$300 Million not enough to fix the Yankees, says Insider

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The New York Yankees are reportedly going to go on a $300 Million shopping spree, but according to ESPN Insider, it looks as if $300 Million won’t be enough to bring a sinking Yankees team back to championship form.

Mike Petriello of ESPN Insider wrote a column this morning about why he believed $300 Million wouldn’t be enough to keep the Yankees in contention. You have to have a subscription to read the article but ESPNNewYork was gracious enough to put a snippet of the article on their blog:

So sure, the Yankees could gamble on Japanese import Masahiro Tanaka to join the rotation, or add the aging (yet still productive) Carlos Beltran to the outfield, or make a risky bet on catcher Brian McCann — or even all three. To do so would add something in the neighborhood of $45 million in salary (Tanaka’s posting fee would not count against the luxury tax), and would basically max out the remaining available payroll. It also leaves them perhaps two pitchers short of a rotation (depending on what free agent Kuroda does), light in the bullpen and without any sort of adequate backup plans for the multitude of risks Teixeira, Jeter and Rodriguez offer in the infield.

For this plan to work, the team would need an influx of talent from the minors to make an immediate impact, but the Yankees don’t have the kind of prospects on the horizon who can be expected to make a difference in 2014.

The Yankees can improve their team this winter, and they can also stay under the cap limit. It’s just going to be very hard to do both, and unless Sabathia, Teixeira and Jeter suddenly look like they did five years ago, the Yankees might not be able to spend their way out of this hole any time soon.

So could Petriello be right about the Yankees woes, or could $300 Million be enough to bring back the Yankees we all grew up with? There’s only one way to find out.

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18 Responses to $300 Million not enough to fix the Yankees, says Insider

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    No amount of money will fix things if you blunder. Beltran is 36 with 41 year old knees, and would cost a draft pick. McCann is not a good defensive catcher, and hit .256 last year, what is the appeal of that?
    Here's what to do:
    1) Admit the obvious, Cano wants too much money and is not the type of player to build a team around. Let Texas or Detroit drink the kool-aid and pay this jerk $300 mil. Either sign Brian Roberts or Omar Infante for 2B, or roll the dice with Corban Joseph, either way banking the draft pick for losing Cano. Use the money saved elsewhere.
    2) Re-sign Ryan for SS and Reynolds for 3B. Both should come cheaply and on 1 year deals.
    3) Jeter is DH. They should burn his glove unless he wants to play 3B and be backup 1B.
    4) C is the deepest position in the farm system. Romine and Murphy are your tandem for 2014. Cut Stewart and Cervelli loose. Great if you could trade them, but no great loss if you can't.
    5) Granderson gets offered the QO. If he declines things get tricky as we must upgrade in RF. Cashman will have to swing a trade or someone steps up from the farm. If he accepts, immediately seek to trade Wells and Suzuki – both these guys looked shot last year.
    6) Sign Tanaka. 6 years for $60 mil. No draft pick is lost.
    7) Sign Garza. I know he's not what he used to be, but he's good and has AL East experience and won't cost a draft pick. 5 years and $65 mil.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Your rotation is Sabathia, Garza, Tanaka, Kuroda (if he accepts the QO) or Phelps (if Kuroda wants more than the Qo) and Pineda.
    Use the bullpen to bring up young pitchers. The average age of the bullpen should be no more than 25. Veteran, and expensive, relievers are the most overvalued commodity in the game. A team that is looking to reduce payroll and develop it's own pitchers simply must use the bullpen as the laboratory.
    C – Romine/Murphy. 1B Teixeira (backed up by Jeter), 2B Roberts/Infante/Joseph. SS – Ryan. 3B- Reynolds, Mustelier/Adams. LF – Soriano. CF – Gardner. RF Granderson (if he accepts the QO) or perhaps Choo if they go FA. DH – Jeter.
    Say good bye to: Hughes, Chamberlain, Youkilis, Stewart, Nix, Pettitte, Rivera, Hafner, Overbay.
    Trade: Cervelli, Wells, Suzuki, Nunez.

    • Edwards says:

      In accordance to the lat night game in Venezuela winter league between Magallanes and Caracas they mentioned that Cervelli health conditions will probably required another arm operation, he will be visiting with his doctor this coming week. He is not participating at present in the winter league. So the the trade it's a big question.

  3. Billballs says:

    Actually like this plan

  4. Ale says:

    Where's nova?

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Yeah, forgot about him. Sabathia, Garza, Tanaka, Nova, Pineda. Let's hope Kuroda rejects the QO and signs with the Dodgers.

  5. Dave Harris says:

    Anything an ESPN writer says I take with a grain of salt. They hate the Yankees and don't have a clue. Maybe they can't stock a team for $300M but Cashman can. In the Yankees I trust. We don't need any ESPN Yankee hater telling us what we can and can't do!

  6. Gary H says:

    I also like the plan but if it takes a year of patience, reducing luxury tax and going again then sobeit. I want a plan not the comedic front office throwing plasters on this problem. In any other business, clowns are found out and launched but in pro sport, Niro's can fiddle whilst in this case, the Bronx burns!! Get a grip

  7. Ajay says:

    Why do u all have these bad ideas. What the Yankees need is a complete overhaul. Stop dreaming of the past. There is a lot of old dead wood on this team, including Jeter. Wake up everybody,

  8. Michael R says:

    I certainly agree with TT about Cano. Too much money and the wrong kind of leadership. Though it will take longer, the feeder system needs an overhaul to insure that promising young players get a chance to develop and show their skills in the "Bigs". Purchasing old players is a quick fix solution which, more often than not, fails to live up to expectations.

  9. enter42 says:

    If Cano won't accept 7yrs/$175mil then he is living in a fantasy world. If you want out of NY for whatever reason then just say so, otherwise, collect $175mil and get back to work.

    • EDDIE says:

      Cano's apparently it's leaving at present in a fantasy world. Trade him now or NYY will be sorry soon.

  10. Adamreendo says:

    Kid Pitchers….,Pineda… Phelps…..and

  11. Tanzo says:

    Espn doesn't know everything. I disagree with their assumptions. If you get jeter and cc back to 2012 production, that would be great. 5 years is a joke. Having Tex back for the full year will also be a big improvement. Just those 3 will bring in about 5-7 more wins.

  12. gcorcoran says:

    Of course they're right… but they didn't contribute anything intellectually to the conversation. Everyone know you can't win a world series by going out and buying free agents, at least not consistently. This is not new information.

    Any dimwit can say that if the Yankees just spend 300 mill and dont do anything else they are destined to fail next season. Did I need an "espnESPN insider" to tell me that? No. You're also a dimwit if you think the Yankees won't be trying to get better in other ways too. They will explore the trade market as well, and they will see what value they can extract from their young players. They also hope to have a healthier season.

    I was not impressed with this ESPN article at all. Just trying to generate publicity and buzz by saying negative things about the most popular team in the world.

  13. gcorcoran says:

    Also, I take exception to the line about CC, Tex, and Jeter needing to look like they did 5 years ago to have success. Jester, TeX, and CC have all had successful seasons much more recently than that.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Agreed. If they just look like they did in 2012 we should be fine. That of course is an open question with Sabathia and Jeter.

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