariners designated him for assignment.

(Photo by Flickr user Keith Allison).

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.
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11 Responses to Yankees Robinson Cano has weak ties to PED-clinic with notes

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    I really would like to see Mustelier get a shot this year. We already know that Youkilis had, and will have, injury problems. Mustelier could see time at 3B and the OF. He has a live bat, and from what I've read was okay with the glove at 3B.

  2. Mike Baker says:

    i really hope Robby isnt on roids bc hes one of my favorite Yankees of all-time and hes one of the greatest second basemens of all-time when his career will be over if not the greatest i think and i would really hate it if this great career is tarnished by HGH

    • brian says:

      did it ever occur to you that he wouldn't be one of the greatest yankees and second basemen of all time without the PEDs???

      • Well he hasn't taken any PEDs for all we know.

      • Mike Baker says:

        Yeah he would

        • brian says:

          doubtful… he isn't some arod or manny or clemens or bonds where people could just see the talent oozing out of him from an early age…

          he had enough skill to be a solid major league second basemen but the increased "physicality" he got from PEDS (thanks, arod and melky) turned him into an all timer…

          this is not fact, just my opinion… no proof he used, and even if proof comes out its possible he could have been great without them, but i dont think so

  3. Cano came up hitting nearly .300 as a 22 year old and then hit .342 the next year. The talent was oozing out of him from an early age.

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