Yankees trade for failed Mets prospect Fernando Martinez

Fernando+MartinezWith all of their injuries, the Yankees needed another outfielder so they traded for former Mets prospect Fernando Martinez and sent the Astros minor league righty Charles Basford in exchange, according to Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle.

Martinez, 24, was ranked as high as the No. 22 best prospect in baseball by Baseball America at one point and was on their top 100 list four years in a row. However, his minor league success never translated to the majors and he has a career line of just .206/.269/.362 in 310 at bats.

Basford, 22, was drafted in the 37th round of the 2012 draft out of Samford University. In parts of two season at Single-A Staten Island, Basford had a 5.13 ERA, a 7.9 K/9 and a 2.7 BB/9 in 26.1 innings. He was basically organizational filler so it’s not much of a loss.

Martinez probably won’t be seen much, if at all, in the Bronx. He’ll likely report to Triple-A Scranton with Zoilo Almonte recently called up and Brennan Boesch, Ronnier Mustelier, and Melky Mesa all on the minor league DL.


• Alex Rodriguez apparently flew Anthony Bosch, the man at the center of the entire PED scandal, to Detroit last October during the playoffs amidst his struggles for some, ahem, help.

• Don’t believe Kevin Long that Mark Teixeira was never healthy? Apparently the wrist was still bothering him to the point that he changed his swing mechanics to compensate. Doesn’t sound like a healthy player to me.

• Back before the 2008 season, the Yankees chose Joe Girardi over Don Mattingly as manager and Donnie Baseball called it a blessing in disguise because family issues he went through that year would have made it impossible to do his job. He’s said this before, but he’s back in town so old news is new again.

• Read about how legendary broadcaster Vin Scully nearly became a Yankee broadcaster back in 1964.

• Former Yankee joke outfielder Ben Francisco was signed to a minor league deal by the Padres. He hit .114/.220/.182 in 50 plate appearances with the Yankees this year.

• Here are the latest draft picks to have signed: Conner Kendrick (9th), Ethan Carnes (21st). Undrafted free agent OF/RHP Chad Taylor has also signed. Don’t get excited by Taylor as DFA are usually just nice kids that they use to fill out minor league rosters.

Photo credit: (April 27, 2013 – Source: Jim Rogash/Getty Images North America).

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5 Responses to Yankees trade for failed Mets prospect Fernando Martinez

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    The club clearly made the right choice in picking Girardi, who is up to the job, over Mattingly, who spent the ST
    bleating about how unfair it was that everyone expected the Dodgers to win. A total bulls-eye by Cashman.
    Glad we're finally seeing some younger players get a chance, too bad it took injuries and overwhelming ineffectiveness to bring it about. The next 30 days should tell a lot. If the team continues to drift they could easily be 10 games out of first, and 7-8 games out of the wild card. If that happens they should blow up this roster and sell like crazy. They should trade Hughes, Chamberlain, Hafner, Overbay, Nunez for sure. And pay to move Wells and Suzuki. They'd get very little in return, and shouldn't even want a player for the 40 man roster. The first 5 should be all about picking up lesser draft picks or AA ball prospects. The second 2 would be about clearing both roster spots and payroll for 2014.

    • vinnny says:

      You really cant judge Donnie, he comes from a proud organzation that did what they had to do to win…(when George WAS alive) hes not content with owners who give a half ass attempt of owning a MLB team…Maybe he was promised more and not getting it…..I will never question a player like Mattingly over money hungry owners or the press……wHEN HE PLAYED HE GAVE 110% and he expects the same from his players….i agree Mattingly wouldnt have been as good as Joe…he also wouldnt put up with the new yankee owners..it would have been a tragedy…AND YES ,BRING UP ALL THE YOUNG KIDS AND LET THEM PLAY!!!!!!!

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    The roster for 2014 should be way younger:
    OF : Gardner, Almonte, Neal
    3B: Mustelier
    SS: Nix
    2B: Cano
    1B: Teixeira
    C: Stewart, Romine
    DH: Jeter
    Reserves: Adams, Ruiz, Mesa
    Rotation: Sabathia, Kuroda, Pineda, Phelps, Nuno.
    Pen: Robertson, Warren, Claiborne, Kelley, Logan, Nova, Marshall
    gone: Pettitte retires, A-Fraud is somehow removed.

  3. vinnny says:

    I keep saying ..please just bring up the younsters…..let the get some expierence while there are great players there to give the confidence….they can learn proffessionalism, maturity, pride…..and jeter, MO, andy pettite, CC…AND ICHIRO .just might rub off on them….dont make them into the Marlins, Astros, and Pirates…..it will be more intersting watching talent in the making, instead of talent dissapearing

  4. BrianCashmanGM says:

    Bringing up the youngsters is one thing but guys like Nix, Stewart, Romine, and a few others are not going to hit enough to warrant a starting job in the big leagues. Giving Almonte a shot at 24 makes since and of course Tyler Austin makes since but lets be honest, the Yakees need to compete and compete always. The YES network viewership is way down (down 36%), attendance is down 6-7% and the revenue is down because of the 2. What good is saving payroll if you lose revenue and most importantly jeopardize winning for what could be quite a few years. Best option would be to make a stellar offer to Miami for Stanton. He is still young and would creat an enormous buzz around the club to help fix 3 problems at one time. Give up Hughes, Gardner, and whatever young players that the Marlins may need to make a deal for Stanton. He is exactly what we need and that is the type of guy you invest heavily in and for a long time.

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