Timely hits give Yankees a 5-4 victory over Orioles

Yanks 3

If the game of baseball was judged by how many hits a team had during the game, then the Baltimore Orioles would win, outhitting the Yankees 13-6. However, what mattered in today’s game was the importance of the hits. The Yankees scored five runs on six hits, Andy Pettitte pitched effectively through 6.1 IP and Mariano Rivera was able to close the door as the Yankees beat the Orioles 5-4, vaulting over them and the Cleveland Indians in the Wild Card standings.

The Yankees scored their five runs in typical fashion: A run manufactured by Brett Gardner in the first inning, a home run by Curtis Granderson in the fifth inning, a home run by Alex Rodriguez in the sixth inning, a home run by Robinson Cano in the ninth inning and an RBI infield single by Lyle Overbay also in the ninth inning.

After being denied wins in his last two starts, Andy Pettitte pitch effectively, giving up three runs on nine hits while striking out three. Unfortunately, Pettitte was denied the win in this start as well. The game was tied when Pettitte departed. Fortunately for the Yankees, Shawn Kelley returned to form, getting the last two outs of the seventh inning. David Robertson (5-1) returned from injury, pitching a scoreless eighth and Mariano Rivera (43 Saves) closed the door, although he did give up a RBI single Brian Roberts to bring the Orioles within one run.

Joe Girardi announced that Phil Hughes will get the start over David Huff tomorrow due to “experience”. Well…I guess we can always count on John Flaherty on his honesty about the situation: 


— Mariano Rivera notched his 79th career save vs. the Baltimore Orioles tonight, making it the most saves by any pitcher vs. any team in history.

Here’s what Andy Pettitte had to say about long time friend Derek Jeter and his injury: “I hate it for him. I know he wouldn’t want anything more than going through this grind and going through this time of year.”

Photo credit: (September 10, 2013 – Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America)


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2 Responses to Timely hits give Yankees a 5-4 victory over Orioles

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    At least Hughes will be pitching at Camden, he's decent on the road and lethal at home.

    • jfs says:

      he sucks at home because the stadium is too home run friendly. if theres any other park thats as home run friendly as yankee stadium, its camden.

      especially camden with chris davis, adam jones and matt wieters.

      i have a feeling we will be seeing huff by the 4th inning

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