Trade rumors: Yankees want controllable player for Hughes, will make qualifying offer

Phil+HughesThe Yankees are shopping Phil Hughes, but they aren’t just looking to dump him off to anyone willing to take him. Instead they are looking for a right-handed corner outfielder with power and one they can control beyond 2013, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

If they can’t deal him, Sherman said that they will make him a qualifying offer, which is $13.8 million. It sounds risky considering Hughes’ inconsistency and the Yankees desire to lower payroll $189 million. They think he’ll still hit the open market though, netting them a draft pick, and would be willing to keep him on a one-year deal if he did accept.

It seems highly doubtful that the Yankees will be able to get a big time bat that they can pencil into the lineup next year, but Hughes is a desirable pitcher for a lot of teams. The Rockies have expressed interest in Hughes recently and the Tigers are expected to pursue him as a free agent this offseason.

Hughes, 27, has a 4.57 ERA this year, but his 7.7 K/9 and 2.3 BB/9 are solid. The fact that he has a a low 29.8 ground ball percentage means teams with bigger ballparks could take a chance on him. He does have a 3.38 ERA on the road this year.

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13 Responses to Trade rumors: Yankees want controllable player for Hughes, will make qualifying offer

  1. jfs says:

    trade him to seattle and package in a few players for either morales, ibanez or morse (i admit i am unaware of morse's injury situation

    or eat a little extra money and go after soriano in chicago. chicago will likely eat some of that extra cash and may make him cheaper than keeping granderson next year

  2. dave says:

    trade him to the angles with a prospect for possibly trumbo.

  3. Manny says:

    The Rockies? I really like Nolan Arenado long-term… Has a PHENOMENAL glove, and has shown flashes at the plate… Unlikely to get him for a "rent-a-player", but– maybe there can be something worked out by including a prospect a little "further away"?

  4. pisano says:

    Just trade him somewhere, and throw that drunk Joba in the deal, maybe some team is stupid enough to take both of these losers.

  5. tommy cassella says:

    I never liked hughes, don't like him now and will never like. him,. not only has he let me down with his terrible pitching. ,he has let down millions of yankee fans. just let him give up homers for another team. from the way I look at the situation, the man is useless. the yanks made him out to be the second coming. yeah the second coming of a man who just gives up to many homers. the sooner the yanks get rid of that bum the better.

  6. Tanned Tom says:

    Unless a team is desperate for pitching and has a surplus of corner OF bats, they're probably going to have to sweeten that deal with prospects. Perhaps Hughes, Chamberlain, Nunez and JR Murphy would get a decent OF in return – I hope, because that's more of a toilet flush than a trade from NY's perspective. Otherwise they get the draft pick for him, or trade him after signing him.
    Question is, which OF?

  7. tom says:

    Nationals may seek to bolster the rotation but prefer bench bat first.

    Nationals – Phil Hughes
    Yankees – Danny Espinosa.

    Espinosa is lousy at hitting but arm strength and power switching hitter are always more attractive than Eduardo Nunez the prone. Working on swinging mechanic in the minor right now but he could continue working on it with Kevin Long. He is perfect power hitter to spell out Arod and Jeter next year. Could be a full time 2B if Yanks idiotically passed on Cano.

    Espinosa won't become a full FA until after 2016.

    Getting Espinosa can allow Yankees to package Nunez and Adams for whoever Yankees wants to bolster 1b or bench.


    • Tanned Tom says:

      Egads no! Espinosa sucks. Last year he KO'd 189 times. We already have Granderson, we don't need another all or nothing hitter.

    • jfs says:

      im all for espinosa. realistically he will be a part time starter/backup at short and a bat off the bench. im sure he can pop a few over the fence.

      and btw, granderson may be an all or nothing hitter, but the yankees dont "have him" yet and the fact that its already taken this long to heal a pinky makes me think there might be an underlying issue there.

      overall though, gardy has been good, ichiro is starting to hit and almonte's been good so i think their biggest chance to upgrade (with jeter and a-rod coming back) is to go after a catcher. maybe doumit or lucroy

  8. tommy cassella says:


  9. tommy cassella says:

    I like the idea of packaging betanes, joba, hughes and nunez. to Colorado or Philadelphia. or even to Detroit, just get rid of those bums.

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