John Sterling will call the Kitten Bowl

John Sterling

I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted to. Here’s the story from Newsday:

Hallmark Channel announced Monday that it will carry the first ever “Kitten Bowl” on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, with John Sterling on play-by-play and Beth Stern, wife of Howard, as host.

No, really. I think.

Kitten Bowl will be conducted in association with North Shore Animal League America, with all of the participating kittens guaranteed homes when the big event is over.

The news release for the event said it is part of the channel’s “Pet Project” initiative, which is “devoted to celebrating pets and the incredible joy and enrichment they bring to our lives.”

Ms. Stern is a long-time advocate of shelter pets. Sterling is . . . well, Sterling.

Said the news release: One can already expect that regardless which team of felines prevails in “Kitten Bowl,” no doubt, “The kit-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-ens win!”

Kitten Bowl, which Hallmark is calling “the greatest feline showdown in cable television history,” will include an obstacle course WITH hurdles, tunnels, hoops, jumps, weave poles, lasers, lures and toys on strings.

Animal Planet has carried the popular Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday for the past nine years.

I can already picture the dozens of ‘Sterling-isms’ for this Kitten Bowl. Although I can watch my cat play with a toy for three hours for free, I think I’ll tune in. Hearing John Sterling’s voice calling a game for kittens sounds absolutely ‘purr-fect’ (as long as Animal Planet and Hallmark agree to merge the Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl into the Pup-Kit Bowl in the future with Sterling behind the mic).

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  1. Tom Welpe says:

    What's wrong with Sterling's face? The front is all tanned then when you get to the side of the head near the ears it's like he used sunscreen back there.

  2. Joe says:

    He lost weight but the skin is still there just hanging out.

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