Just as dumb as ever: Joba Chamberlain fights with Mariano Rivera


Joba Chamberlain has done some dumb things while with the Yankees with his DUI and the time he broke his ankle on a trampoline being the dumbest. Unfortunately this latest incident, a very public run-in with Mariano Rivera, shows that Joba’s not exactly getting any smarter with age.

Yesterday, in front of reporters and fans, Joba snapped at Rivera telling him, “don’t ever shush me again,” after Rivera told him to stop yelling while he was taking part in an interview.

Here’s the entire story from Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News:

Before the game, while Rivera sat in the dugout speaking with reporters, Chamberlain was standing by the railing at the top of the dugout signing autographs for fans, shouting as he interacted with people in the stands.

Rivera paused during one answer and joked to reporters, “Is this guy always loud like this?”

Rivera chuckled before proceeding with his answer, but Chamberlain’s shouting continued — and may have grown even louder. Rivera seemed to lose his train of thought as Chamberlain’s voice rose, prompting the closer to call out to his younger teammate to ask him to be quiet.

“Joba! Yo! Bro!” Rivera shouted. “Shhh. Stop it.”

Chamberlain quickly replied, telling Rivera that he was talking with family.

“You do this every day,” Chamberlain said, referring to Rivera’s meeting with the media. “I don’t get to see my family every day.”

Rivera finished his five-minute session while Chamberlain continued signing autographs, though Chamberlain could be heard telling people in the stands, “I look at it every day. I have to be quiet. . . . They’re doing an interview.”

As Rivera wrapped up his interview, he began to stand up from the dugout when Chamberlain looked into the dugout.

“Don’t ever shush me again,” said Chamberlain, who started his career as a reliever before becoming a starter for the Yankees and is now in the bullpen again. The Yankees employed the so-called Joba Rules earlier in his career when they monitored his inning and pitch counts.

Rivera nodded with a bit of a smile, at which point Chamberlain — looking stone-faced without a trace of a smile — said, “Seriously. Don’t ever shush me again. I don’t get to see my family very often.”

Rivera opted not to get into an argument, telling Chamberlain, “I didn’t say not to talk to your family. That’s all right. You can talk to your family any time you want.”

I probably shouldn’t say Joba is dumb for these actions. It would probably be more appropriate to call him extremely immature. Mariano Rivera is possibly the most respected athlete in baseball. During his very long career I don’t recall a single run-in with any player on any team ever. Yet during his final season Joba Chamberlain is going to get upset with him and make a scene in front of reporters while Mo is discussing a family who lost it’s 10-year-old son with reporters.

I’ve made it clear that I did not like the way that the Yankees gave up on Joba the starting pitcher so quickly, but a lot of his failure to develop falls on his shoulders. Joba is a clown who just never seems to realize the extraordinary opportunity he’s been given.

A free agent at the end of this season, it has seemed like Joba is on his way out the door for a while now. After this, after disrespecting Mariano Rivera, of all people, it’s going to ruffle some feathers and it becomes even harder to see him staying in Pinstripes after this season.

Heck, I wonder if the Yankees won’t just trade him sooner than that.

Photo credit: US Presswire/Kim Klement.

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16 Responses to Just as dumb as ever: Joba Chamberlain fights with Mariano Rivera

  1. Corethree says:

    Its hard to say if this is a story or not. Either i haven't heard enough of the facts to comment on it or i've heard too much about it and can't think of a comment or there is no story.

    • This is a huge story. Anybody who says otherwise needs to take off their Yankee-colored glasses. To me this is just as big a story as any confrontation Alfredo Aceves has been involved with in Boston.

      This is an immature player not respecting and not only confronting, but also mocking, one of the most respected players in sports. It just shows us another layer of who Joba Chamberlain is as a person. I can't imagine any other Yankee doing this, yet I'm not surprised coming from him.

      • ochstree says:

        It's always about Joba – Buh-Bye…

      • olie says:

        Sorry Rob,
        Disagree Not a baseball story only media making it one. The reporters should not have been in the players dugout and this would have never happened!

        • Reporters routinely do pre-game interviews in the dugout. Part of a player's job is to conduct interviews and this is where the team prefers they be conducted rather than have a ton of reporters in the locker room right before the game.

  2. Jim says:

    Shush Joba,hope you enjoy your new team this year or next…

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    It reminds me of how Chad Curtis ended his time with the Yankees. He criticized Derek Jeter for not taking a more active part in a brawl. He was traded shortly thereafter. With some of the young arms looking like they can take spots in the pen, I'm guessing Chamberlain will indeed be traded this year.
    There is a clubhouse full of guys working hard to make the most of their second chances (Wells, Overbay, Hafner) and then there is this guy. Immaturity does seem to be the apt word.

  4. Qman says:

    I was thinking about Chad Curtis, too, but I can't remember the specific incident of the brawl itself. Is it the one where Jeter and Arod stood next to each other on the fringes of the melee?

  5. Michael R says:

    I can see why a guy like Joba would not want to be patronized by a guy like Mo. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum , class vs. no class. That being said, many times people with class can come across in a very condescending way whether they mean to or not. It may very well be a case of both being at fault and right at the same time. No matter how one looks at it Mo gets the benefit of the doubt every time whether it's justified or not.

    • Joba was not being patronized by Mo. Mo simply told him to be quiet and shushed him. Joba in turn mocked Rivera for doing his job (an interview) and then waited until he was done with the interview and confronted him in front of fans and the media.

  6. Bruno says:

    Trade him now, playing for the Astros or Marlins might shut him up.

  7. James Dogg says:

    6ft 2 250 and done in by flies and a kids trampoline, Joba is a mess – a potentially talented mess– trade him so he can tell his kids "Yeah I worked with the greatest relief pitcher of all time and instead of learning to become better- I lost the job by being disrespectful"

  8. Fred Finklehorn says:

    i can't believe he's still on the team, he should've either been on his way to Scranton or to the Pirates, oh wait, they are too good for him, how about the Marlins or the Astros? What a dope, you would think he would know better but obviously he learned nothing. Good riddens, adios, sayanara, chow, buzz off butthead!

  9. Michael R says:

    Rob, you made my case for Mo coming across as patronizing. Mo reacted like a parent and Joba acted like an immature child.

  10. gcorcoran says:

    It was a misunderstanding. I'm not saying it wasn't a story, but I do think calling for a trade involving Joba is a bit much. After all Joba has been through (some of which is at the hands of the organization) at least give him a shot to ride this last season out. I can actually see Joba's point in all this. He never gets to see his family. I know these guys make a lot of money to make sacrifices but that has to be one of the more difficult parts of the job. Then to have someone shushing you, one of your fellow players at that, when you are trying to speak with your family who you haven't seen in months? Personally I would find that to be extremely irritating.

    All of that said, the reason this is news is because of how Joba reacted to that. If he had walked up to Mo after and said, "come on man, why would you shush me like that, you're interviews happen every day, I never get to see my family." instead of acting like a tough guy and moreover a douchebag and saying "Don't ever shush me in front of my family, I'm serious," then this would never have even made the news.

    Long story short, Mo was acting annoying and irritating, Joba responded by acting immature and douchey. I understand both sides but in the end this is a reflection on how much of a douche Joba is. Mariano is one of those guys who you can't criticize, and there's no way he intended to be that way. He just got caught up in a moment and flustered and was a tiny bit out of line.

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