Recent New York Yankees trade rumors — July 20, 2013

phil-hughesHere are the Yankees recent trade rumors and rumors involving players the Yankees are likely to be interested in.

• Brian Cashman said on Friday that he’s staying active in trade talks, but that the market has been a “tough one” and called the market for hitters “an offensive offensive market”.

• The Rockies owner said the team isn’t going to trade outfielder Michael Cuddyer. Cuddyer is under contract for 2014 at $10.5 million and is hitting an amazing .329/.389/.564 in 75 games this year.

• The Twins are expected to trade Justin Morneau, but he isn’t drawing significant interest, according to Jon Heyman. The Yankees, specifically, are looking for right handed bats. He’s still owed $6 million this season, the final year of his six-year $80 million deal.

• The Yankees called the Padres to ask about third baseman Chase Headley, according to Heyman, but it seems as if there will be no trade made between the two teams. Headley is having a down year after his breakout season last year. He’s hit just .232/.333/.365 in 83 games.

• Ken Rosenthal says that the Dodgers, Cubs, Phillies, Mets, Orioles, Nationals, and Mariners could all be in play for Robinson Cano this offseason.

• He’s said this before, but Robinson Cano’s father reiterated that he thinks Cano will stay with the Yankees this offseason.

• The Yankees are trying to use Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and J.R. Murphy as their main trade chips at this year’s deadline, but so far nobody is biting, according to Jim Bowden.

• The Dodgers were a decent landing spot for Phil Hughes, but after they acquired Ricky Nolasco they have lost interest, according to Heyman.

• Joel Sherman, after speaking with two front office executives, said that Curtis Granderson‘s injuries could make it more likely that he’ll just accept a qualifying offer to stay with the Yankees while he re-establishes his value.

• The Phillies are resisting being sellers at the trade deadline, but they have gotten such intense trade interest in Michael Young that they could be persuaded to trade him, according to Rosenthal.

• The Yankees are shopping Joba Chamberlain around pretty hard, but teams are weary of trading for him because they think that he might just be released anyway.

• The Tigers are interested in Joba though.

• The Yankees, along with a few other teams, are interested in Cuban righty Dalier Hinojosa, per Jesse Sanchez. Hinojosa is a 27-year-old with a mid-to-low 90’s fastball with a slider, curve, two-seamer, and changeup. He’s 6-foot-2 and 210-pounds.

• The Yankees aren’t very interested in Marlon Byrd and the Mets have said that they would only move him if they were blown away with an offer, per Bob Klapisch.

It doesn’t sound like the Yankees have a lot to look forward to. Honestly, after the last setback to Jeter and now with the injury to Zoilo Almonte, I’m not so sure they should be buyers. At least not for rental players. I like what they’re doing with Hughes, not just giving him up for anybody and trying to look for someone who can help them down the road. Otherwise they might as well just keep him and hope he doesn’t accept a qualifying offer.

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40 Responses to Recent New York Yankees trade rumors — July 20, 2013

  1. tom katona says:

    Cashman yanks don't have any players anyone wants except for cano! So u have to spend or throw the season away. U haven't even tried to fill the spots needed. U can't get something for nothing. Boston & Cleveland have shortops u can get. Jetter & arod aren't gonna cut it , too old & beat up. Kendrys moralays would b a better DH than hafner. Or morneau for 1st. Their r players go get them. Dam soccer team seams more important. Stop with the luxury tax shit, ur losing game attendence. I've been a yanks fan 45 yrs.don't make me change teams.

    • mikefoxtrot says:

      trading with Cleveland for one of their SS prospects or Asdrubal Cabrera ….. or even Cabrera AND a prospect is a good idea…..might take a lot of pitching to get them, though.

      I've been a Yankee fan since 1961, tom, and if you're getting grumpy after half a season of mediocrity, maybe you should think back to the years when Roy White was our best player.

    • Arkius says:

      You're ideas aren't any better then you're writing, which is horrible. Are you an adult?

    • Joe V says:

      You are right, cut the bull CASH and get some batter s that can hit doubles and a few homers
      put Hafner on waivers or assignment and see if you could get back RAUL IBAREZ
      I saw my first Yankee at the age of 7 in 1941 they hit singles and doubles and homers not like singles only
      let Cash get some bats that hurt the ball

      • Arkius says:

        Right. Batters that can hit doubles, just grow on trees; they cost nothing in trade, and every MLB team can't wait to help the Yankees.

