Yankees swept by pathetic Mets in Subway Series 6


The Mets are awful this season. They really are. They have one of the worst offenses in baseball, one of the worst bullpens and, on nights when Matt Harvey isn’t pitching, one of the worst rotations too. Still, they somehow managed to sweep the Yankees in the road-and-home four game Subway Series.

What does that make the Yankees? Bad? Not exactly. Inconsistent? Maybe. Unlucky? Definitely.

That’s basically what went on here. Yes, this Yankees offense is not as good as it was in April and certainly not as good as it was last year, but they aren’t this bad either. It was mostly bad timing in that all the bats are in a slump at the same time and it just so happened that they got swept in a four game series and are currently on a five game losing streak. It’s not pretty, but it happens.


Similar to the first two games at Citi Field, the Yankees actually got a decent performance from their pitching staff, but the offense failed to show up and they lost 3-1 at Yankee Stadium on Thursday night.

Vidal Nuno started, went six innings, and only gave up two runs on a two-run shot by Marlon Byrd. Aside from that he was impressive. Shawn Kelley gave up just one run in 1.1 innings and the rest of the bullpen did its job.

Dillon Gee, who entered the game with a 6.34 ERA, has really struggled all season, but he pitched well, extremely well, as he struck out 12 over 7.1 innings. His only mistake was giving up a third inning solo shot to Robinson Cano. Aside from that he was great and the bullpen did it’s job perfectly.

• Joba Chamberlain, who was activated on Wednesday, finally returned to action after missing nearly a month. It typically takes Joba a little while to shake off the rust, but he was great Thursday night pumping in 98 mph fastballs and mixing his slider and curveballs well. He gave up just one hit and struck out three in 1.1 innings.

• Cano went 2-for-4 with the home run and that was practically all the offense at all. Brett Gardner and Brennan Boesch each had a hit while the rest of the team went 0-for-20 with no walks.

• Vernon Wells has turned to shit. He’s hit just .219/.250/.365 in his last 25 games. In his last 14 games, he’s hit .151/.196/.245.

• Lyle Overbay is also falling apart. In his last 19 games, he’s hitting just .221/.270/.382. Earlier in the year he was mashing righties and struggling against lefties. That trend has stopped and now he’s really not hitting much of anything.

• The Yankees aren’t getting any production at all from their shortstops  or catchers lately either. Reid Brignac and Austin Romine, Thursday night’s starters, have hit just 5-for-56 (.089) overall.

• The Yankees have almost no patience at the plate these days either. They walked just two times in the entire Subway Series while striking out 40 times. Yup that’s a 40:2 K:BB ratio.

• I can’t think of anything good to say except that the Yankees are 30-23 which considering the amount of injuries they’ve had is solid. And Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis are both coming back on Friday.

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  • guy

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    The yankees got overplayed and overmatched by a hungrier mets team. you should give credit where its due and these 4 games shows that. the yankees were only smoke and mirrors in april and early may, they overachieved and that aging lineup with the likes of Tex and Youk will hardly make a difference. CC? hes getting old and its starting to show with his dip in fastball. Pettite? i got respect for him but hes old and if anything should be a reliever or will end up in the DL more. Jeter? old and on DL. Arod? old and on DL and laughing all the way to the bank. these guys will hardly make a difference if at all. the futuredoesnt look bright for them. the mets are a young group that still needs pieces like a OF power bat, and wheeler the other potential ace can join the likes of Harvey and Niese. they have a decent bullpen,and a 1-2 punch in aformentioned Harvey and Niesr. while Wheeler joins them soon.

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