2014 25-Man Roster, flexibility, goals for the offseason, and Tyler Austin

Tyler Austin2If the 2014 season started today, this is what the Yankees 25 man roster would look like.


1. Dellin Betances
2. Cesar Cabral
3. Preston Claiborne
4. Shawn Kelley
5. Ivan Nova
6. David Phelps
7. David Robertson
8. CC Sabathia
9. Adam Warren


10. Chris Stewart
11. Austin Romine


12. Derek Jeter
13. Eduardo Nunez
14. Jason Nix
15. Mark Teixeira


16. Zoilo Almonte
17. Brett Gardner
18. Alfonso Soriano
19. Ichiro Suzuki
20. Vernon Wells

This leaves five spots. One will have to be a second baseman. One will have to be a third baseman. Other than that, they will need at least two starting pitchers, and then the 25th man, who would probably be a reliever. They also have some flexibility with many of the above players. Zoilo Almonte can be sent down at any time because he has options. Vernon Wells could be dropped at no cost to the team if they chose to go that route. Nix and Nunez are also pretty expendable, although I don’t have anyone in mind to take their place. At catcher, the Yankees also have Francisco Cervelli and JR Murphy ready to play.

In the pitching department, Phelps, Claiborne, and Warren all have options. That’s nine players total who have significant roster flexibility. That means the Yankees will have 14 roster spots to play with this offseason. They’ll have close to $100 million to do what they see fit with those 14 roster slots. I’ve already outlined some players who could be good fits if signed in a previous article.

Robinson Cano is the elephant in the room. They must resign him or they will be in serious trouble. Simple as that.

The most glaring and obvious area outside second base which is going to be a problem is third base. The free agent market is thin and the farm does not have anyone ready to step in. I outlined why Michael Young might be the best option in the last article, but he does have some glaring weaknesses including defense and the fact that he had a horrible first half in 2013. It wouldn’t be prudent to hand the reins over to David Adams, who was completely underwhelming in his debut. Ronnier Mustelier was moved off third base because of defense and there are enough question marks about his offense that he is not a legitimate option.

Lastly, you could consider a guy like Tyler Austin. Austin has played third base in the past. He is one of a group of 4-5 legitimate outfield prospects the Yankees have who are close to the major leagues. Early in his career, his defense at third was reasonably good according to scouts. For one reason or another, he was moved off the hot corner though. It may have been that he just couldn’t handle it defensively and the coaches who saw him every day were able to see that. If, however, he is a legitimate third baseman, he should be moved back there now. This is not so much for 2014 because I do believe the Yankees will sign a stopgap. In 2015 they will need someone to be ready to man third base though. A-Rod will be back, and they won’t be able to afford to spend money on another third baseman. It is doubtful A-Rod will be able to play the field much, so someone from within the organization will have to step up. Tyler Austin could actually be that guy.

The second most important weakness that clearly will have to be addressed is pitching. The Yankees can no longer say CC Sabathia is an ace. He may get back to that type of performance, but they cannot rely on him for that anymore. They could bring Kuroda back, which would help immensely. They do have some solid 3-5 options with Nova, Phelps, Warren, Pineda, Banuelos, Vidal Nuno, and Brett Marshall too. That said, in the (in my opinion) unlikely scenario that Kuroda retires, there are some decent options on the free agent market. Matt Garza, Josh Johnson, Tim Lincecum, Ricky Nolasco, and of course Pettitte.

Personally, I’d love to see them go out and get Nolasco and then either Garza, Pettitte, or Kuroda.

Should the Yankees accomplish the following goals this offseason, they will get back to playoff baseball in 2014.

1. Resign Cano at all costs.
2. Sign Michael Young to a one year contract and move Tyler Austin back to third base. Also be aggressive with Eric Jagielo and move him quickly through the system as long as he earns it.
3. Sign Ricky Nolasco and one of the following: Hiroki Kuroda, Matt Garza, Andy Pettitte, or Masahiro Tanaka (Japanese pitcher up for bidding this offseason)
4. Give Hughes a qualifying offer. If he accepts, trade him for whatever you can get as long as the other team pays his salary. If he declines, enjoy the draft pick.
5. Give Granderson a qualifying offer. If he accepts (no idea why he would), then drop Vernon Wells. If he declines, enjoy the draft pick.
6. Sign a quality DH. Any of the following would be great options: James Loney, Kendrys Morales, Justin Morneau, Mike Napoli, Jose Dariel Abreu (the newest Cuban defector) OR sign Brian McCann to be your catcher/backup first baseman/DH.

