Sherman: Cashman against Alfonso Soriano trade, Ichiro re-signing

Alfonso+SorianoI don’t like the Alfonso Soriano trade and sometime after it was made official on Friday, I took to Twitter to let it be known that not only was I upset with the deal, but I was fed up with Brian Cashman as well.

My beef, at the time, was that while I still thought Cashman was a good general manager, I didn’t feel that he was the right man to help guide the organization since they have arbitrarily decided to lower payroll to $189 million. The Soriano deal, while they are only paying $5 million of his salary next year, is simply not the kind of deal that is helpful to the long-term health of this organization and it joins the Ichiro Suzuki signing and Vernon Wells deal as a troubling trend.

It turns out that it hasn’t been Cashman pulling the strings lately.

In Joel Sherman’s column in Saturday’s NY Post, he pointed out that Cashman advised the Yankees NOT to trade for Soriano. Sherman also pointed out that Cashman was against the re-signing of Ichiro and had previously advised the team to re-sign Russell Martin and to sign Nate Schierholtz last offseason.

“I would say we are in a desperate time,” Cashman told the Post. “Ownership wants to go for it. I didn’t want to give up a young arm. But I understand the desperate need we have for offense. And Soriano will help us. The bottom line is this guy makes us better. … This is what Hal wants, and this is why we are doing it.”

If the Yankees had heeded Cashman’s advice rather than overruling him so often recently, I feel like they would be in a much better position not only this season, but next year as well.

For one thing, the Yankees still have an extremely high payroll this season so quite a lot of trimming will need to be done this offseason. It’s not going to be easy and it’s been made harder since the only multi-year commitments the Yankees have made in the past year have been to three bums — Wells, Soriano, and to a lesser extend Ichiro — to the tune of $13.9 million in 2014.

Think of how much better this team would have been with Schierholtz instead of Ichiro, Martin instead of Chris Stewart…Ichiro is currently hitting .270/.307/.676 while Schierholtz is hitting .281/.341/.529. Stewart is hitting .233/.308/.302 while Martin is hitting .248/.350/.401. Schierholtz signed a one-year deal worth $2.25 million while Martin was rumored to have been willing to sign a one-year $7 million deal.

So rather than spend $9.25 million on Schierholtz and Martin, they spent $13 million on Ichiro and nothing on a catcher and have exactly that much to show for it. While the Vernon Wells deal might have been inevitable because of the Curtis Granderson injuries, I can’t help but feel like the Soriano trade wouldn’t have been necessary had they landed Schierholtz. So let’s bump that to $19.8 million (the Yankees owe Soriano $6.8 million this year and next) that the Yankees have been forced to spend because they tried to save $9.25 million during the offseason ($11.5 million of that counts against next year’s luxury tax number).

About 10 years ago, the Yankees were having a problem with a split front office. The Tampa faction and New York faction were fighting and things were turning sour. In 2005, Brian Cashman asked for and got more authority from then owner George Steinbrenner. He had it for a while and the team eventually won the 2009 World Series.

Since that time, Hal Steinbrenner has taken over the team and Cashman has lost authority over the club. It started with Hank Steinbrenner going against Cashman’s wishes and re-signed Alex Rodriguez. It’s only gotten worse since that including a disgruntled Cash throwing ownership under the bus at the Rafael Soriano press conference.

I fear that things are only going to get worse unless something is done here. Maybe Cashman, whose contract is not up until after 2014, needs to demand to have his full authority reinstated. Maybe the Yankees need to replace Levine if he has too much influence over Hal. Or maybe this is just the way of life that we need to expect under the new regime — a team with a goal to cut payroll and no plan or vision of how to go about doing it.

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36 Responses to Sherman: Cashman against Alfonso Soriano trade, Ichiro re-signing

  1. EP1 says:

    Going to be a long dark few years for our beloved pinstripes. Hal didn't give his blood sweat and tears for this franchise. I have no animosity toward him but he isn't the boss and commands no respect other than he signs the checks, which, yes, is the bottom line.

    Nevertheless players don't care what he has to say and if this story is all factual then Cash should man up and resign tomorrow on principle.

    RIP boss. You're missed every day by infinitely more people than just your family.

