A-Rod: MLB investigation a “house of horror”

A-Rod 15

It’s only fitting on Halloween that Alex Rodriguez makes a statement that includes the words ‘house of horror’. Here’s A-Rod’s statement:

“I am deeply troubled by my team’s investigative findings with respect to MLB’s conduct,” Rodriguez said in a statement released through his spokesman. “How can the gross, ongoing misconduct of the MLB investigations division not be relevant to my suspension, when my suspension supposedly results directly from that division’s work?

“It is sad that Commissioner Selig once again is turning a blind eye, knowing that crimes are being committed under his regime. I have 100% faith in my legal team. To be sure, this fight is necessary to protect me, but it also serves the interests of the next 18-year-old coming into the league, to be sure he doesn’t step into the house of horrors that I am being forced to walk through.”

Can anyone say that this was a confusing moment to issue a statement? It’s Halloween, the day after the season ended. Well, according to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, A-Rod’s camp released the statement because Bud Selig said during the World Series that he stands by his investigated team and investigation of the Biogensis Scandal.

This isn’t the first time Rodriguez has made headlines during a Boston Red Sox postseason. As we can recall in 2007, A-Rod opted out of his Yankees contract, only to sign a ten year extension. Do you think the Yankees wish they had a time machine now?

Rodriguez continues to believe Major League Baseball is out to get him and that the evidence is tainted. We heard this story a million times. But thanks for the “house of horror’ statement A-Rod. That should hold Yankees fans over until the arbitrator releases the final statement in your case.

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6 Responses to A-Rod: MLB investigation a “house of horror”

  1. James Dogg says:

    While there may be some truth in the notion that MLB and Selig have lost some perspective in the pursuit of ARod, this "statement" is wacko– So look Alex– you admitted using illegal PEDs in the past and have admitted to being a "consultant" to a clinic that is now known to have been providing illegal PEDs to MLB players including some of your team mates. Other players, including teammates have accepted suspensions for using PEDs in connection to the clinic you are a consultant for. Those facts alone, with nothing more, should give you reason to stop taking this "I am an innocent kid being persecuted by the nasty MLB" attitude. If they prove nothing more against you, your own admission to being a consultant for the clinic that was providing illegal substances to MLB players AFTER you admitted to having used illegal substances yourself should support some level of suspension. Do us all a huge favor—just go away.

  2. Michael R says:

    With his ego going away just isn't an option. Somehow, someway' he needs to be sent somewhere, anywhere, please.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    The people who played a role in his re-signing should be fired (Randy Levine) or made to clean the men's toilet underneath the bleachers until he's gone (Hank Steinbrenner). As of right now, the worst contract in the history of professional sports.

  4. Michael R says:


  5. Joe says:

    I'm still shocked to this day that the Yanks gave Alex a 10/275 million dollar deal after he was basically forced to come crawling back on his knees to Andy Levine(to ask for a meeting) when there were no other suitors even coming close to his contract demands. The Yanks obliged but only if Scott Boras was absent from those meetings. Then Yankee Brass made the biggest blunder in the history of sports by giving Alex his cake and letting him still eat it to. IMO I still say with full confidence that they could have signed him for 6/150 or 7/170 tops. I would like to ask Rob or anyone else with knowledge of the situation if they knowingly or honestly think that any other MLB teams at that time would have topped a Yankee offer of 7/170? If I remember correctly there was basically no interest in Alex after his horrid 2007 playoff showing which coincidentally was his 2nd or 3rd terrible October in a row at that time.

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