Rivera could play center field this weekend

Mariano Rivera

Well Mariano Rivera, it looks like you’re going to have your wish granted–just not today. Now that the Yankees are out of postseason contention, it gives manager Joe Girardi a chance to think a little more freely, and with his new relaxed attitude, he decided that he was going to let Mariano Rivera play center field for an inning in Houston.

“It’s something I would have to talk to him about.” Girardi said. “In my mind, thinking that he’s going to want to pitch, it’s a situation where I might bring him into the eighth to play the outfield, and then have him close it out in the ninth, if we have that opportunity.”

So why not today, which is clearly Mariano Rivera’s final game in Yankees pinstripes at home?

“Because these games are meaningful to Tampa Bay.”

Tampa Bay is still in the Wild Card race, so it would be fair to the Yankees to put up a fight and play spoiler. It might be more fun playing the spoiler than being spoiled out of a spot.

Notes & News

If you haven’t heard earlier, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball Bud Selig is going to retire after the 2014 season. Here’s the announcement from the commissioner’s office:

“Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig formally announced today that he will retire upon the completion of his current term, which runs through January 24, 2015.

Commissioner Selig said: “It remains my great privilege to serve the game I have loved throughout my life. Baseball is the greatest game ever invented, and I look forward to continuing its extraordinary growth and addressing several significant issues during the remainder of my term.

“I am grateful to the owners throughout Major League Baseball for their unwavering support and for allowing me to lead this great institution. I thank our players, who give me unlimited enthusiasm about the future of our game. Together we have taken this sport to new heights and have positioned our national pastime to thrive for generations to come. Most of all, I would like to thank our fans, who are the heart and soul of our game.”

Commissioner Selig will announce shortly a transition plan in preparation for his retirement, which will reorganize centralized Major League Baseball management.

Selig has led Major League Baseball since September 9, 1992, when, as Chairman of the Major League Executive Council, he became interim Commissioner. He was unanimously elected Baseball’s ninth Commissioner on July 9, 1998.”

There was a rumor going around earlier that Alex Rodriguez was going to skip the final road-trip of the season. No worries, A-Rod fans. Brian Cashman said the rumors were false and he didn’t have permission to miss the final road-trip. Rodriguez’s spokesperson, Ron Berkowitz said in a statement:

“Certain publications have reported inaccurate information, as has been done in the past. Alex will be in Houston.”

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  1. Michael R says:

    I say let him play center and bat. If he shows anything at the plate he can DH next year. It seems that being "baseball old" is a requirement on this team for that position especially.

  2. Clain says:

    It’s really a nice and useful piece of info.!!
    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks.

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