Cashman to offer new deal to Girardi on Wednesday

Cashman and Girardi

Brian Cashman had his end of the season press conference today and one of the main topics he focused on was Joe Girardi. The Yankees skipper’s contract ends on October 31, but Cashman is willing to offer Giardi a brand new deal as early as tomorrow.

Cashman is going to meet with Girardi’s agent to discuss a possible contract and if Cashman re-signs Girardi, you can expect the coaching staff to follow suit. Cashman wouldn’t answer if he would give the Cubs permission to interview Girardi (who are reportedly also interested in signing Girardi), but a source said after the press conference that the Yankees wouldn’t give the Cubs permission.

Cashman also addressed the free agency of Robinson Cano. When asked if Cano’s free agency would affect the signing of Girardi, Cashman said this:

“I think that gets dictated by our discussions. That has nothing to do with the process itself. That’s an individual player conversation. I could have an interest in Chad Jennings (writer for Lohud Yankees) to a certain level, and you negotiate what you negotiate, and we either find common ground or we don’t.”

For now, Cashman is going to be on the radar for players–and I don’t think he’d have to look far for a replacement third baseman if Alex Rodriguez is suspended by Major League Baseball. Mark Reynolds asked his agent to call Cashman to express his interest in rejoining the team.

There’s one player Cashman. Now you have to find about ten more players to make this a playoff team again.

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5 Responses to Cashman to offer new deal to Girardi on Wednesday

  1. David McCann says:

    The Yankees finished out of the playoffs by a few games. It will not take ten players to make the Yankees good. I follow many sites including yours and I am old enough to have watched Yogi in his prime and I can say , with little fear of contradiction, that I have never seen so much whining in my life.

    The internet is a wonderful gift to human kind. We all have an obligation to treat it with respect. This includes Yankee baseball sites. Exaggeration doesn't prove anything. Try analysis instead of hyperbole.

  2. tim says:

    I think a trade or FA signing for a solid starter or two. Not saying that FA or trades for quality starters are easy to come by it's a tall order for sure. Resign Cano, Reynolds, Grandy. Get Jeter and Tex. healthy too. They should keep Ryan for defense also.
    This should make them ok for next season. they will have power back in lineup and if CC can bounce back Nova seems to finally be ace type pitcher. If have to use farm system we go with phelps and Warren too. Kuroda seems to be a possibility now also. Only time will tell what 2014 will look like, But it may actually be ok!

    • raymond vega says:

      I do agree with you all the way.but one more power bat brian mcann easy outs short porch team player ask mr gomez.

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