  2. tom says:

    Arod quad tightness. Well cashman iam curious of ur reply to this situation! Cause Yankees fans r truly tired of all the other BS u have been giving us. U need a decent team to contend. Arod & jetter don't have it left in the tank. U want controllable players u GOT TO SPEND MONEY. Or, trade the franchise !!

  3. True Yankee Fan says:

    I love arm chair general managers. It's amazing to think that with every MLB Club knowing the Yankees need help you expect them to give the Yanks average to below average players for half our minor league system and one or two pitchers. I'm glad you are not the GM are the team would be like Houston for life. I'd rather the Yanks hold tight for now, save the farm system and hopefully build from within obtain pieces here and there like we did from 95-2009. Cashman still the same GM he was then and nobody had any complaints then.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    First, I wouldn't mind having Roy White right now. Second, what the team needs is a bat and a cheap, controllable one (thanks to the cheapness and stupidity of the Steinbrenner whelps). There just aren't many players that fit that bill, and the club doesn't have the prospects to acquire one. So unless we can match up just perfectly with some team that thinks Hughes and Chamberlain are just what they need (god help them), I don't see what they can do. At this point they have to hope Jeter, Granderson, and A-Fraud come back, there really isn't anything else. They absolutely have to get draft picks for Granderson and Hughes and hope for the best in 2013 and 2014.

    • Arkius says:

      Cheap bats, aren't very good bats; you get what you pay for.

      Here's a tip: Getting under the luxury tax threshold helps the Yankees going forward. It will allow them to go after Free Agents in the future, i.e., 2015, in the same way they did in the past. So, you're description of Hal and Hank is inaccurate, and not very well thought out.

      • Tanned Tom says:

        "Cheap bats, aren't very good bats; you get what you pay for. " ? Heard of Stanton or Trout? But the team does not have the prospects to acquire a good, cheap bat.
        and here's a tip for you: getting under the luxury tax cap in no way improves the product on the team. This mania to reduce salary, saving $30 mil on a $2.5 – 3.0 billion asset is ridiculous. Saving 1 cent on the dollar? Makes sense if you're a supermarket chain, if you're the most valuable, prestigious sports organization in the history of North America, not so much.
        And earth to Arkius: the free agent era of '76 – '08 is over, all teams can now afford to lock up their best players to long term deals, thanks to local TV contracts. So don't count on being able to reload.
        Thus Hank and Hal, with the worst ticket prices in the game (couldn't sell out playoff games last year), at a time when the club is losing it's fiscal edge over other teams, and strapped tax threshold-wise due to bad contracts of their own making, are looking very much out of their depth. It is fortunate that the team has a very competent GM and a still enviable reputation.

        • Arkius says:

          Make sense much?

          Stanton and Trout are not cheap hitters, they are two of the best hitters in MLB. If they were cheap hitters, then they'd have no value; moreover, it will cost most of the Yankee farm system to get them, if Miami, and/or the Angels agree to trade them in the first place, which is highly doubtful.

          If you think the Yankee's don't have high quality farm hands that could entice Miami and/or the LAA to trade Stanton and Trout, then why are you suggesting a trade that has no possibility of happening? You're just talking pointless, unrealistic non-sense. And here's a tip for you, don't comment on things you don't know anything about; you look like an imbecile.

          Getting under the luxury tax threshold, restarts the Yankee's fine scale to for the first offense, from the current P. All the money from those fines, goes to small market teams that compete against the Yankees. Limiting their financial assets, reduces the quality of the free agent players they can sign, and expands the the number of quality free agent players the Yankees can sign. Your argument that the free agent market is drying up, is nothing more then your, unsubstantiated, subjective opinion, because the quality and quantity of the players declaring free agency in 2014, are still unknown.

          Universe to Tom, you contradict yourself. If TV contracts allow all teams to "lock up" their best players, then Stanton and Trout are due to be signed to lucrative contracts, and are not on the trade market. Why do you suggest that the Yankee's should pursue a trade, that you suggest has no hope of being realized?

          Second, if the Yankees are losing their fiscal edge, as you claim, then why are you complaining that they are trying to save $30 million? Also, if, in your opinion, the Yankees are worth $2.5 to $3 billion, then your claim that they are losing their "fiscal edge," and are financially "out of their depth," is meaningless claptrap.

          If all you have to offer is conflicted ideas, and poorly reasoned arguments, then I suggest you consider taking a refresher course in critical thinking.

