My tour of NY baseball landmarks with Chevy

DSC_5613Last week Chevy invited me on a tour of some of New York’s baseball landmarks. We started at the MLB Fan Cave, then went to the spot where the Brooklyn Dodger’s offices used to be on Montague Street before going to Crif Dogs for lunch and then finally to Citi Field for a tour. All along the way we got to drive new Chevy Volts.

It was fun, but slightly disappointing in that there are many more baseball landmarks in New York City that we could have seen, like where the Polo Grounds used to be or Ebbets Field. Still, we had a good time and I got some swag.

The first stop was the Fan Cave where Marcus Hall and Aaron Roberts gave us a tour.


Here is Aaron Roberts showing us some Fan Cave stuff including a chair from Old Yankee Stadium.


A wall of baseballs that makes up the MLB logo. A lot of the balls were signed by people and players who have stopped by the cave.



This is Mission Control which gives you info on all 30 parks across the United States.

Marcus Hall shows off the Fan Cave’s dirt bar, dirt from each of the 30 baseball stadiums. You can take a vile from any ballpark. I got one filled with Yankee Stadium dirt (naturally).

Downstairs they had an old turnstile from Yankee Stadium.

DSC_5629There is even a bar in the MLB Fan Cave.

Here is the Nineopus which makes for a good photo opp when players stop in.DSC_5619

The guys, and girl, in the Fan Cave watch every baseball game all year, but there is some stuff to break up the monotony like giant sized chess.DSC_5618

Or ping pong (notice there are TV’s everywhere so they can always be watching games).DSC_5633

This was the Chevy Volt I drove. I liked it and it was kinda cool because I had never driven an electric car before (felt just like my old Hyundai).DSC_5636

Here’s the plaque commemorating where 215 Montague Street used to stand. The building was knocked down in 1957 to make way for a bank (that’s how NY does).DSC_5638

This is the four story bank that is currently in its place, but this was originally a 10 story building where Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson.


Crif dogs for lunch. Pretty damn good dogs, but I’m more partial to Nathan’s myself.
DSC_5639 DSC_5640 DSC_5649

┬áBeing that it’s Chevy, we each got a baseball and an apple pie (I didn’t take an Apple Pie because I didn’t want to carry it on the subway ride home. I Did grab a baseball though).DSC_5646

I’ve been to Citi Field before, but the tour was fun and I actually like the ballpark a lot (it looks just like Ebbets Field on the outside).


No pictures inside the Mets clubhouse itself, but it was cool to check it out. The pitchers all had pictures of comic book characters above their lockers. Matt Harvey had a New York Rangers jersey in his locker with an autographed stick (we couldn’t tell who signed it and I believe it was a Harvey Rangers jersey). Some players had jerseys of each team they played for in their locker. Latroy Hawkins had a Mariano Rivera jersey in his locker.


Old yearbooks are on the wall down there. This one had Joe Torre on the cover so I couldn’t resist a shot.


This is where the room where the Mets direct each night’s broadcast.


A view from the luxury boxes (it’s sweet that they are actually on field level).


A view from the press box.

That was pretty much it. The coolest part for me was meeting John Thorn, MLB’s official historian. He met us at Montague Street to tell us about the Jackie Robinson signing. I wish he came with us to Citi Field, but there hasn’t been any history there yet anyway so I suppose it didn’t matter.

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