Yankees swept by A’s after 18 inning loss

athletics walkoff the yankeesThe Yankees scored two runs in the first inning and then didn’t score again as they eventually lost in 18 innings to the Athletics, who swept the three game series in Oakland.

Robinson Cano broke the Yankees five game homerless drought with a two run shot in the first inning that gave them a 2-0 lead. That was literally it though and it was really sad. Mark Teixeira, Travis Hafner, Kevin Youkilis and Vernon Wells, the 4-5-6-7 hitters, went a combined 0-for-28 with 12 strikeouts.

Meanwhile, the Yankees got some impressive pitching performances. Hiroki Kuroda started and gave up just two runs over eight innings. Joe Girardi blew through three relievers before Adam Warren tossed six shutout innings before he was lifted for Preston Claiborne.

Claiborne was on the mound to start the 18th inning. He got the leadoff batter before he allowed a single and was relieved by Mariano Rivera. Mo gave up a single to the first batter he faced, but it looked like Wells had a play at third to get the lead runner except he inexplicably held on to the ball. The next batter was intentionally walked and Nate Freiman then singled to win the game.

• Chris Stewart was involved in a couple of notable plays at the plate. The first, in the third inning, Stewart barely missed a tag on John Jaso at the plate and the result was a tie game at 2-2.

The second, in the fifteenth inning, the A’s nearly had a walk-off win when Coco Crisp singled to left with a runner on second base, but Stewart amazingly hung on to the ball during a nasty collision at the plate with Brandon Moss. He was hit so hard that initially it looked like he could have a concussion, but he stayed in the game and played all 18 innings.

• Brett Gardner, Robinson Cano, and Ichiro Suzuki had eight of the Yankees 10 hits. They went 8-for-19 with four extra base hits. The rest of the lineup — 2-for-41.

• There’s more to say, but I don’t feel like it. That was nearly a six hour game and frustrating to watch the offense perform so poorly. Just realize that this was only one game. Yes, the offense has been terrible for a while now, but it will get better. Maybe they can promote Thomas Neal, Ronnier Mustelier, or Zoilo Almonte to give them a little boost until they can get some players off the DL.  With a trade or two this could still be a decent team down the stretch. I’m not trying to paint an overly rosy picture. I’m just trying to keep some from jumping off the ledge.

Photo credit: (June 12, 2013 – Source: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America).

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9 Responses to Yankees swept by A’s after 18 inning loss

  1. mikefoxtrot says:

    bad game by the Yankees.

    good performance by Warren.

    and a good throw by Wells and tag by Stewart.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Okay Cashman, the replacements did their job, got us into June, but now it's time for you to do yours again.
    1) Trade Suzuki. This was inexplicable to give him 2 years, he's done (though I didn't think so in March).
    2) Trade Wells. Wow he was great in April, but that seems years ago.
    3) Trade Youkilis. Terrible signing.
    We're going to have to pay 50% of their salaries and probably will get 1 3rd through 5th round draft picks for each. Sucks, but let's move on.
    Promote Almonte, Neal AND Mustelier (all 3 of them) and let it rip with some younger players.

    • Joe says:

      I could not agree more with your comments. This offense is terrible. Why don't we have any position players ready for major league play? That is inexcusable for an organization like the Yankees

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    4) Trade Overbay. He's been good, but Teixeira's back (ugh) and there's no spot for him. We might actually get something (backup SS) for him, so make the move.
    5) TRADE PHIL HUGHES. This guy has had every chance to make it (7 years). He belongs in a big NL park. Trading him now avoids the whole game of chicken with making him the qualifying offer for 2014. Plenty of teams need pitching (SF, SD, etc.) and maybe we get back a 4th OF type or the other team's backup SS, or who knows. But he's into AJ Burnett territory now. Let Warren and Nova have the spot until Pineda is back.
    6) Trade Chamberlain. He's not in the club's plan for 2014, and moving him opens a roster spot for Nuno (when he's off the DL) or some other young arm.

    • Joe says:

      Again, you are right on the mark. Have you thought of applying for GM?

    • mikefoxtrot says:

      trading Overbay is a nice thought, but as we're not going to get much more than our acquisition cost, not all that realistic. the team has two back-up SS's on the active roster in Nix and Brignac as well as a starting and back-up SS on the DL.
      we don't have either need nor space for 4th back-up. the only sort of SS we could use would be one as good or better than Jeter.

  4. Mike Baker says:

    Wells,Youk and Pronk all have to sit,get some young guys up here like my favorite zoilo Almonte and Ronnier Mustllier and even get David Adams more at bats bc if not theres no use for him on this team.You can only go so far with scrubs like Hafner,Wells and Youkilis.

    • Joe says:

      Baseball is becoming a young mans game. The younger players of today are more talented and athletic than their predecessors. Go with our young players.

      • David K. says:

        It always was a young man's game. Even the old time greats like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle eventually fell off the table and had to be let go or retired. The trouble with having so many "Hall of Fame" type players is that the GM is afraid to let them go because of their histories/reputations. But you have to use the ax at some point and that point is beginning to look like right now. I would have used the ax this past winter. So much better to do the chopping a little early than too late.

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