          • Tanned Tom says:

            1) You wrote that cheap bats are not very good. That is obviously wrong, yet you won't admit it. I picked Trout and Stanton as two well known examples. But the Yankees have had similar experiences with Gardner and Cano recently. Cheap bats can be good bats.
            2) That the market has changed has been the subject of any number of articles. We've seen players like Votto, Verlander and Felix Hernandez all sign big extensions giving up the ability to be FAs. When there are articles on ESPN, Fox, etc. about this it isn't just my opinion. To insist that the FA market in 2015 will be the same as usual is simply being fatuous.
            3) When the market has reduced a team's financial edge, the appropriate response is not for the team to reduce this edge further by reducing payroll. That is in essence giving that edge completely away.
            4) As for poorly reasoned arguments, toadying to the company line about the $189 mil salary for 2014 is hardly original or insightful. By the way you write it's obvious you're intelligent, so show us how this team can compete in 2013 and 2014, and not just "it'll be alright in 2015".

          • jfs says:

            "Cheap" means undervalued in the marketplace, not simply salary under their current contract. That standard in no way applies to the 2 players you mentioned. there's no indication la or mia undervalues those two players because they are too vital to the teams' present and/or future.

            there really aren't many undervalued players who are much better than what the yankees have now. maybe some players on seattle who are older or another non-contender that thinks they can use a guy like hughes and can sign him for a few years but other than that, nothing will come "cheap."

            maybe its time to realize that you can't spend this money forever. it works for a while but there is a cost to signing stars, and that cost is that they want contracts into the later parts of their careers. the thing that can help them compete in 2013-2014 is "health." unfortunately they were a bit unlucky with that this year. not sure that you can blame cashman that when granderson, jeter and tex came back they would only last 1-2 weeks

            intelligence sometimes demands that you understand how to maximize gains and minimize losses, and that may mean looking a couple years down the road. constantly seeking instant gratification via all-stars works for a while, but you can't do that indefinitely. do you really think there is are 1-2 guys on the market who gets this team the 8-10 extra wins (based on their current 86 win pace) to make a run at the playoffs? if not, hold on to your money/farm players, and use what you save to go after better players when they do become available.

            and btw, when a player goes into his contract year knowing the yankees just saved a ton of money, he may not be so quick to sign an extension with his current team

          • Tanned Tom says:

            first of all, I appreciate your thoughtful reply. But Trout absolutely is a cheap bat. He is being paid far below his value, and is still under team control, and this is precisely what I meant by using the word "cheap". If you wish to argue that I should have used a different word okay, but that is what I meant by it, and how it is most often used.
            Secondly, as for being able to acquire these types of players, I agree they will come dear, and the club might not have the prospects to pull it off. But with the offense in such dreary shape this is what is needed if they are going to hold to $189 mil for 2014 and beyond. Otherwise I think we're looking at mediocrity for the foreseeable future. Watch what happens to attendance and viewership in that case (these trends are already in evidence). And of course this not my money we're spending (I wish), but after having sold their YES network stock the brothers are certainly not hurting for cash, so the drive to reduce payroll will have a further impact on their ability to field a championship-caliber team for a small return.

          • Tanned Tom says:

            Also, not blaming Cashman for the injury bug that has struck the team. The A-Fraud signing was not his doing in any case.
            As for there being the 1 or 2 players available who could pull this team over the hump, no I don't think there are, though that was not the subject of my comments.

          • Arkius says:

            Tom, you wrote: "That [you] is [are ]obviously wrong, yet you won't admit it. I picked Trout and Stanton as two well known examples. But the Yankees have had similar experiences with Gardner and Cano recently. Cheap bats can be good bats. " A hitter's value is based on what the market will bare; their salary is irrelevant.

            The idea that Stanton, and Trout's true value, is based on their salary, is bogus. Their value is measured by what it would cost to acquire them in a trade. If this was not true, then they could be had for a player of equal salary, or an equal amount of cash. Your idea of "cheap", based solely on salary paid, for any of the four players you mention, reflects only half of the equation; the other half, is market value, which you either ignore, or have not considered. Furthermore, there is nothing blatantly obvious about your claims that would make them acceptable without debate.

