Yankees win two in a row against Cleveland

Mark+TeixeiraDavid Phelps got bombed in his last start against the Mets, but against the Indians on Tuesday he tossed six shutout innings of one-hit ball as the Yankees went on to win 4-3 at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees got all of their offense in a four-run outburst in the third inning when Ichiro Suzuki singled in a run and Mark Teixeira followed that up with a three-run shot. Outside of that inning, the Yankees got just three hits for the rest of the game.

Phelps held the Indians to just one hit, a weak infield single, and struck out seven batters while walking four. Unfortunately he had to leave and Joba Chamberlain quickly got into trouble in the seventh when a leadoff walk turned into a three-run homer by Drew StubbsBoone Logan, David Robertson, and Mariano Rivera put an end to Cleveland’s offense there en route to the 4-3 victory.

• Since joining the rotation, Phelps has a 3.66 ERA, a 8.0 K/9 and a 3.7 BB/9 in seven starts. His first start in the rotation wasn’t extremely successful and he got beat badly by the Mets, but aside from that he’s been solid.

• Joba now has a 5.11 ERA, a 9.5 K/9 and a 5.8 BB/9 this season, but only a handful of outings have skewed a small sample size. He really hasn’t been in a position where he can just pitch consistently, which is something that he’s shown to need to be successful.

• Teixeira has now hit .267/.389/.667 in five games since coming back and has essentially won two games this week by providing the bulk of the Yankees offense in those games. I was worried because after missing most of Spring Training he only had three rehab games, but apparently that was enough for the notorious slow starter.

• Vernon Wells is becoming a outright liability to this lineup. Over his last 19 games, he’s hit just .134/.171/.224. Perhaps it’s time to at least move him lower in the lineup.

• It’s only 11 games, but Ichiro Suzuki has turned himself around a little bit. He’s hitting .361/.395/.417 in that span. Hopefully he keeps it up because the Yankees can’t get zero offense from their corner outfielders.

• David Adams has done a good job defensively so far, but the Yankees don’t trust him yet and have removed him late for a defensive replacement at both third and second base over the last week.

• Kevin Youkilis has hit just .154/.214/.154 in four games since returning. That’s an extremely small sample size though and needs to go just 4-for-7 to get back to .300.

Photo credit: (June 3, 2013 – Source: Al Bello/Getty Images North America).

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One Response to Yankees win two in a row against Cleveland

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Time to see if Overbay can play left. Phelps looks like the real deal, and with Pineda coming soon, it's almost time to start shopping Hughes.