Cano in waging battle–child support battle, that is

Robbie Cano

Robinson Cano has had an interesting offseason. No, I’m not just talking about the quest to get a $300 Million contract from the Yankees or risk going somewhere else. Apparently, Cano is also in the middle of a bitter child support battle.

All right, before we continue on with the story, raise your hand if you knew Robinson Cano actually had a son before today? Anyone? Nope, okay. I thought so.

Moving on, Jackelin Castro, the mother of her and Cano’s 3-year-old son filed a child-support claim last month against Cano. They have a November 7 court date in the Dominican Republic, but Cano is not expected to attend.

According to ESPN, Castro told them that Cano is “an absentee¬†tight-with-a-buck father, saying he has skimped on adequate support for his son by paying about $600 a month.” Cano claims he’s paying what the courts regulated.

Cano released a statement yesterday via his publicist on the matter:

“I have gone above and beyond to care for my child, including an agreed upon monthly stipend, a house, a car, insurance, school and other essentials for the baby and his mother as well as many other things including toys and clothing. This is a private matter and I will not fight it in the media, nor will I say anything disparaging about the mother of my child or comment any further. I look forward to an amicable resolution that will allow me time with my son.”

I don’t normally like to put my two cents in articles like these but–Cano, you make millions of dollars! It wouldn’t kill you to hand over more than $600 a month.

Note:¬†Now that we have that out of the way, I’m posting a “Yankees Mailbag” article tomorrow. If you have any questions about the Yankees that you would like answered, then put the questions in the comments section below. You can also send Yankees questions to my Twitter account @dfiregirl4. Can’t wait to read them!

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9 Responses to Cano in waging battle–child support battle, that is

  1. Michael R says:

    IF the facts are correct, and I say IF, this situation gives us plenty of insight regarding Cano's character. Quite a player, but spending tons of money on him might not be best for the team. He always has been an individual type of player, not a team player. I cannot picture him as the next Yankee leader. "Selfish" might be an apt word to describe him.

  2. Bernard Kane says:

    Having had to pay child support myself, I can understand his situation. It is not a matter of the $600 necessarily. And I am certain that if the court regulated more, he would meet that obligation. His statement that he has also provided many other things that probably were not in the decree means he has met his responsibility and then some. The stipend may be quite some cash in the DR, and combined with the house, insurance, car, school etc. seems like quite a lot. Also, we do not know with whom he has to deal. She may be a difficult co-parent, in which case he is best to adhere to the decree exactly in order to preserve his visitation and other rights, down the road. And lastly, if you don't like to put your two cents in, then don't.

    • Alyce Briley says:

      That was good advice. Their judging him and they do have all the facts. We should not judge people anyway.

  3. tom says:

    2 cent comment needs to be removed because it is he said, she said situation and you already implied to be sided with the mother of his child without hard facts being checked up.

  4. tom says:

    On different news, What the F was wrong with Chad Curtis? copping a feel on teenagers?

  5. @Jim_Catfish says:

    Hey Mr sports writer, do you know for a fact that its 600.00? No? I didn't think so. This is none of your business. As for Yankee fans or any sports fan, its none of their business.

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