BBDP June 21st: GCL debut x2

Joey-MaherAs many of you know by know, the Yankees now have two GCL teams now and more than enough good young players to fill out both rosters. Both teams debuted today, so with all of the excitement associated with that I am going to give an early update today and add the other box scores later if possible.

GCL MVP: Luis Severino – 4.0 IP, 8 K, ER

GCL Yankees1: W 6-4 vs GCL Pirates. W: Hebert (1-0) S: Beriguete (1)

Adonis Garcia: 1/2, R, HR (1), RBI, K (.500)
Jordan Barnes: 0/0, R, BB, SB (1), CS (1) (.000)
Tyler Wade: 2/3, R, RBI, BB, SB (1), 3 E (3) (.667) As good as he was with the bat was as bad as he was in the field. It’s too be expected with rookie shortstops though, especially when they are as young as Wade.
Austin Aune: 1/4, 2B, RBI, 3 K (.250) Played RF today, indicating he has likely been permanently switched.
Christopher Breen: 0/4, RBI, 3 K (.000) Played 1B today, so he’s most likely no longer going to catch except maybe in a backup role.
Eduardo de Oleo: 0/4, K (.000)
Gosuke Katoh: 1/2, R, HR (1), RBI (.500) I guess he didn’t like what he read about people questioning his power.
Sandy Brito: 0/4, K (.000)
Jimmy Falla: 1/3, R, K (.333) No, Jimmy Fallon did not make his minor league debut today. Looks like the Yankees signed him as a nondrafted FA out of Southern Florida.
Kevin Cornelius: 1/3, R, 2B, RBI, K (.333)
Luis Severino: 4.0 IP, H, ER, BB, 8 K (2.25 ERA) I listed him in my top 10 DSL players who could make an impact this year. He struck out the first six batters he faced. Then he ONLY struck out two more in the following two innings… bust.
Chaz Hebert: 3.0 IP, 3 H, ER, 2 BB, 5 K (3.00 ERA) Looking to repeat his GCL success from last season, and doing a good job of it so far.

GCL Yankees2: L 3-4 vs GCL Tigers. L: Bello (0-1)

Bryan Cuevas: 2/4, R, K, PO (3rd base) (.500) Another former DSL guy, good sleeper for this season.
Luis Torrens: 2/3, 2B, RBI, K (.667) He was their big IFA signing last year, and pulled a Miguel Andujar by skipping the DSL.
Alvaro Noriega: 1/1 (1.000) Former DSL guy, definitely a guy to keep an eye on.
Renzo Martini: 0/4, 2 K (.000)
Nathan Mikolas: 0/4, K (.000)
Dalton Smith: 1/4, K, E (1) (.250) Drafted as a catcher in 2012, now making the switch to first base.
Kendall Coleman: 1/3, R (.333)
Thairo Estrada: 1/2, RBI, CS (1) (.500) Just 17 years old and they sent him to the GCL already. Definitely a good sign for this shortstop.
Jose Figueroa: 1/3, R (.333)
Joey Maher: 4.0 IP, H, 0 ER, BB, 4 K (0.00 ERA) Came down with an illness that drained his power last season, looks to be back and stronger now.

Notably missing from both GCL rosters as of right now are as follows:

Ian Clarkin, Ethan Carnes, Connor Kendrick, Jose Mesa Jr, Caleb Smith, Philip Walby, Abiatal Avelino, Yancarlos Baez, and Ericson Leonora

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2 Responses to BBDP June 21st: GCL debut x2

  1. phil pantuso says:

    I would love to see the team that I have followed since the early forty's, build from the minors. Seems to me the Rays are a good example. We continue to sign the high price veterans, what do we have big $$$$ on players that are past there prime. Exception is MO, hate to see him retire, but life goes on.

    • gcorcoran says:

      It's true. There are a lot of us fans who are ready to see a team built from within. I think these overpriced, aging veterans will be around two or three more years before we start to see the homegrown movement really take over. The system isn't quite ready to replace these veterans yet. Guys like Phelps, Warren, Preston Claiborne and Zoilo Almonte could go a really long way towards making that process go much more smoothly though. David Adams and Austin Romine could turn their seasons around as well. I did an article a while back on guys who could contribute in the next few years.

      At this point I'd probably take Melky Mesa and Brett Marshall off that list, but I would add Dellin Betances in the bullpen and Shawn Kelley as well.

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