  2. john says:

    cashman is an asshole. he would not give up a single A player for someone going to hit 15 homers now. how is that granderson–texeria–a- rod thing going cubs are picking up almost all contract. wish old man was around so he would fore you

  3. Tom says:

    Funny how in the offseason Nate didn't want to come to the Yankees. And Martin really .190 in the AL like last year those moves don't make this team better with all the injuries plus CC likes throwing to Stewert

  4. Tom says:

    Also Cashmen last year could have kept Ichiro away by promoting Dickerson and is Cash to blame for AJ big contract they got nothing for and for keeping a aging CC who opted out of his contract I have no respect for the guy

  5. dayne says:

    theirs obviously 2 extremely different ideas going on for how to run the team for the past few yrs continuing through next yr. I will be very curious to see how their going to get under 189m and still field a championship caliber team.

    With the extreme uncertainty of what were going to get out of Grandy, Jeter and Arod, if management were smart they would go into sell mode. Barring a miracle or emptying the farm for more trades, IMO theirs no way were better than Oak, Tex, Detroit, Soxs, Rays or even possibly Baltimore.. If we were to sell Kuroda would be by far the best pitcher available and should get us an even better return than the Cubs got for Garza. Hughes is probably going to be traded either way but with the way the stating pitching market looks he should still get us 1 pretty good prospect and maybe a throw in or 2.. I would also listen to offers on anyone from the pen besides DRob and Mo. I would also offer Cano a deal slightly bigger than Jeters 1st deal, say take it or leave it. If he passes listen to every offer for him and try to get the best deal out their. Were gonna have to rebuild sometime soon and just the haul from Kuroda would speed that along

    As for the Boss vs current management / ownership, it quite obvious most of us would prefer George back but most off us have forgotten some of forced bad trades/ signings he made because we were winning championships For the most part i have hated 95% of the moves or non moves that ownership/ management have made the last 2-3 yrs Everything looks way worse now because were not winning and the desperate attempt were making to get under 189m.

    IMO unless we get smart and trade off some of our better assets and we get some of our better prospects to the MLB soon I think we may be in for a couple of very long yrs

  6. Michael R says:

    I have to agree with Cashman on this one . Soriano will not make a difference, there are simply too many holes in the dike to think one plug will stem the tide. The Yanks gave up a really live arm for a little pop from Soriano. Bad deal.

    • roy says:

      exactly. maybe they could trade soriano next week!

      • Gonzalo Hiram says:

        There is no problem in giving an arm like Black for a good bat with the other team paying the contract. Different would be if Yankees were paying all the money or giving somebody like Phelps or Nova.

  7. Wilmer says:

    I have always been a Cashman supporter and I believed that the ownership was not allowing him to do the job of winning. I'm now starting to think that Cashman is the problem. In his role of General Manager of the NYY he must present a business case to convince the Steinbrenners to step it up not the other way around. Cashman is now at the center of the news that comes out everyday from A-rod to his ex-girlfriend. The organization is in need of leader who can fix this mess that Cashman has created. Ownership where does the buck stop? The time has come for Cashman to be fired. Don't become the Dallas Cowboys of MLB

    • Gonzalo Hiram says:

      I agree with Wilmer, between Cashman and ARod this is just a huge mess he has to go.

  8. tom says:

    Martin and Schierholtz signed with other for more than one year. Cashman wanted to sign them for one season so it is a moot point.

    Arod may be banned from MLB until 2015. How will it affect the luxury tax in 2014? In 2014, he would earn 25m but the AAV of his is 27.5m. 2.5m(27.5m – 25m) will count against 2014 threshold?

    • Schierholtz signed a 1 year deal. Martin told reporters that he would have signed a 1 year deal with the Yankees. So it's not moot.

      As for A-Rod, if he is suspended for 150 games, $21 million will come off the books for 2014. Not sure how it works out with any other suspension lengths. When it eventually happens, I'm sure I'll have that info to pass along.

      • tom says:

        Schierholtz was not on 2014 free agent list because he is still under Arb control until 2015. My bad.

        Martin was a full of it. Pirates were only one team (I think) that offered him a multi-year contract. Yankees did not bother to counter against Pirates.

