Teixeira will undergo season ending wrist surgery and the STFU-saga


Mark Teixeira‘s injured tendon sheath in his wrist “has not adequately healed” and he will require surgery that will keep him out for the rest of the season to repair it.

Teixeira injured the wrist back in the beginning of March. They tried rehab rather than surgery to get him back, but after just three rehab games he was activated. Afterward hitting coach Kevin Long said that he never looked healthy, but the team let him play for 15 games anyway.

Then he got a cortisone shot as the team insisted that he would only miss 15 days. Unsurprisingly Teixeira didn’t get better and now surgery has been recommended.

I certainly don’t fault the Yankees for trying to rehab him. If there is a chance he can come back this season then by all means. However, it was irresponsible that they would allow him to come back after three games of rehab. I can’t help but feel that if he were given more time slowly ramp up rehab games he either wouldn’t have had a setback or at least the WBC would still be picking up his salary.

On the salary note, there has been quite a lot of conflicting reports. ESPN and the Wall Street Journal have reported that the WBC still pays it while many reporters at the NY Post have relayed information from both Brian Cashman and Randy Levine that the WBC will not pay it. It’s a lot of money, anywhere from $12-$15 million. The Yankees likely have some form of insurance that will at least cover some of it though if they are now paying his salary.


To catch you up, earlier this week Alex Rodriguez tweeted an update on his rehab and Brian Cashman responded to a question about it by saying that A-Rod should “shut the f–k up.”

• An ESPNNY report suggests that A-Rod is wary of the Yankees and thinks that they could be trying to delay his return in the hopes that the MLB will eventually suspend him. That way they could recoup all of the $28 million they owe him this season.

• It is quite normal for players to tweet updates on how their rehab is going. Curtis Granderson did it; Mark Teixeira did it too. So Cashman’s reaction is quite weird.

• Cashman did say that he regrets the words he used to suggest that A-Rod should STFU, but not the sentiments behind it. I wonder if he’ll say that with Granderson’s next injury update. Hal Steinbrenner did speak with A-Rod about the entire thing.

• By the way, Nolan Ryan said that he hears that the Biogenesis investigation will be a “long, drawn-out affair.”


• Yankees President Randy Levine expect the Yankees to be active at this year’s trade deadline. “We’re the Yankees. We’re always active. We’re always trying to get better,” he said. “We’ll leave that to [Brian Cashman]. We’ll see where the team is, what’s the best move, what do we really need, what players are coming back, when are they coming back … We’re going to do everything we can to try and win.”

• Talks with Robinson Cano are ongoing, but the Yankees slugger said that he will, “be a free agent either way,” which suggests that a deal will not get done until this offseason.

• Eduardo Nunez was in the lineup for High-A Tampa last night for a rehab game, but unfortunately it was rained out. It would be nice to get him back because as bad as he is, he’s still better than David Adams.

• Yankees minor league right handed pitching prospect Rafael De Paula will represent them at the 2013 Futures Games. Tyler Austin could join him if he wins a fan vote.

Photo credit: (June 25, 2013 – Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America).

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  2. Michael R. says:

    Considering the history of others with a similar injury this news is hardly surprising. What was surprising was the ignorance of the Yankee brass in not having the surgery initially.

    • Having surgery now or having surgery then makes no difference. He'll still be ready to start next season. At least they tried to get him back this year. The problem was rushing him back with almost no rehab.

  3. Michael R. says:

    What does make a difference is recovery time. The more time to recover and rehab, the more likely he will be able to play without problems.

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