Some Yankees off-day notes

David Robertson

Since it’s an off-day for the Yankees, let’s go over some of the notes that have been fluttering around today.

Joe Girardi was not pleased with his Yankees team after yesterday’s 9-2 loss and had a “very stern conversation” with them in the clubhouse right before they left for Toronto. Girardi gave the same stern conversation to the media members regarding the Yankees.

— The Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays are facing one another, a series that is vital for the Yankees. The Rays and Rangers share the two Wild Cards and one of the teams would have to lose. No matter which team wins, the Yankees will gain a half game tonight.

— Another vital game for the Yankees is the Cleveland Indians and the Kansas City Royals If the Indians win, they’ll push whichever team loses from the Rays and Rangers game out for the second WC spot. If the Royals win, they’ll be tied with the Yankees.

The Yankees pitching staff has been terrible vs. the Boston Red Sox this season, posting a 6.19 ERA, breaking the 6.17 ERA record set in 1959.

— David Robertson was announced as a finalist for the Roberto Clemente Award for his work with High Socks For Hope.

Photo credit: (October 6, 2012 – Source: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images North America) 

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  1. gcorcoran says:

    Delia, just want to say you've done a fantastic job since taking over for Rob. Keep up the good work!

    It's pretty shocking that the Yanks' pitching staff has been that bad against Boston. At the beginning of the season I'd have never come close to predicting that. I can't believe they are still anywhere near the wild card. This has been such a weird season.

  2. Keep up the acceptable work!

    It's appealing abominable that the Yanks' casting agents has been that bad adjoin Boston. At the alpha of the division I'd accept never appear abutting to admiration that. I can't accept they are still anywhere abreast the agrarian card. This has been such a awe-inspiring season.

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