        • The Pirates were the only team willing to offer him a multi-year deal. He was supposedly nervous of going there though and shopped himself to other teams, including the Yankees, on a one year deal. He said that he was trying to work something out with the Yankees, but they weren't willing to reciprocate.

  9. Mike Baker says:

    i hate Cashman he is a terrible GM and i can name more bad moves he has made than good moves

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Brought in Girardi, who won a WS
      Traded for Swisher, great trade
      Signed Sabathia and Teixeira, who helped make that 2009 team
      Traded away Burnett when it was clear he couldn't cut it in NY
      Got Wells for nothing, and he kills lefties so he a great platoon player
      Got Overbay for nothing
      Signed Kuroda when others were naysaying, turned out to best starter on team.
      Has he been perfect, but his teams go to the playoffs all the time even with a meddlesome, ignorant ownership in the way.
      Name me a better GM.

  10. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    Thay have to fire Cashman, he has been a good GM(no top 5 but not bad), but things are out of control over there and things have to change, the team can't continue with silly news about GM fighting with ownership.

    He comes and talks bad about his bosses but what has he to say about Carl Pavano and later considering bringing him back over Pettitte, bringing Vazquez twice has been some of the worst moves ever, Cashman went to spend a lot of money for Igawa but didn't pay attention on Darvish, Cespedes, Ryu or Puig. Why he doesn't say that ownership did a good job bringing Rafael Soriano and we desperately needed another right bat. And I could continue talking about Youkilis, Ponson, etc.

    Things look bad and he blames ownerships when there are also a lot of bad trades, bad signs or lack of signs on his side.

    • Mike Baker says:

      i totally agree with everything you say accept for when you said Cashman is a good GM but besides that what you said was great

  11. Tanned Tom says:

    This makes perfect sense. Cashman has always been competent, but ownership of this franchise has been dangerously unstable since 1973. The Steinbrenners let the GM do his job only until they want something done differently. The A-Roid signing was a Hank-Randy Levine special.
    To fix this team you need to change ownership – and not by selling to Donald Trump.
    Short of that, in the next few days they should sell like crazy. I don't believe they have the offense to compete this year, and HATE giving up prospects for dogs like Soriano.
    Trade now: Chamberlain, Hughes, Overbay
    DFA: Hafner
    Trade after season: Suzuki, Soriano
    Do not re-sign: Youkilis
    Qualifying offer to: Granderson
    don't mind keeping Wells as he pounds left handed pitching and is signed for so little, but open to moving him too.

  12. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    Hahaha and we won this game thanks to the guy Cashman didn't want to bring

  13. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    My opinions about your transactions would be:

    I wouldn't give a peanut for Chamberlain.
    Trade Hughes, he isn't a bad pitcher but he doesn't fit in Yankees Stadium and there are Phelps, Pineda and Warren, it doesn't matter if it's a rental bat that would help trying to reach playoffs or a young prospect maybe helping in the future
    I would like to trade Overbay with the good year he is having (for his standards) you could get something decent but who would be playing 1st base.
    DFA Hafner, that's easy.
    Suzuki or Soriano just if you can get something good. Ichiro's money comes back fast on Asian tourist game tickets, publicity, jerseys etc and Soriano would be playing for a low amount of money.
    Youkilis was a Cashman mistake, why he doesn't say I could have brought Martin and Chavez instead of him, so he has to stop giving problems to ownership they have to work together. Not re-sign
    Offer to Granderson for sure.

    Most important after watching ARod, Teixeira and CC don't overpay for Cano please please please, if he wants more than 7years/135M, good bye

  14. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    What a nice game to watch today, a very good team effort

  15. jfs says:

    everyone needs to calm down a little bit. they are 4 games out with 2 months to go. that is VERY doable. is soriano by himself enough? probably not but no one player was ever going to be enough. maybe they can still ship hughes and/or joba for another bat and people will get healthy. is everyone really saying that this lineup + Jeter + Grandy + Soriano + one more bat (even if its just a-rod) is utterly incapable of making up 4 GAMES?

    this is very low-risk. its 6 million for this year and next. and im sorry, but giving up someone who at best, might just make it to the majors as a relievers, is NOT that big a deal

