Off-Day Notes: Sabathia, Pettitte, Wild-Card race

Sabathia 3

It’s the final off-day of the Yankees regular season (and possibly for 2013), so let’s go over some quick notes that happened today.

CC Sabathia‘s dismal 2013 season has come to an end due to–can you guess–an injury. He has a Grade 2 left hamstring strain, which he obtained during his last start. The recovery time will be about eight weeks, so it’s time for Sabathia to set his sights on how to become an ace for the 2014 season. Honestly, the way this team is…I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone was injured the last game of the season.

Brian Cashman will not try to contact Andy Pettitte this offseason to see if he wants to return for the 2014 season. He believes that Pettitte has made up his mind, and there would be no convincing him to return like in the past.

The Yankees are technically alive in the Wild Card race, however their run to the postseason seems unlikely with every step they take. The Yankees are four back in the Wild Card race with six games remaining and three teams ahead of them.

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5 Responses to Off-Day Notes: Sabathia, Pettitte, Wild-Card race

  1. Even with the injuries, they were almost there.. 1 game behind Tampa on Sept 12 (just 11 days ago), but ran into the Red Sox buzzsaw and you've gotta sweep the Blue Jays at that point (which isn't asking a lot).

    I feel like this team was never complete. Even when we had as full a team as we would, the hitting and pitching never seemed to fire on the same cylinder.

    Going to be a pretty different team next year and a longg offseason.

    • hotdog says:

      we lost some firepower from the 2012 squad including Martin, Ibanez and Swisher…even with everyone on board, we were looking at lowered run production…right now this team has a lot of holes…there's no way they can plug them all by 2014…my hope is that Cashman makes a couple good trades and one or two solid free agent signings…then you just got to let the boys play…the Yankees played well this year and they played with heart…that's all I can hope for…

  2. Swisher I really don't care, Wells had a good April and Soriano has done better than Swisher by far, but Ibanez and Martin were huge loses.

    Travis Hafner was a joke, just looking at Ibanez numbers in Seattle makes me want to cry.

    With Martin I was always against bringing him back so I was completely wrong, I thought Cervelli and Romine were going to do a good job but Romine was a disappointment and Cervelli got injured and to make it worst he got a suspension, I really hope they didn't bring Martin back because they were thinking in Brian McCann, something like not paying attention to Santana and bringing CC the next year

  3. guest says:

    Swisher is worse than last year so no lost there, especially on the price to keep him.
    Martin is not much better than last year. HR's down, SO's up. Hitting only .230. I have seen him in Pittsburgh and not really impressive anymore. The price to keep him was too high.
    Ibanez wanted to go back to the Mariners.
    Maybe Icherio will want to go back to Seattle to retire and we can ship him back there next year. Just hoping!

    • hotdog says:

      I agree, Swisher fell of this year…we are certainly better off with Soriano and very lucky that he brought his "A" game back to New York…Martin signed for 2 years for $17M…his year this year was not very different than in 2012 and he had a great year behind the plate, a GG candidate…i also liked how Martin handled the pitchers…wish we kept him but what can you do…

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