Dominican Summer Leaguers who could be USA bound in 2014

Leonardo-MolinaThis year’s DSL crop included the likes of Rafael DePaula, Dallas Martinez, Luis Severino, Abiatal Avelino, Luis Torrens, Erick Canela, Alvaro Noriega, and Thairo Estrada. This is going to be a tough class to beat next year, but there is another decent crop of players who may come over in 2014. Here’s a list in no particular order of guys who could make a big splash if given the opportunity next season.

SS: Yancarlo Baez – He was one of the big signings in 2012. He’s switch hitting shortstop with speed to burn. Not much power to speak of yet but he’ll still be just 18 to start next season. He missed this whole year but next year will be his year to shine in the GCL.

SS: Jorge Mateo – He’ll also be 18 to begin next season, and will start in the GCL. He’s hitting .287/.378/.453/.830 in the DSL with a league leading 48 SB. That’s not all he can do either, as he has 9 doubles, 6 triples, and 7 homeruns to add to that. He might be the best player in the DSL this year, and his scouting report is similar to Abiatal Avelino’s.

OF: Frank Frias – Speedy right handed outfielder who will be 19 next year, has a .316/.443/.451/.894 line and 25 SB in the DSL this year. Numbers in the DSL can be quite deceiving but he’ll but a guy to keep an eye on next year.

OF: Alexander Palma – Another big ticket signing, playing in the DSL this year. He should come over to the states next season, and will look to make a splash as a potential power bat with decent speed.

OF: Miguel Mojica: Another older guy but he’s hitting real well this year. You never know how a guy like this will do once he comes stateside.

OF: Leonardo Molina: If he comes to the USA next year he will be just 16 to start the season. I’d be willing to bet the Yankees give him a season in the DSL first. If he gets a chance in the GCL however, he will likely be a big deal there.

1B/3B: Allen Valerio: First and third baseman who has eight homers in the DSL and 9 stolen bases. He’s hitting .286 and has an OPS of .896. I don’t know much about him but he’s already 20 so he should be coming over next season.

C: Brian Reyes: He really caught on in the second half this year, and has five homers on the season. He’s hitting just .250 but he’s only 17 and could be a sleeper next year.

SP: Reynaldo Polanco: Word is he has really progressed this year with his control and is ready for a second go around in the US. He’s always had great potential so he might be the real deal.

SP: Simon De la Rosa: He’s striking out everyone in the DSL with 60 K in 45.1 innings. He has Rafael DePaula-like stuff so if he can control it better he’s gonna be a beast. He’ll be 21 next year.

SP: Moises Cedeno: Another kid, just 17, who has great stuff but needs to work on his control. He should be stateside next season and might really surprise people a la Dallas Martinez this year.

SP: Chris Cabrera: It’s unknown if he’ll ever fully recover from thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. If he does he could still have potential, but for now he has a long way to go. He should finally come stateside next year though.

SP: Domingo Acevedo: 19 year old from the DR who has 41 K in 37.1 IP this year and a 2.89 ERA. He appears to have good control and if all goes right he could be stateside next year pitching in the GCL. Definitely a guy to watch out for because scouts are impressed with his stuff.

SP: Manolo Reyes: Already 23 years old but finally could come stateside next year. I don’t expect him to be like Rafael DePaula but he could be a revelation once he finally makes it to the USA.

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4 Responses to Dominican Summer Leaguers who could be USA bound in 2014

  1. mjinco says:

    As always great job Greg. Is Reyes the same guy the Yankees signed out of the DR the same time as Omar Rodriguez?

  2. oldranger says:

    These are all signed buy the Yankees already right?
    If so, I like our chances of the boys on the farm, moving the benchmark up somewhat for next year don't you?

  3. oldranger says:

    Sorry about the late comments but, I just ran across your site and like it very much.
    You were not one of the so called experts that picked Brett Gardner as at best, a 4th, 5th or AAA outfielder were you?
    I was one of those taking all the flack for saying he should be up in 2007. I saw him play a few games on the farm and was impressed with his game. But, then, I like speed for my OF people!
    A bit more pop would be nice but not anything to fret about!
    Thank you for your site.

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