Yankees drop series finale in 6-2 loss to Blue Jays

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Yankees fans would have to begin to wonder if this is the end for the 2013 team. They’ve looked lifeless during the Blue Jays series, they went 4-6 on an important road-trip and they’re now 3.5 games behind for the second Wild Card. Dropping tonight’s game may make fans realize that the postseason might not happen, as they would have to go 8-1 in their last nine games to even have a chance.

There were many question marks during tonight’s game, but the main one had to be, why bring Joba Chamberlain into a game that the Yankees needed? The Yankee were only trailing 3-1 when Chamberlain came on the mound. However, a walk, a single and a home run by Adam Lind sealed the Yankees fate. Chamberlain did not record an out before he was pulled.

The Yankees scored their two runs on a Curtis Granderson home run in the sixth inning and on a ground out by Vernon Wells in the ninth inning. The Yankees have three more series to go, and maybe we’ll see if the Yankees have enough to possibly win their games and hopefully clinch a playoff berth. The realist in me is saying, it’s doubtful, but the optimist in me is saying anything could happen the final week and a half of the season.

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Photo credit: (September 18, 2013 – Source: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America)

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3 Responses to Yankees drop series finale in 6-2 loss to Blue Jays

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Losing Gardner was the end. They've got nothing left. They might still go 6-3 over their the last 9, but it'll take tons of help to make it now.
    Clean house for 2014!

  2. euie48 says:

    these guys are running on fumes and do NOT belong in any kind of playoff..! Clear out the old guys..

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