Yankees put Jeter on DL again, effectively ending his season

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The way Derek Jeter‘s 2013 season has been, you could say that this was a “fitting ending”. At least, that’s how The Captain described it. Before tonight’s game Brian Cashman announced that Derek Jeter was heading back on the DL, which would end his frustrating 2013 season.

Jeter only played 17 games in 2013, hitting .190 with 1 HR and 7 RBI’s. Jeter had done two other stints on the disabled list, the first stint to help heal his surgically repaired ankle and his second stint due to a Grade 1 quad strain.

Jeter had a CT scan on Saturday and although the results were negative, the Yankees sent the CT results to Dr. Robert Anderson, who performed Jeter’s ankle surgery during the offseason. Anderson revealed that many areas in Jeter’s ankle weren’t strengthened. Apparently, the injury was a bit more serious than anyone perceived.

“This was a much more difficult rehabilitation situation than we’ve ever expected.” Cashman said to the media. As for how Jeter took the news, Cashman said Jeter understood. “This was what was best for Derek. Something’s got to give at some point the more we run him out there.”

Derek Jeter took the podium afterwards, appearing somber as reality came upon him that he wasn’t going to play another game in 2013. He did try to quip a joke here and there to lighten the mood, but emotion was in Jeter’s eyes as he spoke..

“It’s very disappointing not to be able to play.” Jeter said. “This is when I want to play the most.”

Jeter was asked if he believed this was a career threatening injury, but Jeter didn’t think so. “I haven’t been able to work out my legs since October of last year. We really just think that it’s a lack of strength.”

So, will Derek Jeter play in 2014?

“You don’t start thinking about the end just because you have an injury. I’ll have an entire offseason to strengthen my legs. That’s what we’re talking about here. I truly believe that with a full offseason workout, how I’m used to working out, I can return to doing what I normally do.”

You heard it here folks. Coming next Spring, “The Captain Returns: Part 4.” Let’s just hope this is the last installment.

Photo credit: (September 9, 2013 – Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America) 

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  1. Michael R says:

    The real question is what's really wrong with the ankle? The Yankee management has a habit of down playing everyone's injury, and Jeter never says much of anything. Signing Ryan speaks volumes though. It'll be an off season of pure speculation and frustration for the fans.

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