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Chase Headley

There’s a possibility that the Yankees might have to look outside of the organization for a third basemen if Alex Rodriguez is to serve a suspension in 2014 and many names have popped up as candidates for the role. However, Chase Headley‘s name differs from the other names that have popped up here and there: he’s not a free agent this offseason. He’s one of the most important pieces to the San Diego Padres team, but it doesn’t look as if the Padres are going to contend for the playoffs in the near future. Though the Padres have been hesitant to trade Headley in the past, he could be on the trading block this offseason for the right price. Now it’s time to put on our thinking caps and pretend we are the owners of the Yankees for a moment and ask ourselves this question: do the Yankees have the right pieces to trade for Chase Headley?

Headley would make approximately $9 Million next season and teams that usually trade away their best players want prospects that are ready for the Major League Level. Let’s face it–the Yankees don’t have those types of players.

Sure the Yankees could possibly headline a trade with Ivan Nova (who as of right now is their number two starter) but if they do so, then the Yankees will have to fill four rotation spots instead of three. Other homegrown talent such as Brett Gardner would be out of the question due to age; Gardner will be 31 in 2014 and the Padres would want young, controllable players.

Despite the lack of players to trade, Headley would be the perfect fit for the Yankees due to his versatility of playing third base and the outfield. A player that could play multiple positions on the field offers less fragility to a team in case an outfielder is on the disabled list due to injuries.

As nice as it would be to envision Chase Headley in Yankees pinstripes, the Yankees don’t have many (or any?) major league ready prospects to trade at this point. Unfortunately, we all seem to know what that means–it’s back to the drawing board for the organization.

25 thoughts on “Could the Yankees trade for Chase Headley?

  • Joe

    I have recommended that the Yankees trade for Headley for months. They could have offered Hughes, chamberlain, Gardner, Stewart, Nunez , and some minor league prospects, They could have put a group of players to entice San Diego, however as usual they sat on their collective asses!!

  • Jack

    Hey why don't you look up his overall stats since he has been in the league and I was referring to comments that I posted on line genius When you trade with another team you open a dialect with them and see where it goes. I hope they talk about getting . By the way are you aYankee fan??

  • Jack

    He hit 80 he's in a pitcher friendly park, is signed for next yr , good defensive 3rd basemen , all star , under 30 yrs of age, is a lefty swinger who will hit more he's with short porch in Yankee stadium. Also I think can play ss, 2b but Yanks should not try to get him. The Yanks should definitely start talks with S.D. Now!!! Are you kidding me

  • Jack

    Every time I read these emails Gardner is mentioned as if he was the 2nd coming. How about Banuelos Nova Nunez and a couple of those prized outfielders the Yanks are always talking about. It never hurts too open up conversations with a team looking to trade someone you may be interested in to see where it goes!!

  • mikefoxtrot

    Headley would be damn far from perfect. If the Yankees are gonna trade for somebody able to play third, Tulowitzki is in every way superior.

    heck, the Yankees would do better to sign Jhonny Peralta than to give up prospects for Headley.

  • Donnie

    We have nothing other than Nova or a Gardner to off. I am confused as to why we need him this year. would make more sense to sign him as a free agent next year. Sorry but A-rod will be back this year. he might receive a 50 game suspension. Personally we need a shortstop going forwards. A-rod is still in the top 15 third-basemen in baseball. Might even crack top 10 when you consider his defense. I believe that a comvination of Nunez, Adams, Musteleir or even Jeter can get job done till A-rod returns.

    We have at best a 40 year old short stop who is or has become a liability on defense. Truth is there has been no prove that he can even return to that position, because of his leg and ankle problems. This needs to be addressed. We have no prospect that are within 2 yrs of helping out here. do you want Nunez at short? I think it is time to move Nunez, David Phelps, and or Brett Gardner. Brett may have finally arrived but he is injury prone. Going to be 31 next year and only controllable for next two years. He has been on DL every year.
    We need a future shortstop and nothing in th 2015 free agent market is promising nor in our farmsystem till maybe 2015 or 2016. Time to look long and hard at other teams rosters and up their up and coming short stops that seem to be nearing or ready for the big leagues.

  • Joe

    .250 with 13 HR and a very pedestrian OPS? Not bad but I wouldn't trade any top prospects for that type of production.

  • hotdog

    I'd like to see Gary Sanchez at AAA next year…he starts of at AA, hopefully plays well enough, gets promoted and maybe he sees a few games in the majors…does the organization still see Sanchez as their catcher in a year or two…

  • hotdog

    I'd keep Gardner…still is a table setter with a great glove and one of the few Yankees who can steal a base and drop a bunt…again, if someone wants him bad enough or if the deal is too important to turn down, consider a trade but I would not offer him up too easily…i might even sign him to an extension if he maintains or shows improvement in 2014…

  • hotdog

    I would also say that Gardner is just as good as Mickey Rivers was for the Yankees…Rivers had a better average but obp was comparable as were stolen bases…if you trade Gardner, you better be getting something really good in return…it would have been hard to replace Mickey Rivers but then again, Willie Randolph batting 2nd was a constant and could draw walks leading up to the big hitters…both good acquisitions and they didn't cost an arm and a leg…add guys like Graig Nettles, Reggie Jackson and Chris Chambliss and you have a well rounded team…the Hafners, Overbays, Youkilis, Vernon Wells etc., just won't do it…got to pay the piper and upgrade…

  • olie

    Would agree with everything you said except Gardner being as good as Mickey Rivers. Rivers didn't get sat against tough lefty's and there is a difference between trying to drop a bunt and actually doing it! But your right he is a good outfielder.

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