Girardi’s decision to come shortly

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Imagine you’re on one of those game shows they give on television. There are three doors in front of you, each with a different option, not knowing which one you were going to pick. That’s the situation Joe Girardi is in at this moment. He has three options available, needing to make a decision about where he will take his managerial career. Will Joe Girardi choose:

Door #1: Stay with the New York Yankees?

Door #2: Go home to Chicago and manage the Chicago Cubs?

Door #3: Not manage at all and stay home?

Well, whatever Girardi decides, we should know about in the next 36-72 hours. Girardi told the media that he’d like to settle the contract as quickly and easily as possible and it looked as if Girardi got a head start when his agent met with Brian Cashman yesterday.

As much as I like the Yankees, “quick and easy” isn’t exactly their motto. Remember, they hassled Derek Jeter his free agent year…and he’s Derek Jeter. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn into another Jeter scenario–and hopefully Girardi comes back to manage next season.

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