Youkilis has made A-Rod’s return necessary for Yankees


When the news broke that Alex Rodriguez needed hip surgery that would keep him out until at least the All-Star break the Yankees scrambled to find a replacement.

They found one in Kevin Youkilis, a guy that would provide them with insurance on just a one-year deal. It was perfect and it looked that way in April when he started off hitting .424/.500/.727 in the first two weeks of the season.

Sure, the Yankees were desperate to get their injured stars back, but it appeared that there was no dire need to get A-Rod back. That was a great feeling considering even an All-Star break return was far from guaranteed.

Since then things have taken a drastic turn. The Yankees had only been able to get Youkilis on a one-year deal because of injury concerns and those turned out to be real as he has dealt with back issues for most of the season now. He’s played in just 16 games over the past two months. When he has been in the lineup he’s been totally ineffective and has hit just .136/.203/.186.

Meanwhile that has left the Yankees scrambling again to find third base help. They tried Chris Nelson, Jayson Nix, and now David Adams. None were especially successful so it seemed like a big deal when Youkilis was activated from the DL two weeks ago.

However, that joy was short lived. He has played eight games since his return and hit just .179/.233/.286 in 30 plate appearances. But even that production will have to be replaced as Youk has found himself hurt again, having re-injured his back while making a diving play over the weekend.

He’s technically day-to-day, but we’ve seen this before. Even if he can avoid a DL stint it seems unlikely that he’ll be productive. It might be wise to shut him down again, but for how long? A-Rod will be here in mid to late July. It doesn’t make sense to shut Youk down until the time A-Rod comes back.

In reality, the Yankees need to try to squeeze everything they can out of Youkilis over the next while hoping that Rodriguez has a quick and setback-free rehab. Because while Youkilis is a great replacement third baseman when he’s healthy, it seems that health is not an easy task for him.

• Michael Pineda made his first official rehab start on Sunday. He threw 4.1 scoreless innings with four strikeouts and a walk while throwing up to 95 mph. “I feel pretty good,” Pineda said. “Very excited. Long ago when I pitched in a real game. It’s good. I’m feeling normal. Everything’s coming. Everything’s good.”

• Vidal Nuno was placed on the minor league DL over the weekend with a groin injury. Nuno has been the Yankees emergency starter of late and has a 2.25 ERA while holding batters to a .213/.280/.373 line in three starts and five games this season.

Brennan Boesch has also landed himself on the minor league DL. The details are vague, but it’s believed to be some kind of shoulder injury.

Eduardo Nunez has finally resumed his rehab since he was shutdown following a setback from an oblique injury. He’s probably still at least 1-2 weeks away from returning to the Bronx.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post says that Robinson Cano‘s lack of star power could potentially keep him from getting an A-Rod type contract. Love him or hate him, A-Rod has always been a huge draw with the Yankees, but Cano doesn’t attract that same attention. The Yankees, obviously, still want to keep their best hitter.

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20 Responses to Youkilis has made A-Rod’s return necessary for Yankees

  1. Ron says:

    What are you talking about. David Adams has done a very good job filling in since he came up. It's exciting to see the Yankees use there farm system for a change. Jayson Nix has done a good job too. You must be a Red Sux fan or something.

  2. David Adams has hit .217/.239/.348 in 19 games. I don't consider that good. Do you?

    • mikefoxtrot says:

      should he continue to hit 217 few would disagree with you. however it seems a bit a bit soon to think that the rookie might not show significant offensive improvement.

  3. Gotta agree with that…if Adams is constantly looking over his shoulder…wondering how much time he has left to impress…how's he supposed to be confident? Give him 400 at bats…see what happens.

    • Arkius says:


      Put him there; leave him there; see what happens.

      • RAYMOND VEGA says:


        • Arkius says:

          Ramirez is way too old, he is nearing the end of his playing days; moreover, it would cost the Yankees too much talent to get him.

          A-Rod didn't stab anyone in the back, that's asinine, but Youkilis is probably finished. Adams plays good defense; his hitting has fallen off, because the pitchers have adjusted to him, now he has to make an adjustment to them; he can't do that in the minor leagues.

          And what's up with the caps?

  4. Michael R. says:

    I totally agree with those who would like to see Adams play everyday. Hitting .217 sure isn't prolific but he started great so make he has a few more peaks in him to bump that to the .240 range. My only thought was that after a torrid start pitchers discovered some weaknesses that he might have to address. Any particular stats to reinforce that thought Rob?

    • The thing that sticks out to me is that he hasn't walked even once since he's been promoted from the minors. This is a guy who has always had good patience in the minors too so it makes me think he's pressing more than anything else. He could potentially work his way through that if he's playing everyday or maybe a trip to the minors to help him regain his comfort level at the plate could help too.

  5. pisano says:

    Youk looks to be pretty much finished, Adams is a work in progress, and most of all I hope I never see Arod in a Yankee uniform ever again. Without the juice, he's nothing especially at his age.

  6. pisano says:

    Youk looks to be pretty much finished, Adams is a work in progress, and most of all I hope I never see Arod in a Yankee uniform ever again. Without the juice he's nothing, especially at his age.

  7. tommy cassella says:

    no sooner do the yanks let wang get away, because they are supposed to be so deep in pitching.. nuno goes down with an injury and is put on the d.l..

    • Yeah. The timing of that wasn't great, but it's not a serious injury for Nuno and the Yankees still have Adam Warren as insurance with Michael Pineda less than a month away.

  8. Tanned Tom says:

    What a useless signing. Adams hasn't set the world on fire, but we are talking a small sample. And hey, he's able to take the field every day, big improvement over Youkilis. Why not try Mustelier at 3B? This guy has flat out hit at every level, and looked okay defensively back in ST.
    Thing about Youkilis is that even if he "gets healthy" he's still just one play away from the DL. We're just gonna have to hope he's on the DL all year, or that he comes back, looks good and we trade him right away. But that he provides steady production seems out of the question.

    • Unfortunately trading Youkilis doesn't seem possible. He's hurt. All the time. Other teams know this and they are very unlikely to give up anything at all of value for him. I'm not sure it works even if you are talking a straight salary dump. He's too much of a liability at this point.

      • Tannned Tom says:

        Straight salary/roster spot dump. Unless we could find a team both desperate and stupid.

  9. Richard says:

    Adams is very solid at 3B. He's been hitting the ball hard, good contact hitter, just needs a few more to drop in for hits. They will. He's got all the tools to be the starting third baseman for many years. Lastly, it's not unusual for rookies to need some time to settle in. The game moves very fast at first…takes a season or two for the game to slow down for him.

    • David Adams' WHAV (Well Hit Avg) is just .072. Now I don't love this stat, but it's telling that it's so crazy low. And because it's so low it leads me to believe that Adams' is not just a case of balls not falling in. Like I've said a few times, he doesn't have a single walk and he's normally a very patient guy. I think he's obviously quite nervous in the majors, pressing, and has taken himself out of his normal habits. The solution to this is either to let him play through it and accept his .600 OPS for a couple of weeks or a month or to send him to the minors, let him regain his confidence, and then call him back up later on.

  10. Tanned Tom says:

    Adams is pressing, why fight it? He's not hitting, he just isn't. Send him back to AAA to calm down and give Mustelier a shot.

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