I think it would be a little much to expect the Yankees to do the above six things and keep their payroll under the luxury tax threshold. That said, if Cashman is able to pull this off then the Yankees will both make the playoffs in 2014 and will be set up nicely in the future with the two draft picks they are able to obtain for Granderson and Hughes.

This would be the new 25 man roster ideally

Starting Pitchers

1. Hiroki Kuroda
2. CC Sabathia
3. Ricky Nolasco
4. Ivan Nova
5. David Phelps


6. Dellin Betances
7. Cesar Cabral
8. Preston Claiborne
9. Shawn Kelley
10. David Robertson
11. Adam Warren
12. Vidal Nuno


13. Brian McCann
14. Austin Romine


15. Derek Jeter
16. Eduardo Nunez
17. Jason Nix
18. Mark Teixeira
19. Robinson Cano
20. Michael Young


21. Zoilo Almonte
22. Brett Gardner
23. Alfonso Soriano
24. Ichiro Suzuki
25. Curtis Granderson/Vernon Wells

Looks like a winning team to me.


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62 Responses to 2014 25-Man Roster, flexibility, goals for the offseason, and Tyler Austin

  1. SAM says:

    Great article but I hope we can get Francisco rondon in the bullpen as a second lefty and keep nuño as a starter so I WOULD HOPE the rotation would look like


    Then you also have options of Jose Ramirez, Marshall, Warren, FA, TANAKA, and possibly Nik Turley. Also I hope to see The flame thrower Tom Kahnle in the bullpen next year as a setup or closer along with mark Montgomery and I think they'd be great to fill in as 7th and 8th inning guys assuming D-Rob is the closer but then again both of those guys have experience as closers.

    • gcorcoran says:

      Definitely a great way to think bout it SAM. I also like Nuno but I definitely wouldn't want to rely on him to be the #5 guy in the rotation. I'd rather give the opportunity to Phelps and have a guy like Nuno ready to go if Phelps can't cut it in the rotation. As for Pineda, I just can't justify his spot in the rotation until I know he's 100% better and is free of shoulder problems. At this point, I think Nolasco would be the best option because otherwise you're looking at Kuroda and four question marks. At least with Nolasco you have some idea what you're gonna get.

    • Gary E. Mank says:

      Brendon Ryan is the SS of the future especially if Long can help his hitting. He is already batting better than he did with Seattle

    • Dave says:

      I have NO idea what this article is talking about! 1st, Kuroda's going back to Japan to finish his career, 2nd, in case no one was watching, Pettitte is retiring. The key to any real success is somehow dumping A-rods contract! without that, theres no real chance of any of this happening. They do have to sign Cano. A Must! After that, it's all up in the air. I agree getting the draft picks for Grandy and Hughes. I'm afraid too many holes to fill, even with dumping A-Rod, if they can. If they do, you have David Price, Hunter Pence, and other good free agents available. Going to be an interesting off season.

      • Greg Corcoran says:

        I wouldn’t be so sure about Kuroda. As for Pettitte, this article was written before he announced his retirement. He was still an option back then. You’ll notice that in the article I listed him as an option but he was not listed on my 25 man roster for next year, largely because I did not expect him to be back.

    • It is an excellent read , but it ignores the fact that they want to get under the 189 million luxury tax threshold. If Cano prices himself off the team they have to think of other ways to replace him. Personally I'd try to add some vets on 1 year deals. I'd try to sign T.Hudson to reasonable one year deal , going on the fact that if he pitches well and stays healthy he could be a solid number 2. I would take a flier on Johan , nothing guaranteed just invite to see if he has something left. I would also try to sign Beltran for 2 years Nothing more, to DH and play RF. If we lose Cano , the best guy to replace him is Infante who had an excellent year. I like the McCann idea . If we could afford Morales after those moves , I'd be all for signing him. Maybe bring back Reynolds. I would also be all for a total rebuild , which is unlikely .I'm sure I'll get killed for my suggestions. We all want the same thing, NUMBER 28

  2. jfs says:

    With grandy that MAY be a winning team. I doubt they can get both him and McCann though (though I think McCann is a great move).

