Yankees finish season with 5-1 victory over Astros

Reynold 2

It was a very wacky final game of the season, and I guess we should start by saying Joe Girardi wasn’t managing this game–at least for the first nine innings. Yep, the one that called all the shots (although Girardi went to the mound to get the pitchers) was none other than Jayson Nix. For only doing nine innings of a 14-inning game, Nix did a fantastic job.

David Huff started the game for the Yankees, posting a 2.37 ERA in nine-game appearances (not counting the Boston Red Sox game) and gave up one run in five innings. With the Yankees having a lot of slots open next season, Huff could be in the position to get a job with the Yankees either in the bullpen or possibly the starting ovation.

What stood out from the game happened in the 14th inning. Mark Reynolds broke the 1-1 tie with a solo home run–then grabs his bats, gloves, hugs everyone in the dugout and literally goes home. He told the media before he left he had a flight to catch to Arizona. Well, at least he left us with a present–a victory.

Now the Yankees head into the offseason, Andy Pettitte goes home to Houston and Mariano Rivera goes “off to never, neverland.” It was a tough year, but for a team that was supposed to be in last place, the Yankees overachieved with the lineup they had, ending the season with a record over .500, and a season not to be too embarrassed about. 2013 was an okay year, but 2014 is when we get our players back, and once they step on the field in February, we can finally say…”game on.”

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