All or Nothing: Girardi either manages Yankees or doesn’t manage in ’14

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The last day of the season pretty much mirrors the last day of school: the players of different ages become another year wiser, players graduate (retire), some players stay in the same school (team) for the next season or they transfer to a new school (team). Lockers are cleaned out for vacation, the place for learning is empty and everyone finds themselves having more free time than they imagined. The only difference is everyone is anticipating the last day of school, and everyone dreads the last day of the season.

Welcome to Game 162, the final game of the 2013 season before the Yankees head off into to the night and start a long winter vacation. The main topic today had nothing to do with Robinson Cano who’s a free agent. The main topic today is probably the second biggest free agent that the Yankees have: Joe Girardi.

Girardi held his end of the season presser in front of the dugout and spoke for 30 minutes, addressing the state of his contract for next season. The way Girardi spoke, it made it seem like he wanted to return next season. Girardi also hinted that if he had to choose between multiple teams to manage, it would either be the Yankees or he’d just wouldn’t manage next season.

He explained his children are settled in New York and ever since his father’s passing, Chicago hasn’t been the same to him and his family. Whatever happens, Girardi will sit down with his family and discuss with them because to Girardi (and to every baseball player out there) family should come first.


— Girardi did address Cano’s lack of hustle multiple times throughout the season. He wouldn’t go into detail about the issue and just said, “we’ll leave it at that.’

Just because the season ends today, it doesn’t mean anything Yankees related ends today. We’ll start with tomorrow, Alex Rodriguez‘s hearing. So let’s get ready for a wild, wild offseason.

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2 Responses to All or Nothing: Girardi either manages Yankees or doesn’t manage in ’14

  1. Michael R says:

    He's always been a loafer and the Yankees have either addressed it (before he was a star) and/or ignored it. Does anyone think it will improve with a long term, huge dollar contract??? He's a very good player but one player will not be able to save this sinking ship. I smell another Arod contract fiasco with Cano. I hope I'm wrong.

  2. To Lee says:

    Girardi and Cano – Go or Stay???

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