    That pitching staff seems sort of horrifying to me. CC and Kuroda are only getting older and I don't have great confidence in Nolasco or Nova to perform for a whole year. If he can handle it health-wise its time to give Pineda a shot. Maybe take a flyer on a guy like Josh Johnson for a low-risk, high-reward situation.

    Young is fine, but I think signing Reynolds wouldn't be a bad idea either. A lot depends on how long the A-Rod suspension ends up being.

    • gcorcoran says:

      I'm not horrified by that pitching staff at all. I can see your point but I'm far more horrified at the prospect of Pineda in the rotation than I am at the idea of Nolasco. That said, I like your idea of buying low on Josh Johnson. I don't know much about Tanaka but he could be a great buy too, especially since his posting fee would not count against the salary cap.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    First, I love these types of articles. This sort of concrete thinking is notably absent from most sites, even fangraphs, which often devolves into a nerd-fest.
    No way on Nolasco. 8 years in the bigs and exactly 2 good years. A career ERA of 4.33 playing in the non-DH league? Pass. The rotation will have to be the dead whale Sabathia, Kuroda or Pettitte, Nova, Phelps, and Warren or Nuno or whatever scrap heap player Cashman can find.
    Also don't understand why people like McCann. Not a good fielder and injury prone. Please! No more injury prone players. Dump Cervelli and go with Romine, Stewart and Murphy.
    Michael Young is another pointless addition. An old, singles hitter who can't field. What could this player add that's of any value? 3B will have to be where the team gets creative, maybe find another Brosius type player, otherwise it'll be a mulligan stew of Jeter-Adams-Mustelier-Reynolds.
    SS simply CANNOT be Jeter or Nunez (who should be non-tendered or traded). Re-sign Ryan, maybe look signing Drew.
    Re-sign Cano of course.
    Get the pick for Granderson, but there is no way I'd offer it to Hughes. He'll accept for sure because it's above his market value. Which makes it impossible to trade a guy signed above his value and expect the other team to pay full freight. Just won't happen.

    • gcorcoran says:

      It is possible Nolasco is a reach. He is definitely one of those "coming off a career year" types who have a tendency of disappointing. The reason I like Nolasco is because he is a strike thrower and he has great stuff. Those two things in combination are things I value in a pitcher. He also has a decent ground ball rate which should serve him well in Yankees stadium.

      As for McCann, I like him because the Yankees don't have to play him at catcher every day. They can use him to play first base when Tex is either injured or needs a rest, and they can also DH him because his bat is good enough for that. He can fake it well enough at catcher to start half of the games there and his bat more than makes up for the defense. I can definitely understand the knocks on him, and signing him long term would probably be a bad idea because catchers aren't the most graceful at aging, but I think he's too good to pass on if he can be had on a reasonable deal.

      I hate to say it but I think Jeter and Nunez are going to have to stick at shortstop. Maybe Ryan starts instead of both. I wouldn't mind seeing that at all because that would mean that he outplayed Jeter and Nunez.

      As for Hughes, maybe I'm being naive to think the Yankees could trade him. That said, top notch relievers make similar salaries to the qualifying offer and Hughes has more than proved he's capable of that. Again, I'm willing to acknowledge there's a good enough chance I'm wrong on that, and maybe I'm just being a homer.

    • gcorcoran says:

      Also, with regards to Michael Young, I agree. He is not a viable long term option. The problem is the Yankees don't have a viable short or long term option in house, and there's no viable long term option on the market. I feel they need a stop gap for one year while A-Rod is out. Young is a good candidate because he's good now, better than anything they put out there this year (except A-Rod when healthy), and he'd probably be willing to sign a one year deal so he could prove himself again rather than accepting a multi-year deal for less after his worst season in years.

      • Mike says:

        ARod being out for a year would be the best thing to happen to the Yankees in a long time. The controversy that follows that guy everywhere is too much. The Yanks need to focus on baseball fundamentals….like making Teixiera HIT THE BALL TO LEFT FIELD WHEN THEY PUT THE SHIFT ON!!!! My God…..the arrogance of that guy!! he could BUNT for a double for God's Sake!! But no….he's a homerun hitter..blah, blah, blah. If I were Girardi, he would sit his butt on the bench until he learned to play the game RIGHT. Never mind the homeruns…sometimes do what is right for the TEAM.