            You wrote: "That the market has changed has been the subject of any number of articles. We've seen players like Votto, Verlander and Felix Hernandez all sign big extensions giving up the ability to be FAs. When there are articles on ESPN, Fox, etc. about this it isn't just my opinion." Sorry, but simply alluding to media publications that will support your arguments, is not the same as actually citing them to support your arguments. How do I know that your interpretation of the information you refer to, is reasonable if I can't verify it for myself. How can you expect anyone to argue your claims, if they don't have the same information that you have?

            Next, it is just as reasonable to believe that the players you mentioned, accepted their respective contract extensions, because the contract was equal to, or exceeded their future market value. Moreover, it is just as reasonable to believe that they wanted to stay with their current teams, and felt the team offers were generous. If I can propose any reasonable counter argument, to your claims, then your claims are questionable. Both of my counter arguments are credible.

            Tom, the argument that the future free agent market will dry up, is your assertion, and not mine. I argue that "the quality and quantity of the players declaring free agency in 2014, are [is] still unknown." Describing a future free agent marketplace as "unknown," is not the same as describing that marketplace as potentially stagnant.

            Your third argument is completely void of good sense. A "reduced financial edge," is a product of economic conditions; in this case the Yankee's have already explained that their financial condition is driven by excessive payroll. If a team feels that it's expenditure exceeds the value of competitive return, then shrinking the payroll, reduces the losses generated by reduced competitiveness.

            Lastly, understanding, and then explaining the financial reasoning behind the Yankee's desire to move below the luxury tax threshold, is, in-and-of- itself, insightful; originality is a matter of opinion, and therefore, a useless caprice.

            I neither have the time, nor the inclination to provide insight outside of the current discussion. Sorry.

          • Tanned Tom says:

            Funny stuff dude, you should consider taking on the road. "A hitter's value is based on what the market will bare" I think you mean bear.
            "How can you expect anyone to argue your claims, if they don't have the same information that you have? " more good stuff, I simply cannot help it if you are ignorant of the rash of articles dealing with this subject, or are you going to ask for my citation if I say the earth is round? I think Morosi on Fox wrote something about this, and I'm pretty sure Fangraphs had something as well.
            "Next, it is just as reasonable to believe that the players you mentioned, accepted their respective contract extensions, because the contract was equal to, or exceeded their future market value." a particularly good one, because their market value can be assumed to be higher with more than bidder, but cannot be assumed to be lower, unless you can offer some proof of this you're just blowing smoke.

          • Tanned Tom says:

            You challenge my arguments, and I appreciate that. It forces me to do a better job of articulating my points, and even to re-examine them. You should do the same for your own arguments. Particularly about accepting blindly the club arguments about the need for a $3 billion asset to save 1 cent on the dollar ($30 mil). Because they are denying some clubs revenue certainly, but at the cost of substantially reduced attendance by fielding a worse club.

  5. tom says:

    Y all of a sudden r the Yankees the cheapest team in baseball? George passed & slowly but surely the team goes down hill. Don't believe in long term contracts either. This year alone most of the big signed players r hurt! Cano ain't worth what he wants & yanks have one so called decent minor league player, catcher jr.Murphy & they said that about navaro to yrs. Ago. Yanks have no one to come up & do a good job. Roy white played his ass off, ichiro is really their only player & Stewart who seem to give their all every game. CC ain't earning his money, kuroda is their best pitcher & he gets screwed with no run support except yesterday.

    • Arkius says:

      Your George Steinbrenner analogy is irrelevant. He is not coming back from the dead, so get over it.

      If you believe the 2013 Yankee's are a lost cause, as you're implying, then why dump your negative crap in the public domain? Your down-beat, know-it-all point of view serves no useful purpose.

      Don't you think it would be better to admit that the Yankees are having a down season, and keep your incessant whining to yourself? Nobody likes a complainer, especially one who doesn't understand the value of meeting the luxury tax threshold.

      You have no inside information to inform your opinions, so your insights are nothing more then worthless, negativism.

    • Jakdk says:

      Have you ever heard of Mason Williams, Gary Sanchez, or Tyler Austin they are far better than J.R. murphey

  6. Bill Cochrane says:

    Here is what I would like to see…Yankees trade Joba, Hughes, and murphy to Miami for Stanton.

  7. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    Nice job from the front office to renew Sabathia's contract.

    Players like Rivera, Jeter and Pettitte are different, they`re like Pedroia for the Red Sox and Verlander for the Tigers.

