Introducing The 2013 Staten Island Yankees

michael-oneillEarlier today I took the trip out to the Richmond County Bank Ballpark for the Staten Island Yankees’ Media Day.

No major news except that I was told Eric Jagielo tweaked his hamstring and will be joining the Staten Island Yankees in a few weeks.  The media was originally told that local product Dillon McNamara was going to be the opening day starter but no confirmation was given by skipper Justin Pope.

Aside from that I would like to introduce the 2013 Staten Island Yankees:

Acevado Andury
Sam Agnew-Wieland
Charles Basford
Andrew Benak
Andy Beresford
Kelvin Castro
Cale Coshow
Rookie Davis
Giovanny Gallegos
Charles Haslup
Jairo Heredia
Stefan Lopez
Dillon McNamara
David Palladino
James Pazos
Caleb Smith
Phillip Walby
Tyler Webb

Trent Garrison
Isaias Tejeda

Bubba Jones
Jerison Lopez
John Murphy
Franciso Rosario
Kale Sumner
Derek Toadvine

Daniel Aldrich
Yeicok Calderon
Daniel Lopez
Michael O’Neill
Mikeson Oliberto
Brandon Thomas

This is the roster I was able to obtain there are 32 names, so the roster will have to be trimmed by opening night.

Check out these pics

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10 Responses to Introducing The 2013 Staten Island Yankees

  1. Mike says:

    No Jordan Cote?

  2. Robert Pimpsner says:

    Not at the moment. The roster is now final.

  3. Robert Pimpsner says:


  4. gcorcoran says:

    I thought Michael O'Neill was righty.

    • Robert Pimpsner says:

      He is, I don't think that was his glove though.

      • gcorcoran says:

        Well great pictures anyway. I'm looking forward to tonight. I hear McNamara is going to be opening night starter, but then someone else said Gallegos. Any word on who?

  5. Robert Pimpsner says:

    We were originally told McNamara but the real starter is Gallegos.

  6. Joe says:

    Who are the guys to watch on this team?

    • Robert Pimpsner says:

      Right now I would name Michael O'Neill, Brandon Thomas, John Murphy, Bubba Jones, and Jairo Heredia as the top names to follow. I will have more as the season progresses.

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