      • Tanned Tom says:

        I totally agree with them needing a 3B for next year, but why can't it be Jeter? No way they should ever put him at SS again. Or is he the fulltime DH from now on?

        • gcorcoran says:

          That's actually a great point. If Jeter were willing to move to third that would solve a lot of the Yankees problems. I don't know if that can or will happen though or if Jeter is even capable of switching positions.

  4. olie says:

    All good thoughts but it won't matter what moves they make if they can't find a quality Catcher. Although some people may not want to believe it they never replaced Russell Martin. CC stated how much he enjoyed pitching to Martin and we see how well CC did this year without him! I don't think the Pirates have any regrets.

    • Mike says:

      The Yankees offered Marting a contract and he just went and signed with the Pirates!! They were trying to be responsible and offer a one year deal and Martin never even gave them a chance to go any further.

      • olie says:

        The were trying to get Martin for cheap and you see what they got for it. As it goes you get what u pay for and they got!

  5. Great article but I really think that there are 2 horrible decisions.

    – Giving Hughes a qualifying offer is the worst idea I have heard in the last 2 months.

    There is no way for us to get a draft pick with him, he would accept the offer and no team would trade for him without the Yankees paying at least for half of his money, that would be just a waste of money and the worst move for next off-season.

    As a rival GM told Jon Heyman: "They may make a qualifying offer. And I may run for president,"

    – They definetely should not keep Cano at all costs.

    People just need to take a look at ARod and CC to remember how bad would it be to keep a player at all costs.

    • gcorcoran says:

      Fair points, I respectively disagree about Hughes for reasons mentioned above, but you could certainly be right about him. As for Cano, I think the current team is 15-18 games out of the race without him. To me, that's grounds enough right there to resign him.

  6. Dave says:

    Starting pitching most of the year has been weak or suspect. I think CC has lost it, Nova… not dependable…. Pineda who knows…. we need a front line pitcher.

    Jeter at short is suspect, Tex who knows use to be .300 hitter… let Grandy and Hughes find other teams. Still need strong 3rd baseman…. get rid of Youk, Haffner and probably Overbay. I would like to see JR Murphy develop into a good catcher. I like the idea of bringing in McCain… not sure front line teachers.

    I do not see the Yanks in the playoffs. It is time to draft well and develop the talent.

  7. Tanned Tom says:

    Instead of fighting reality (that it's not possible to significantly reduce payroll and improve the team simultaneously) why not embrace what needs to be done? This team is not young enough, athletic enough or good enough. And adding veteran players on a stopgap basis only works when you have a good, solid, young core. Well Rivera is retiring, Williams and Posada are already gone, Jeter is finished, and Pettitte's ancient. There is no good young core.
    How about we start with something simple: trade or cut a few players over 30? That means not bringing back Hafner (36); making the qualifying offer to Granderson (32) in hopes that he walks; not bringing back Overbay (36) or Youkilis (34); and trading Suzuki (39) and Soriano (37).
    I'd say keep Kuroda (38) and Pettitte (41) on 1 year deals, re-sign Ryan (31), Reynolds (30), Cano (30), Gardner (30), Nix (31), Stewart (31), and keep Wells (34) as a platoon OF.

    • Do you really prefer keeping Wells over Soriano? I find that difficult to believe

      • Tanned Tom says:

        I am not sure, but this is true:
        1) Wells is better in the field
        2) Wells is much cheaper
        3) Wells mashes lefties, his line is .284 BA, .335 OBP, .402 SLG. Those are pretty decent numbers.
        4) Soriano is a hacker. Once the AL remembers that he can't hit the breaking ball, and can't lay off pitches in off the plate we won't be seeing the same numbers for him. We'll see those like what he put up in Chicago, .254/.287/.467. .Even his NY numbers are dicey, .254/304/.524. Good teams do not have too many players who can only manage a .304 OBP. With his power surge this fall they could sell high on him.
        5) Soriano is 37, will turn 38 before next season. Enough with players over 35.

        • Mike says:

          They will keep Soriano. Wells is a good player, but they don't hav ea place for him if the get another top outfielder like Ellsbury ( I hope)
          The Yankees like the kind of power that Soriano displayed this year. he has the kind of ability to carry a team for a while…and if not for him, the Yankees would have folded their tents and left the wild card race long ago. he is the main reason they stuck in this long.