  16. hotdog says:

    they won't fire Cashman unless there's a real falling out with Hal…Hal would not take the bold step of firing Cashman…it would be bad for his image…if the Yankees finish below .500, no one gets fired…the Yankees want to extend Girardi's contract anyhow…should be interesting to see if Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner see eye to eye with Cano money and terms…Cano will get paid, hopefully no more than 7 years and hopefully as a Yankee but how serious Hal is about the budget should be a real player…no idea how this works out…

  17. jpn21 says:

    I'm surprised Cash advised re-signing Russ Martin. He had streaky power and a glove. Seriously, he isn't any better than the cast of characters playing in his wake. It's a key word, because he left a very small wake. By avoiding Martin's over-priced contract, Austin Romine is getting a good look and a chance to grow-up — without sacrificing on the field.

    • ollie says:

      Sorry but I have to dissagree about the Yankee Catching. Romine can't hit, Stewart is a career back-up and Cervelli although injured is going to be suspended. Ask the 1st place Pirates (65 and 43) if they are not happy with Russel Martin. The Yanks are getting what they deserve and I suspect Cashman could see coming.

  18. jpn21 says:

    Seriously: Soriano a bad trade? That's not a big deal. Travis Hafnet and Youkilis were terrible signings. Not out of hindsight either. The writing was on the wall. 2 aging players with serious injury concerns. Youkilis maybe gets benefit of a doubt b/c he's actually good defensively at 3b and 1b; and has a RH bat. Hafner? DH only and a lefty bat in a lineup loaded with lefties — that's 2 strikes out of the gate. Soriano, otoh, lengthens the lineup with some RH thump in the middle of the order. Cano can't do it himself. Garnder is very good defensively, but is a 1-tool player: speed. Soriano is the guy who's going to show Melky Mesa how to handle himself… and if we're lucky maybe he helps out Zoilo Almonte when he returns. When Ichiro is gone, Almonte and Mesa are going to be very important – and they've got the tools to be extremely good.

    • hotdog says:

      Amonte gets sent down especially with Granderson's return…he played well for a rookie…too bad the Yankees don't have the room…

  19. YankezFan says:

    Soriano was needed, any bat was needed and the price was cheep. Once we get Granderson and Arod back. we will get our wins and Hrs, but what the Yankees really need t figure out is their pitching. CC need to be more effective Hughes needs to be traded. Philly wont take him, so who would? Phelps can go back to being #5. Yankees will not go far unless the pitching staff comes around. NYY management is all about the money, not about whether the team wins a WS. The management will get players in order to look like they are preparing for a run, even in August. Next year they will worry about the problems. Its NOT yankee management that's split, BUT Yankee ownership, and that the 189M number has to do more with buying out one of the beneficiaries from Georges trust. The sale of YES and the limitations on payroll all point to a cash crush for NYY and ownership needs cash for this reason. Ca$h might be on the wrong side as well. There will be a significant change coming to the NYY in the next year, what happened on the field might only be the tip of the iceberg.

  20. Mike Baker says:

    When is Cashmans contract over anyway?

  21. Bill says:

    Cashman (or someone) needs to be given full control of the baseball operation. The Steinbrenners, Randy Levine and the pool boy (Felix Lopez) all need to back off. This team is probably two or three years away from serious contention, longer if the management team continues to interfere. It was bound to happen, as teams run in cycles. The Yankee success cycle, as it was from 1947-64, was exceptionally long. Forget about World Series titles. The game has changed, since it now takes 11 (or 12) wins to take home the trophy. Making the playoffs in all but one year from 1995 through 2012 is a level of success that even the latter stages of the dynasty couldn't achieve. Hopefully the down cycle won't be as long as the last two (1965-75 and 1982-92).

  22. ollie says:

    Not Cashman's fault, he is a lame duck G.M. I bet he misses the" Boss" to!

    • hotdog says:

      he misses a blank check…very easy to put a team together that way…to his credit, he has tried to better develop their farm system but he's no horse trader…

  23. Leo says:

    Hughes is a 4-5 on a non playoff team. Useless to a team like NYY. Sabathia is terrible and has been consistent only in his underperformance from the day they got him. Too much mileage on too much CC – in my fantasy they dump him on some idiot who evaluates by reputation.

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