Hal Steinbrenner on Girardi, Cano, Jeter, Rodriguez

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Hal Steinbrenner appeared on a radio show earlier this afternoon with Mike Francesa and he spoke about the current state of some Yankees staff/players. He spoke about Joe Girardi, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez during his interview with the rumbling news around them increasing. Here were his thoughts.

Joe Girardi’s contract negotiations: “I made it clear to him that we do want him back. We think, my family thinks, that he did a great job this season given everything that happened. We’re going to try to work something out. We’re going to try to work out a deal that’s fair for both of us and acceptable. As always there’s other factors involved and things to be overcome, but we’re working on it. I think we both agree, both sides agree, that it [contract negotiations] needs to be done quickly. Because, quite frankly, we’re going to be starting our baseball meetings as we always do soon, and we want the manager — whoever that is, hopefully Joe — to be a big part of them. So, sooner rather than later. I think we both agree on that.”

Alex Rodriguez’s suspension hearing: “That’s a two-way street. None of us know what’s going to happen of course, but if he’s not with us, obviously that’s a (financial) factor that makes a difference, but at the same time, you’ve lost one of the best third basemen in baseball. There’s a downside either way, I guess, is the way I would put it.”

Alex Rodriguez’s lawsuit vs. Dr. Chris Ahmad: “I really don’t want to talk about that. It’s an ongoing litigation at this point. We’re not involved with any of it. … I can say that we, we, have a lot of confidence in Chris Ahmad, and I know a lot of the players do as well. I can’t comment on the lawsuit itself, but we certainly have confidence in Chris Ahmad.”

Robinson Cano’s free agency: “It sounds like he wants to go out and test the market and talk to whoever he needs or wants to talk to, and that’s not unusual of course. We want him back, he knows that, and within reason, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that happens. Time will tell.”

Derek Jeter returning next season: “Nobody’s got a better chance than him. Nobody has more drive and nobody wants to be there to contribute more than he does. We’re absolutely planning on him being back. But having said that, his age is his age, and the injury is a fairly severe one, but we’re hoping and praying and we expect him to be with us.”

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    ¿How Jeter feel about Girardi back as Manager for next year?

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