    • Mike says:

      Out of curiosity….Who is going to take Suzuki or Soriano in a trade with that kind of money still owed?

      • Tanned Tom says:

        The Yankees traded for Soriano, so might another club.
        And which is it? Is Soriano a valuable guy who can carry a team, or an overpaid old player? Can't have it both ways. After his decent numbers with NY, and with Chicago picking up some of his salary, he's tradeable.
        He's 38 next year. Sell high on him and get prospects.
        Suzuki is the perfect OF for a club looking for speed, defense and a veteran presence. He's only making $6.5 mm next year so his contract is not too bad. And again, move him for younger talent. Get younger!

  8. Robert B. says:

    Great article. I hope that Cashman reads you. How about copy paste to him. Are you his secretay? You did his job. BTW, who's your closer? Robertson? Can he be a closer for the whole year?

    • gcorcoran says:

      The cool thing about this is that I didn't explore any trade options. Cashman has a whole market that I didn't even explore to try and exploit. He could actually do much better than this if he is able to make a savvy trade or two.

      I only wish I had the kind of influence to induce action by the Yankees front office. As I said above, I believe if the Yankees were able to accomplish the things above they are again a playoff team in 2014.

      My closer would in fact be Robertson. I don't know if he can close for the whole year but I know there are teams out there right now who will probably go deep into the playoffs and don't have a closer with nearly the talent of Robertson.

      • Mike says:

        Problem with trading if you are the Yankees….NO team is going to take these gargantuan contracts. The Yanks would have to end up paying most of the deals. ARod…untradeable…Same for Granderson…Tex….CC….
        Also…another problem is…the other teams KNOW the Yankees are loaded with Cash and will hold them up for as much as they can get.

  9. Dirtywater says:

    Give hughes a QO and trade him to whoever will pay his salary?

    Thats the effing stupidest thing I ever heard. If anyone was interested they could offer him the same money and get 2-3 years of his special brand of suck …..No one is interested in paying him the better part of $14m for a 1 year deal..

  10. Mike says:

    I would offer Hughes a qualifying offer…if he accepts, GOOD…he will be part of the bullpen where he was once a valuable piece. If the plan is to have Robertson take over the starting role, then possiby Hughes could be the 7th inning guy, and maybe Betances the 8th inning guy. Point is….get something for Hughes after all that has been put into him. Chamberlain? just let him go. Useless.

    • gcorcoran says:

      This is exactly what I'm saying Mike. As I said before top quality relievers make around as much as the QO. Hughes has already proven he is a top quality reliever. Dirtywater, the point is that if a team wants Hughes for 2-3 years they'd also take him on one year in a trade.

  11. Mike says:

    As for 3rd base. My guess is that ARod will serve less than half a season on suspension. So….what do the Yankees do? I say…re-sign Youkilis. Why Not?? We paid to have his back repaired!! If he can prove he is phsically sound, then I say sign him….If not, then sign Mark Reynolds. he's proven to be a good defensive and offensive addition for the Yanks. Hitting close to .300 since coming here, and producing runs. Also…he can play both corner positions and DH.

    Granderson won't accept the qualifying offer from the Yanks….he's going elsewhere. So my money saved there would go towards the pursuit Jacoby Ellsbury. Proven leadoff man….base stealer extraordinaire….good defensive player and perennial .300 hitter. Put him in left field OR center. You would have an outfield with serious speed.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Youkilis? Please tell me you're joking. Back surgery is the end of the line for older players. That signing was a total waste, and would be so again.

    • olie says:

      Do you really think that the Red Sox would not match anything the Yankees offered Ellsbury?

  12. Mike says:

    Shortstop…IF Jeter comes back you KNOW it will only be if he feels that he can play at a high level. if not….I think you may see Jeter retire. That is the kind of a MAN he is. Not like he'll be hurting for money the rest of his life…so I say if Jeter comes back then there is NO QUESTION that he plays shortstop. He's earned that spot!! None of us Yankee fans should DARE speak of replacing him…especially knowing that he would be the first one to leave if he were no longer capable.

    The Yanks should try to re-sign Kuroda. he's been their best pitcher this year. And if Andy wants to come back….why not let him? But Girardi needs to get him out of there at 80-85 pitches….whether he is doing good or not. His stuff flattens out when getting past 80 pitches and leaks out ove the middle of the plate.

