Boone Logan wants to stay a Yankee

Boone Logan

Boone Logan thought that his career had taken a turn for the worst when he couldn’t figure out what was bothering his elbow. It was a lingering issue all season, but he figured he could pitch through it without it becoming a reason for him to miss playing time. Unfortunately, Logan he felt a sharp pain in his elbow during his last Red Sox series, forcing him to leave the game and question his future with his impending free agency coming up.

Logan went to Dr. James Andrews on Monday and received great news: it was only a bone spur in his elbow. Logan said he literally shouted “yes!” after Dr. Andrews’s diagnosis, after Logan initially thought he had torn a muscle. Logan is scheduled to have surgery in the offseason to shave the spur, but Logan had dodged the bullet when it came to his career being derailed.

However, a new question has come into play as we continue try to piece what Boone Logan’s future will be like in five to six months: what team will he play for when Spring Training rolls around? Logan hopes that it’s the Yankees.

“When I started pitching good, it was with the Yankees.” Logan told the Wall Street Journal. “It’s something I’m going to look a lot more into, and give it more thought but I will say this: Why fix something that isn’t broke? That’s something I’ve got to talk to myself about. That time will come. But why wouldn’t you want to play for the Yankees, if you can?”

For those that need to get up to speed about how Boone Logan actually got here, he was a piece in the 2009 Javier Vazquez trade the Yankees made with the Atlanta Braves. The Vazquez deal was a bust, but the Logan deal was successful. Since coming to the Yankees, Logan has had an ERA lower than four in his four seasons here. This season, Logan has a 3.26 ERA, 11.4 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9. Logan has had a terrific year for the Yankees, and I wouldn’t argue a Logan re-signing for next season. He’s a dependable lefty in the bullpen, something the Yankees need going forward. Like Logan said, “why fix something that isn’t broke?”


 Speaking of Boone Logan, he threw a 30 pitch bullpen session today. He said he felt fine and he should be ready to go for Friday vs. the San Francisco Giants.

This is just something that had stuck out to me yesterday (and the entire season). Guess who Andy Pettitte blamed the loss on last night? If you guessed on himself, then you are correct. He even went as far as to calling himself an “idiot” for throwing that home run pitch to Colby Rasmus. I know Andy’s a competitor and he always wants to win…but he has to stop beating himself up over things he can’t control. It’s not like Pettitte could bat and get the offense going. Bottom line, he did his job last night. The offense did not.

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6 Responses to Boone Logan wants to stay a Yankee

  1. Dirtywater says:

    Of course he wants to stay a Yankee, he's a free agent with an arm that was totally abused and now prepped for surgery by Brian Cashman's total inability to get another LH reliever.

    Hardly the allure of the pinstripes. He just doesn't want to spend the winter waiting by the phone with his elbow in an ice bucket.

  2. hotdog says:

    i don't think Pettite was beating himself up the way a guy like Phil Hughes has done…Pettite takes it in stride and bounces back…Hughes seems to stay mired in it…i would say the difference is confidence…i still think Hughes will have a good career but he needs some work…i could see him catching onto an NL team and winning 16 games or so…maybe the Pirates if the price is right…he has the talent…

  3. gcorcoran says:

    I like Logan but that surgery makes me nervous. It's still going to require a long recovery and may take a long time to readjust when he gets back. I'd be wary of resigning him to anything significant or long term.

  4. Nick Benavidez says:

    Boone Logan is the best lefty reliever available!! How many teams count on one lefty in their bullpen all season long? He deserves every penny he gets…he has proven himself time and time again. I wouldn't think the YANKEES can depend on another lefty like BL!! #multiyeardeal #GoYankees

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