Yankees have no deal for Alfonso Soriano…yet, he’s willing to waive NTC

Alfonso+SorianoSo it looks like George King of the NY Post jumped the gun a little bit in reporting that the Yankees and Cubs had an agreement in place for a trade involving Alfonso Soriano. The two sides are still talking though and it appears likely a deal could still be made. Here is the latest:

• The prospect that the Cubs were interested in getting back was David Adams, according to Joel Sherman.

• Yankees scout and former Cubs GM Jim Hendry was in Chicago which has driven speculation that they are considering Alex Rios as a possible backup if they don’t land Sori.

• Alfonso Soriano has a full no-trade clause and has suggested invoking it in the past, but this time he’s willing to approve a deal to the Yankees.

Photo credit: (June 28, 2013 – Source: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America).

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6 Responses to Yankees have no deal for Alfonso Soriano…yet, he’s willing to waive NTC

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    At first glance I'd be much more interested in Rios.

  2. tommy cassella says:

    I can't believe it, I can't believe the trade for Soriano is being held up. because of a bum like david adams. it just can't be. david adams is a proven bum.

    • jfs says:

      theres probably more holding it up than just adams. maybe a draft pick or the amount they pick up on his salary. cubs may also be waiting for a few more yankees losses i.e. more desperation

      rios is better, and he allows you to let grandy walk at the end of the year too. just don't know what the white sox will want in return.

      now that hudson went down it may make sense to look at atlanta and send them hughes or some other arm for evan gattis, they don't need him and mccann

    • pisano says:

      Right on pisan, Adams has more than proven he can't hit at the major league level, if he's the guy the Cubs want, send him asap.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    I'm not sure Adams is such a bum. He did not look good this year, that's obvious. But he's hit above .300 at every other level of organized ball. Of course, there is the injury history with this player, but there might be future value to him, whereas Soriano has very limited future value.
    I'd prefer to deal Nunez over Adams. They are both 26, but Nunez just seems like a misadventure in the field.
    The better question is why Soriano? He's 37 and his OBP this year is .287. Ugh. A total hacker.
    and I'd love to trade Hughes!

    • David K. says:

      If you are going to trade Nunez, you need to get a lot in return. Because from our standpoint, at least, Nunez is one of the few talented young players left on this team. And with Jeter's fragility, Nunez should be a keeper. I don't think we can yet pass judgment and say Adams is a bum, but I'd sure rather trade him right now than Nunez.

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