Rodriguez’s lawyer says “hearing went well” 4


There were droves of reporters standing on Park Avenue in front of MLB’s headquarters where Alex Rodriguez was having his hearing. According to A-Rod’s lawyer Joe Tacopina, the hearing went well. When A-Rod eventually came out of the building earlier today, reporters swarmed him while A-Rod tried to make his way to his SUV. Conversation was pretty much limited:

Alex Rodriguez: “Thank you, thank you, great, thank you.”

Joe Tacopina: “It went well”.

Yeah…not much to write a story about. Good news is, A-Rod has to go back to MLB’s headquarters tomorrow to continue the appeal process. Here’s hoping to more news from A-Rod?

 If you’re looking for a baseball fix, Game 163 between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers is on TBS. Rays currently have a 3-1 lead over the Rangers in the fourth inning.

4 thoughts on “Rodriguez’s lawyer says “hearing went well”

  • Rob Abruzzese

    I don't think that the two things are really tied together. It certainly can't hurt the chances of re-signing Cano if they don't have to worry about A-Rod's salary, but it will have any effect if he got the suspension totally lifted though.

    • tom

      Will his AAV of 27.5m be waived if he receive any kind of suspension?

      If so, with 80 games docked, Arod's about 18m (12m remaining contract +6m milestone bonus) would be accountable for 2014 luxury tax. Is that right?

  • Rob Abruzzese

    Any money he loses because of the suspension will not count against the luxury tax. So 80 games would probably be right around $13-$14 million off the books.

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