A-Rod files another lawsuit for “medical malpractice”


And the lawsuits just keep on coming. Alex Rodriguez filed his second lawsuit of the day,suing Dr. Christopher Ahmad and Columbia Presbyterian for “medical malpractice”.

A-Rod’s camp indicated that they would sue based on a misdiagnosis of his hip injury in October 2012 that ultimately required surgery in the offseason.

— Let’s go back to the first lawsuit for a moment. I took time and scanned the 33-page lawsuit document  and here are some of the points that Rodriguez brings up in his suit:

– Rodriguez accuses the league of “vigilante justice”, claiming that the league agreed to pay millions of dollars and promising further employment in return for evidence and testimony. The suit also says MLB bullied and intimidated individuals who refused to cooperate.

– The suit claims that Rodriguez lost endorsements with Nike and Toyota and Rodriguez blames MLB for the leaks and accusations which possibly caused the ties with the endorsements to be severed.

The league’s “scorched-earth approach” to the Biogenesis investigation was strictly an attempt to “harass and embarrass Rodriguez and prevent him from performing his agreement with the New York Yankees and from obtaining endorsement deals.”

— After Rodriguez filed his lawsuit claims, Lester Munson wrote an article for ESPN, explaining that Rodriguez’s lawsuit doesn’t have “legal muscle”. However, the lawsuit could work as a declaration of war against MLB and commissioner Bug Selig. Here’s an excerpt from the ESPN article:

If legal theories were to be ranked by their validity and strength, “tortious interference” would be at the bottom. If you want to sue someone and have no legitimate basis for suing them, you use “tortious interference” as the theory. … (If) Rodriquez really wanted to present his grievance in a public court action, he would have said that MLB’s misconduct must be stopped immediately with an injunction. If he asked for an injunction, he would be in court in a matter of days. He did not ask for an injunction. He does not want his assertions tested in court in a public hearing on an injunction. He is asking instead for compensatory and punitive damages. He wants money.

If you’re looking for an interesting read, I put the links for both the lawsuit and the ESPN article. I’m sure the lawsuit and the ESPN article can explain it better than I can, because I’m not going to pretend I’m a lawyer.

Now, let’s move onto news that’s not about A-Rod: the Yankees made an offer to manager Joe Girardi. There’s no news as to how much the Yankees offered to him, but Girardi is expected to make a decision  sometime this weekend.


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3 Responses to A-Rod files another lawsuit for “medical malpractice”

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    The Yankees should hire Brian Gilhooey.

  2. Kate says:

    Isn’t it pathetic to know that clinical negligence claims have become an irresistive issue in the major parts of the world, despite the fact that the medical field has undergone much technical advancement in the past few years?

  3. hotdog says:

    Arod's team is now a bunch of high priced lawyers…someone should advise him about the viability of these law suits and the impact it may have elsewhere…and that should not be done by the high priced lawyers…

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