Tensions rise as Yankees fall to Orioles 4-2

Joe Girardi

With 18 games to play after tonight’s, a win was vital for the Yankees. However, the lineup chose the wrong time to slumber against the Orioles as they fell 4-2, making them an even 3 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays in the Wild Card.

The Yankees scored both their runs on the long ball, one by Alex Rodriguez in the first inning, the other by Lyle Overbay in the eighth inning. No one on the Yankees walked during the game and the Yankees didn’t have two base runners on in the same inning the entire night.

CC Sabathia (13-12) gave up four runs on seven hits to the Orioles, including four doubles. If anything, Sabathia provided length, resting the bullpen for 8.1 IP before handing the ball to Adam Warren to get the final two outs of the inning.

Both the Orioles and Cleveland Indians won tonight, so now the Yankees are a game and  a half behind both those teams. Best case scenario for the Yankees would be to go 5-1 against Baltimore and the Boston Red Sox in order to re-show their dominance in the Wild Card hunt.

— The Yankees loss took a backseat for the moment after an argument between Buck Showalter and Joe Girardi in the first inning earned the interest of Yankees and Orioles fans. The fight seemed to be about Girardi accusing the Orioles 3B coach Bobby Dickerson of stealing signs off catcher Austin Romine. Showalter was livid and had to be restrained by the umpires to prevent things from getting physical. Girardi wouldn’t comment about the incident but did say “I’m going to protect our players always.”

Photo credit: (September 8, 2013 – Source: Greg Fiume/Getty Images North America)

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3 Responses to Tensions rise as Yankees fall to Orioles 4-2

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    I think Joe would TKO Buck, 2 rounds max. In fact he deserves a good slap for his whining about A-Rod playing while he appeals his suspension. This is still America Showalter. He's just upset, still, for being fired by both the Yankees and the Rangers, only to see the clubs go to the World Series the very next year.

  2. Michael R says:

    My guess would be that there is more to this than sign-stealing, which has been a part of baseball since teams started using them. Besides, the Orioles couldn't steal signs if Romine is doing his job protecting them. There has to be more.

  3. Berdj Rassam says:

    Other than A Rod and Overbay, no one else showed up for the Yankees offense. Tough to win that way.

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