    Catching? Cervelli & Romine are the top 2 guys in my book. Probably the job eventually goes to Romine, and I think he will turn into a pretty good hitter with occasional power.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Non-tender Cervelli, go with Romine and Stewart.
      Move Jeter to 3B, he has been a liability at SS for over 5 years.

      • gcorcoran says:

        I just think they can do better at catcher. There are several free agents who hit so much better than those guys.

      • olie says:

        Jeter is done as a infielder, He can still hit so use him as D.H and maybe a bit at 1st.
        Sign or Trade for a MLB Catcher. (need a upgrade)

        • Greg Corcoran says:

          I’m not convinced he couldn’t play 3rd if completely healthy. If he could that would be huge for the Yankees. They would still have to find a SS though. Ryan seems to be pretty popular but I am wary of his bat.

  13. Mike says:

    Signing Cano is a given.

    If the Yankees want to return to glory again, they will have to wait out these TITANIC contracts of the past. The Arod signing was the worst move I can ever remember them making..that kind of money should just never be given to anyone.

    Bottom line is they have to start rebuilding the farm system. They need scouts that can find a Mike Trout kind of player. Buying superstars is not the answer…mostly because by the time we get them, they are past their prime.

  14. tommy cassella says:

    I agree with mike that signing a-choke was a big mistake. right now he is in a one for twenty two slump and he is hurting the yanks more than helping them.

  15. mikem says:

    Time to move Jeter to 3B , sign Drew for SS , resign Cano.
    For the OF, give Granderson a QA , if he declines , platoon Mustellier and Almonte
    Cut Wells, Suzuki is 5th OF
    DH sign Morales or Beltran
    P Give Kuroda a QA, otherwise let's get some ground ball pitchers like Feldman in the rotation, low cost and flexible. Need to sort through the other options and see what they can do such as Pineda,Phelps,Nova,Nuno,Warren,Ramirez,Benuelos,Turley,Marshall and maybe Huff.

    Let's start building value and trade bait with these pitchers.

    Mcann is intriguing, but you will be paying 4-5m more than Morales or Beltran due to the C position of whuich he is average defensively

  16. Humza says:

    Starting Pitchers
    CC Sabathia
    Ivan Nova
    Hiroki Kuroda
    David Phielps

  17. Humza says:

    Starting Lineup

  18. Humzq says:

    We need to resign Cano , Granderson and Kuroda

  19. Humza says:

    Pinch Hitters
    Vernon Wells
    Edurdo Nunez
    Zolio Almonte

  20. Humza says:

    Get rid OfHafner

  21. Yankees says:


  22. hotdog says:

    I think they re-sign Cano for what it might say about the Yankees if they don't…i don't know much about their finances but you need stars on the field to draw in fans…with Arod likely gone for most of the season in 2014, Mo retired, Pettite retired, Granderson gone and Jeter aging, losing Cano could really hurt this team financially…i don't see baseball fans turning to the ballet for NYC entertainment but this team needs stars…i can't say I know what to do but I'm a little tired of filler players…i think if we can sign Granderson for 3-4 years, that helps but it also keeps Almonte in the wings…i like Napoli but he's a 1st baseman and DH…you'd have a logjam at DH imo…

    1. Jeter
    2. Granderson
    3. Cano
    4. Tex (Tex needs some protection, Soriano not as much imo)
    5. Soriano
    6. Michael Young, we need a third baseman
    7. Ichiro
    8. I like JR Murphy and have him fight for a starters job if he's ready-batting 9th though.
    9. Gardner

    • gcorcoran says:

      Not bad but I don't see this team as beter than last year's. In fact, their starting pitching will likely be worse than this year, so their offense will need to step it up.

      • hotdog says:

        You are right Greg. The pitching has been good the past 2 years. We need stability in the rotation and a bullpen that includes a lockdown closer. I heard Mo has a son.

  23. brian tripp says:

    If cano wants 305 mil he done as a yankee. I am not high on gardner . I can see the yanks go after lincecum for the right price and ellsbury just to scare boston. I am one who thought they should of kept austin jackson rather then grandy. But unlike other sports yanks can get younger and still be competitive with no cap kets see what happens.