    You would think after ARod they had learned the lesson but not, now we have this fat mediocre pitcher in decline getting paid like an ace.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      They almost had to extend him, after missing their opportunity to trade him and Teixeira to LA. Even if he is in decline, he'll still be a decent #2 through 2017. That isn't such an overpay as things go. And on a team with no truly reliable starter under 35 besides Sabathia exactly what were the options? Let him go?
      Comparing him to A-Fraud is just too laughable for words.

  8. FRED says:

    It happens to be the gms job to put the best team on the field, Cashman failed in that respect and if George was around he would have fired him. What was CCashman thinking to enter a season with the players he put on that field. It is one good way to drop attendense for sure. The front office should not have allowed him to field a team this bad, the mgr has down great with the garbage he has to work with,yes there were injuries but that is part of the game and you must be prepared, Cash probably has full control of the team at all, quite sad.

  9. Mike Baker says:

    the Yankees couldnt even get my left shoe in return for Joba

  10. ken g says:

    I just know if George was still alive he would go after who ever he liked no matter what the cost instead of the crappy way hank g & brian c are handling it

  11. True Yankee Fan says:

    Everyone is blaming Cashman. Cashman doesn't write the checks or say how much can be spent. With the restrictions he has, he has put the best team on the field that he is allowed to spend. The Yanks are only 7 games back with this crappy team. I'd say with the money he's been able to spend, it's a pretty decent team considering the injuries. At the beginning of the season I suppose all you super GMs figured the Yankees would only be 7 games back in July. RIght!! I figured they'd be so far down in the standings, that they would be closer to the bottom than to the top. As for CC, every pitcher goes through a down year, unfortunately, his just happens to be the same time the team can't score runs Besides, if you saw him last night, he almost looks thin. He's obviously losing weight for some reason or another and it's obviously affecting his game. He's either not talking about an injury or he doesn't want to admit he's sick, but he looks like he's lost about 25-30 lbs since the beginning of the season. If anybody thinks making a trade for one or two players is going to result in the Yankees winning the World Series, you need to go back to Neverland with Peter Pan. Count the season as a loss, experiment with some of your younger players to see if they can hack the majors and try to rebuild with the money the owners will let you spend. I don't think they should be giving Cano a 10 year contract, we've already been burned with that scenario.

    • Gonzalo Hiram says:

      Completely agree.
      If Cano accepts 5 or 6 years bring him back, if not let him go. We already have Arod, CC and Teixeira during 2015 and 2016 earning more than 20M when their real value would be half or less than what they'll get paid.

      It's time to experiment with CoJo, Mesa, Mustelier, Neal, Murphy and Adonis Garcia. We've seen that Adams and Romine are not performing good and Almonte was not bad. The biggest mistake is bringing old players like Hafner, Wells, Overbay and Youkilis.

  12. True Yankee Fan says:

    There are a whole bunch of teams out there that would like to be only 7 games at 2/3 of the way through the season. They aren't out of it totally, but they definitely have their work cut out for them to even qualify for the playoffs.

  13. Bob Cook says:

    Don't panic Yankee fans. Been a fan since the Stengel years. Every once in a while you hit a season where the bad teams catch up because of their draft picks over the years of turmoil. Be happy we won't be bad for a decade. We were competitive for a year looking for our old veterans to return and salvage what? A first round exit again? Take a step back and remember there were a couple of lean years before Rivera, Jeter and Pettite entered baseball as main stays. Qualifying offers to Granderson, and Hughs will bring us at least one additional draft pick. There are a number of outstanding players in our system. We can't rush them but they will be Yankees new generation.

  14. David K. says:

    This is the kind of moment where a GM is tested. He'll either turn the team around like the Red Sox did last year to this year or it'll go down like the Titanic. If you think the team is done, trade Cano and get four or five prospects. Also trade away all the guys who you don't think are good enough. Take out the garbage. We can be contenders again in just a couple of years if we do it right.

  15. tommy cassella says:

    it's time for the yanks to raise the white flag.

  16. tommy cassella says:

    it seems like no teams are interested in players on the yanks. sabbathia is done, done and done. he pitches the yanks right out of games time and time again.

  17. Rick says:

    What the Yankees need right now is for CC to not take a huge DUMP on the mound every time he pitches…six runs should win every time, but not when you give up 10!
    If I was CC, I'd start over-eating again—it can't be any worse!

  18. tommy cassella says:

    well said rick, very well said.

  19. tommy cassella says:

    maybe the yanks would be better off if they sent up a pitcher from the staten island yanks. he could do no worse than phil hughes.

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