Rumor: Yankees won’t get much if they trade Joba or Hughes

*Feb 19 - 00:05*

As the Yankees get closer to the July 31st trade deadline it has become painfully clear that they need some help. The problem is that with the looming $189 million budget next year their prospects are at a premium.

They do however have two pitchers, Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes, that not only have become less important pieces on this team, but are also free agents at the end of the season. They are the perfect pieces to trade right now.

The problem is that they have been so inconsistent that rival executives have told Andy Martino of the NY Daily News that the Yankees shouldn’t expect to get much in return for either player.

“They’re not going to get much from those guys,” one National League executive in the market for pitching told Martino. “Nobody is giving up an impact bat, or a prospect, especially because you’re only getting half a season of those guys…”

“…I don’t think teams would give up a whole lot.”

So while ideally Hughes and Joba are perfect players to be traded they’re not necessarily the pieces other teams are looking for. It’s not hard to see why either because while both players flash impressive stuff, they have struggled big time with consistency. Hughes has a 5.09 ERA this season while Joba is even worse at 5.60.

The Yankees could potentially package the two of them together to make them slightly more valuable and it just takes one dumb owner or GM. However it still seems unlikely that the Yankees would get more than a spare part that won’t be a significant upgrade.

The problem is that even with both packaged together the Yankees will need to find a match that wants both. Teams can’t have too much pitching, but with both just months from free agency only a team in a playoff race will even be interested at all. They will also have to be desperate to take a chance on not one but two question marks. There aren’t a lot of teams both in a playoff race and desperate.

Even if they could find such a team the Yankees still might not be able to get a lot out of them. After all, teams aren’t stupid, they’ll realize that the Yankees are probably more desperate than them and would without anything good in an offer. At that point it might be best for the Yankees to just hold on to the two players and hope for the best.

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7 Responses to Rumor: Yankees won’t get much if they trade Joba or Hughes

  1. Fred says:

    Holding on to them is a lose-lose situation though. Either they do well and price themselves out of the team anyway, meaning you get no value other than the rest of the season. OR they continue to suck, which obviously isn't ideal either.

    Unless we live in fairy land and get stupid lucky as one/both of them pitch so well that they actually contribute in October… Its really a shame that its come to this, these guys were both insanely valuable at one point. At least Hughes was great in the pen in 09.

  2. gcorcoran says:

    More reason to put Hughes in the bullpen now. By the time the trade deadline comes around, he might work his value up as a possible shut down reliever for some team in need of that. No team is going to take any success he might have starting seriously at this point.

    He could still be useful in the bullpen and at this point there are a couple of guys who are worth taking a look at for the 2014 rotation.

  3. I say you keep both.

    With the way the new draft rules work, letting Hughes (most likely a Type-A free agent) and Joba (Most likely a Type-B Free agent) go would bring back the most potential, albiet next year. The conditional first round pick for lose of above average free agents is a smart play because these two – like Rob mentions in the above article – will fetch at best a mediocre piece for probably only this season. However, if the Yankees were to hold on to both, or either, they will likely get back bigger future potential then the player received in the trade this year.

    If I were Cashman, I would see where were closer to the deadline and would only make a move if I really believed that a certain piece would put us over the top down the stretch. If not, which will probably be the case, I would keep Hughes and Joba.

    • As of the most recent collective bargaining agreement, there are no more Type A or Type B free agents. The way it works instead is teams must make qualifying offers to get draft picks. Last year these were worth $13.3 million. That's how much the Yankees would have to offer either Hughes or Joba to get a draft pick for losing them. That's definitely not going to happen in Joba's situation and sounds very dangerous in Hughes' situation because he might accept.

  4. jfs says:

    put hughes in the pen and see if he can get back what he had in 2009. let the many other potential starters take his spot but what are you gonna trade either of them for? a utility infielder? are you really gonna find one so much better than nix or adams? and then once (read: "if") a-rod and jeter come back, the guy you just traded for sits on the bench and spot starts. doesnt sound like your adding much value to the team by trading them.

    the best thing they can do is test out hughes in the pen again, and if it works the yanks will have the best pen in the league w logan, claiborn robertson and mo . if it doesnt, demote him to AAA

    as for joba, just send him down or let him do the mop-up work. if you can get a fringe prospect, take it

  5. Tanned Tom says:

    What we get back does not matter at this point, both are hurting the team by their performances and neither figures into the club's 2014 plans. Trade them for mid-level draft choices, or whatever, and open up the roster spots for pitchers who can help now and do have a future.
    The way Cashman operates, he probably holds them until after Pineda returns and then dumps them. I wonder if he has Sabean on speed dial.

  6. coventrywest says:

    As of the foremost recent talks agreement, there aren't any a lot of blood group or type B free agents. The approach it works instead is groups should build qualifying offers to induce draft picks. Last year these were price $13.3 million. that is what proportion the Yankees would have to be compelled to provide either Hughes or Joba to induce a draft choose for losing them. that is undoubtedly not reaching to happen in Joba's state of affairs and sounds terribly dangerous in Hughes' state of affairs as a result of he may settle for.

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