  24. Jim says:

    gotta wait out the contracts of cc tex arod jeter before you can rebuild this team. Cano 6 years max deal for 140 mil or let him walk. Better off waiting a few years before throwing around 200-250 million dollar contracts again. Stanton Harper Trout are a few guys worth waiting for and there will be others and in the meantime, develop the young guys we already have for a few years and build the farm system.

  25. Yankee says:

    CC Sabathia
    Matt Garza
    Ivan Nova
    David Phelps
    Michael Pineda

    K. Morales/Loney/Napoli (DH)
    M. Young

    Pinch Hitters

    • mdean says:

      We need to look for help in the trade market rather tha free agency. Work on trades for Chase Headley from Padres and Giancarlo Stanton from Marlins. Resign Cano[ but not for 10 years maybe 6-7 yrs. for 20-24 mil per year]. Definitely try to sign Brian McCann from Atlanta[I can't stand another season without some offense from the catching position]. We must sign at least one proven starting pitcher– maybe Garza or Nolasco. Get rid of Overbay,Stewart, ARod,Granderson,Wells,Ichiro,Cervelli.Logan,Hughes,Joba. Keep Romine or murphy,Reynolds, Ryan,Nunez,Almonte for the bench. Starting pitchers should come from cc,nova,pineda, phelps,nuno and at least one proven free agent–garza,nolasco,etc. Bullpen – kelley, warren huff cabral,betances,claiborne, robertson and even boone logan if we decide to keep him-although I'm tired of all the inherited runners he allows to score, thats the telling stat for a reliever. Lineup: gardner,jeter,cano,soriano,stanton,tex,mcCann ,headley,DH.

  26. Bobby Reed says:

    Some one above mentioned they did not know much about the Yankee's money situation, 2014 they have said under $189 and have been saying that for 2 years now. Here are my guess's for 2014:
    1B – Tex @ his 22.5 I think it is
    2B – Cano signs @ 5-6 yrs @ 26 or 27 mil
    SS – Jeter resigns 1 yrs @ 13/14 mil (player Option @ 8 mil now, 3 Mil buy-out)
    3B – Renyolds 1 yr 6 mil back up 1B against possibly LT's
    C – Romine PY .6
    RF – Ichiro is signed 1 yr 6.5 mil
    CF – Gardner is I believe Arb eligible past year 2.85…. figure most likely 4 mil
    LF – Soriano is signed 1 yr 5 mil

    SP – CC @ 23mil
    SP – Nova Team control past yr was .575 try to sign him 3-4 years around 4-5 mil per yr, if not slight bump
    SP – Pineda same, .528 past yr
    SP -Phelps same .512 past yr (PY)
    SP – FA/ Nuno need lefty not many out there .400 this past yr

    RP – Robertson Closer if,,,, Think Arb. eligible past yr 3.1 can see increase to 5-6 mil
    RP – Warren PY .490
    RP – Cabral PY. 490
    RP – Kelly PY .935 most likey an increase
    RP – Bettances PY .5 (out of Options)
    RP – Claiborne PY .6

    Ryan SS – resign PY 3.25 mil
    Cervelli or Murphy C – Cer PY .515 Murf PY .4
    Nix 2b/3b PY .9
    Wells signed for 2.4 mil or Drop for nothing
    Numez back up INF (my hope finally traded)

    Chamberlain – BYE BYE
    Granderson QO takes it DH/OF does not take it 1st rd end of rd pick
    Logan – RP -PY 3.15 mil maybe 1-2 yr about same money
    Hughes – if QO is 6-7 mil I offer….. higher BYE BYE My reason if he takes 6-7 mil junk innings U have to have one
    Kuroda – maybe the FA PY 15…. I do not offer this time more then 10 mil or BYE BYE
    Huff – ?????? good enough to be #5 ????????
    Steward – BYE BYE
    Youklis – last year was my pick to sign along with Peirsinski C this year BYE BYE
    Overbay – just no room
    Hafner BYE BYE
    Pettitte – Retired and stays that way
    MO – Same….but I put a big —–THANK U…

    and out of that 189 mil …… 8.5 to AJ Burnett still

    with still figuring A-Rod for 25 mil (will get some of that back if not all)

    That leaves any of the back up's out of the scene and about (depending on slight increases here and there) between 17-22 mil left

    Adams and Zgurski were not mentioned …sorry but does it matter

    My key resigns are Cano and Ryan

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